Comcast says that 4 percent of its bandwidth goes to YouTube and they say that’s great news.

See also NewTeeVee’s compilation of audience for the new television:
* YouTube: 41.1 percent market share, 86.8 million sessions, 29.7 million unique visitors
* MySpace: 19.3 percent share, 40.9 million sessions, 17.6 million visitors
* Google: 10.2 percent share, 21.6 million sessions, 12.1 million visitors
And so on.

Though it’s comparing apples and kumquats (networks v. shows), note the latest big-TV ratings: 33.9 million for American Idol. But consider also that TV penetration is roughly double broadband penetration, still.

  • This comparison seems even more of a stretch as apples to kumquats: more like apples to quarks. YouTube had 30 million unique visitors for all of December. American Idol had 34 million viewers for one night. Such a difference makes comparisons almost impossible.

  • And people watched YouTube for a minute at a time, they watch TV for three hours at a time.

    Yet it uses up 4% of all bandwidth. No wonder we have global warming.

  • My friends who are still in the business and working for France Telecom and Vodafone tell me the figures being quoted by new media outfits are as fanciful as Hans Andersen’s fairy tales.

    I could get carried away and start building castles in the air if I allowed myself to think that my 3000 – 5000 hits per day at my blogs were all attentive readers. I would be lucky if 10% of those hits result in someone actually looking at what I post.

    The web is an immature medium that attracts mostly immature users. Which, I guess is why goat porn and fart lighting videos are so popular on You Tube.