Say it to CBS and the world

CBS — which essentially killed its “free speech” segments on the evening news — is trying to open up again, asking you to record what you want to say to the world in 15 seconds that could end up on the air on Super Bowl Sunday.

f you had 15 seconds to tell the world whatever you want to, what would you say? Well, now’s your chance to be seen and heard on national television, courtesy of CBS Interactive. Post your 15-second video on YouTube, and CBS Interactive will select one to be broadcast on TV.

See the first videos here. Yes, a lot of them are silly at best. But there are a few gems, albeit rough, in the pile. And I expect you to submit the great ones.

Steve Garfield tells the fuller story:

Yay CBS.

This is a step in the right direction. CBS is now asking people to submit videos to YouTube.

CBS is following the path that Jeff Jarvis suggested, and that I prototyped with

I personally explained how user submitted content should work in a discussion with management at CBS. I looks like they were listening.

CBS has a 15 Seconds page over on where you can read the rules and follow a link to watch the recently submitted videos over on YouTube.

This is a smart move by CBS since they don’t have to screen any videos, and all the submissions can be seen on YouTube. The only videos they have to get a release waiver for are those that they choose to put on CBS TV.


Now I need something to say. ;-)

When I told management at CBS about Steve’s SayItToKatie, they loved the idea. I had to add at the time that the first videos were not, well, gems. But still, the idea apparently took hold.

So go to record your 15 seconds.

: EARLIER: Here was the BBC version. By putting on longer segments, I think they encouraged more intelligent submissions. But CBS improves on the idea by making all the videos visible via its tag.