Blog show, redux

MSNBC and CNN both danced around using blogs for programming. CNN has them featured on Blitzer’s show; MSNBC tried including them on its ill-fated Connections show (where I did the segment frequently) while Fox did nothing. But now Fox is trying out a blog show. With Michelle Malkin as host, it will surely piss off half the ‘sphere, but that may be amusing to watch.

  • This post, and your NPR post (fascinating, exciting stuff) make me wonder if big networks need to re-examine/re-define what/who an affiliate may be. How will networks (mine, NBC, included) remain relevant in the world of Joost and other IPTV offerings? Is there merit in the notion that bloggers, vloggers and small TV players becoming network affiliates? I think that depends on whether the big networks want to continue to pursue the economics of scarcity models they’ve clung onto for years. I had a meeting with a NBC Universal executive in New York last week and mentioned your NPR post as a model of developing new relationships and was pointedly told: “NBC is NOT a long tail company”. I’d welcome your thoughts here and look forward to meeting you at Video on the Net!

  • Check out

    If she’s not a slag, then hit me with a frying pan.

    Supposedly she’s some kind of intellectual working at one of those Washington Think Tanks.

    But her blog tells it all, she wants a minithong and books supporting smoking. Maybe Brooke’s not ready to do a Spears and show the goods but the thong gets close and both of them seem to be chain smoking trailer trash.

    Oberwetter sure uses the word douche a lot. Does that mean she doesn’t? Once again, it hardly seems what you’d expect an Ivy League graduate to talk about. Crumpets, yes, douches, no.

    Most of her blog is full of teenage stuff about what tv shows she likes and how cool she thinks smoking is. Well we’ll see about that when the PROVEN effects of smoking take their toll on her. Maybe Brooke should have her thong fun while she still can.

    Then there are her friends. John Berlau for one. He’s the head of something called the Center for Entrepreneurship even though all he’s done is write conservative articles all of his life. Oh yes, he also wrote a supposedly scientific book about global warming even though he has no background in science. At a press conference someone asked him a couple of very basic science questions, he did not know the answers to any of them.

    Berlau does like to hassle people. He had a whole project on prostiution, his thing was to blackmail people he thought could give him information. He went after web companies as he knew they were small businesses.

    Andrew Langer for two. Langer runs a blog about liberty but it is really just a bunch of self indulgent crap. He ran for some political office and lost. Then he went on and on about how he was forced to do it and has no interest in politics.

    Langer is also very tight with Berlau. Langer runs around the Internet posting denials about Berlau but like Berlau he never has any real facts.

    Langer is a kook.

    Last but by no means least is Brooke’s fellow think tanker Julie DeFalco. At least DeFalco is honest. She says her think tank salary is low, so she runs a webcam on the side to buy fancy clothes like Max Mara boots and the like.