Doth protest too much

The newspaper industry is spending $75 million to argue that it’s not screwed. How much better it would be to spend $75 million on innovation so, indeed, it won’t be screwed.

  • You don’t understand. For newspapers, spending money to argue that they are not screwed is innovation.

  • LOL!

  • Just imagine if they had invested that $75 million a decade ago as they blissfully counted their profits and watched as Ebay, Craigslist, Monster and a plethora of other startups began to invest much less to walk away with the market. It’s too much, too late.

    I’ll never forget when I asked for $6k to build a “Find my garage sale” application utilizing online mapping and was turned down. It was one of the many pivotal moments I started second guessing the industry.

    The newspaper’s biggest problem now is that the industry is sinking and all the great talent is jumping ship. $75 million dollars is not going to get the talent back… or the industry. Especially when the big boys like Gannett and Reuters are already outsourcing the writing talent.

    (Once a nominee for NAA’s 20 under 40 and ex-newspaper insider)

  • As we watch the early emerging online video efforts unfold, you wonder what will be the Ebay, Craigslist and Monster equivalent to the television industry.