Well, if Sonny Bono could win….

Presidential candidates should take a lesson from Al Franken and his YouTube video announcing his run for the Senate. (Well, that radio thing didn’t work out so well so it’s time to get a job.) The video is a bit long but it has the right tone as Franken talks about his and his wife’s poor families and how the government helped them get their starts in life; it is a fine illustration of his liberal progressive outlook. Franken is not cracking jokes; he’s not talking to a big audience on a big camera; he’s talking to one person: whoever clicks below.

  • countertop

    Work with lots of folks from Minnesota. As conservative as they are on social issues, I think he could win all their votes if he sticks to this message and avoids discussing abortion and his parties history of trying to take away their guns.

  • Tobe

    The Norm Coleman brain trust should fight YouTube with YouTube. Post an Al Franken Air America clip a day asking the citizens of Minnesota if this represents their values and politics. Hoist him on his own liberal (oops, make that progressive) petard.

  • Great video. He knows how to tell stories and uses those to connect to people. I think he’ll be able to win enough people in the middle to seriously challenge Coleman.

  • countertop


    the problem Norm is going to face is that most of the Air America stuff will play pretty well in Minnesota.

  • Jesse Ventura and now Al Frankin…please stop the madness ;-)

  • chico haas

    PX – agree. Except Jesse was in Predator. Al’s never done anything that good.