YouTube presidential debate

Fascinating back-and-forth over Mitt Romney’s positions happening in YouTube. First came a video from a 1994 debate between Romney and Ted Kennedy in which Romney issues a number of positions that are different from those he holds today on abortion and gays. Now Romney appears on the Glenn and Helen Show, the Instapundit podcast, to say that he has changed his mind on those issues, that he was “wrong” in ’94. The Romney campaign taped him talking on the phone G & H and put it up on YouTube. (See also a story here.)

This is amazing on so many levels: YouTube allows an opponent to find a candidate’s words and play them again. But Romney chose to use podcasts and YouTube to respond. And big media has to pick that up.

  • Hasan Jafri

    Ha. Call him Omni-Romney. He’s all over the map.

    Not to take anything away from YouTube, but no two-legged, half-brained general assignment reporter would have bought the story: Changed his mind. He was “wrong.” Yeah, right.

    This may be the flip side of new media: It makes you wish there was a filter. But don’t lose faith my friends, Romney’s cynicism exposes him for the media manipulator he is. And nobody had to accept a byline for HIS story.

  • Justin

    Oh boy! More YouTube goodness

    see here

  • TLB

    In an earlier podcast interview with John McCain, Insty let at least two McCain lies fly by unopposed. Here’s my video of that part of the interview:

    At least when it comes to asking politicians about immigration matters I expect nothing from Insty and little from most other bloggers.

  • One wonders if this is a huge opportunity for Sam Brownback. He can now claim a consistent, long-term opposition to abortion and gay rights and paint Romney as (you guessed it) a flip-flopper. Coupled with Brownback’s opposition to President Bush’s “surge” policy in Iraq, he may well end emerge as the Christian right-wing establishment candidate instead of the Mormon Romney.

    But then again, it’s early in the game.

  • Cooler Heads

    Why is it so loathesome for politicians to change their minds? Don’t you wish Bush would have changed his mind, like, five years ago?

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  • This is so cool on so many levels. I love the idea of someone capturing footage of media and uploading it. Imagine when a major reporter is caught on YouTube coaching his interviewee!

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  • Great post. Following any of the presidential candidates these days is like following a group of flip floppers. Most of these candidates, be they on the left, or the right, appears to be driven by their own narcissistic preoccupation with themselves. It would make things much easier if they simply had the fortitude and courage to declare the following to the public:

    Don’t Follow Me
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT (c) 2007

  • The debate needs some good presidential campaign theme songs. I have a few humble suggestions:

    For Republicans:

    Future 2B Hold
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT (c)2007


    What Part of Right-wing (Don’t You Understand)?
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT (c)2007

    and for Democrats:

    Don’t Follow Me
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT (c)2007

    May the candidate with the best song win!

    Blog n roll!

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  • Richard Mendoza

    Last nights democratic ‘debate’ (06/03/07) was a sham. When asked what they would do in their first 100 days as president, most gave the same old tired “I’d bring the troops home”. What a crock, They could bring the troops home now if they wanted to. Sen’s Clinton and Obama, if you are really commited to bringin the troops home, stop there funding and bring them home, if not shutup and sit down.

    What most of my friends want to know is what are you going todo about illegal aliens. And not this “make them all citizens crap”. What I hate is giving people special treatment. And what is being planned is giving these criminals special treatment, 12 million get to be citizens for commiting a crime, plus they can bring in their family. 2-4 additional people for everyone, so not 12 million, 60 million. Then when they are ‘legal’ and making higher wages, the businesses won’t want them and will hire the next rond of illegal aliens.

    If you still don’t get it, I’ll explain it to you:

    1. Secure the borders.
    2. Secure the borders.
    3. Wait 2-3 years to make sure the borders are secure.
    4. Initiate a plan that will fine employers, and give whistle-blowers the fine.
    5. Increase the guest worker program. To make sure that guest workers come, are taken cared of, and return.

    Richard Mendoza,
    A proud citizen of the United States of America

  • Aj

    Its interesting with the iowa caucus. The winner is Obama. I have nothing against him except he has no experience. The iowa caucus to me is a waste of time and energy. John kerry won the caucus in 04 but lost the general election. i think obama will lose, hillary will win. im a democrat but our party needs better candidates not sleepy losers like kerry, edwards. Obama needs to prove himself.

  • Here’s one for Hillary:

    If at first you don’t Succeed
    (Cry, Cry Again)
    Dr BLT copyright 2008

  • Bluzer

    I think all presidential candidates should have military experience! If you haven’t served the country, how can you lead it?