The big time

Major props to Bob Cox, founder of the Media Bloggers Association, for getting recognition on page 1 of the New York Times today for his single-minded and single-handed effort to get bloggers accredited to cover federal trials: Libby’s is the first.

: LATER: As some commenters make bluntly clear, I was apparently wrong attributing the accreditation to Bob’s single-handed work. FiredDog, they say, lobbied hard. No conspiracy here, folks (and certainly no sexism.. jeesh!). I was just aware of Bob’s hard work as the process went on. Congrats to all. No need for growling about it.

  • Hasan Jafri

    Just when I was thinking what the…….comes a story that renews my faith in new media. Ride ’em home cowboys. Thanks, Jeff :-)

  • So Bob Cox is all about the liberals now, eh? Last week he was was kissing red a*s every which way to Sunday with this blog of his:

    Cox is the biggest political waffler since, well, Hillary. Dick Morris too.

    “You just want to be on the side that’s winning” sure springs to mind a lot in these funky political days.

  • Jeff,

    Wasn’t the Enron trial the first federal trial covered by bloggers? If I’m not mistaken, the Houston Chronicle had attorneys as well as its own reporters blogging that trial.

  • james

    Please, this post is ridiculous.

    He didn’t single handily get the firedoglake crew passes.

  • This is curious. The bulk of the article discusses primarily Firedoglake bloggers, who happen to be women, and the mention in 4 paragraphs of the story of Robert Cox, a man, is one small portion of the story. Jeff, I truly hope that your mention of Cox is not a gender-bias thing. Since he’s mentioned as Robert and you call him Bob, I’ll take it that he’s someone you know, the far more likely reason.

    Alas, the part of the NYT story that mentions Cox is wrong about the credentialing of bloggers where the Firedoglake team is concerned. The article missed the fact that the FDL sought from the start to gain their own press credentials, as this post and this post at FDL make clear. From the former post, by Christy Hardin Smith, a prosecutor and part of the FDL team:

    One correction, though: the MBA did NOT negotiate our media passes. We have been working on getting passes for this trial from the moment Libby was indicted. Jane and I made calls to the courthouse, e-mailed, wrote letters, and worked on getting credentialed from very early on. To emphasize our commitment to doing serious coverage, we enlisted the help of Arianna, whose Huffington Post name was more recognizable than FDL to folks not familiar with how blogs had been covering this investigation. But the gaining of our three media passes? That was OUR work.

    All in all, the whole trial has been great for bloggers. To get credentialed and to get the same access as media and to provide serious coverage based on deep background knowledge of the case is a boon. Indeed, emptywheel’s liveblogging has been the swiftest, most complete public record available. In light of that, it’s too bad that their efforts to get their own 3 press passes mistakenly fell under the Bob Cox umbrella in this otherwise excellent story about blogging the trial.

  • BTW, the above is not to detract from Cox’s efforts to get credentials for bloggers. Because he did, and they were there, blogging. I just sought to clarify that there were two independent blogger-credentialing initiatives: Robert Cox’s and Firedoglake’s.

  • What James and Susan Kitchens said. In fact, the NYT will be issuing a correction tomorrow on the subject.

    Jeff probably mentioned Cox because he feels a kinship with another relentless self-promoter.

  • Jeff, thanks for the clarification. I did debate whether to mention the gender issue at all, which is why I also posed and settled on a second possible reason, that you are personally aquainted with Bob. I’m glad you mentioned it in your update. And I’m all the more glad (and relieved) that your having observed the effort was your reason for highlighting his effort. Cheers.