Instant TV

YouTube started a new feature called Quick Capture allowing you to record a video directly to the service from your laptop camera. So I tried it out. Didn’t work so well for me. And it took hours for the video to appear online. When they get the bugs worked out — and they will — this will lead, I think, to an epidemic of video conversation. Imagine forums in video.

  • Tom

    Dude, according to your profile you have only watched 31 videos in two months. You need to find some more surf time!

  • SteveSgt

    “…this will lead, I think, to an epidemic of video conversation. Imagine forums in video.”

    Ugh. I can do without that image. So we fought for years for the freedom to work from home so that we can cross the hall in our bathrobes and go to work, and now were going to have to participate by video? I’m glad my laptop doesn’t have a camera.

    I think there’s a reason why videophones have never taken off. And I don’t think it has anything to do with price or balkiness of the technology. It has more to do with people not wanting to make a production out of getting presentable or being in the right setting to have their picture taken.

  • Dude,
    I don’t sign in to watch. I sign in to upload and check stats and watch a few then. I also watch videos via blip, brightcove, revver, et al.

  • Benjamin

    Oh, dear old Jeff does make me chortle with his puppyish enthusiasm for all things internet related…

    A lot of this stuff is tittle tattle, of course. In fact the majority of stuff on You Tube and similar sites is mundane or nonsense. I expect that this new feature will simply pile more dross on the mountain already accumulating, old boy.

    What you say, squire?

  • “video conversation.”

    seems to me that video uploads are extremely asynchronous media communication forms, not very useful for “conversations”

  • Adding my 2 cents.

    Jeff, you are right that “an epidemic of video” may be created with the new tools, but I wonder will they be good or interesting conversations? I can turn on that camera to film me, but do I have something interesting to say is a totally different matter. Plus it takes time to make a good video. It will probably be many takes before a good take can be used for upload.


  • What if they’re, like, ugly and have bad breath and stuff? Ick.

  • This will be interesting when they get the kinks all worked out. I have yet to try it, haven’t had the time and after your post I am in no rush lol.

  • RE: “seems to me that video uploads are extremely asynchronous media communication forms, not very useful for “conversations”…”

    Michael, much of the appeal for me on the Internet is that the conversations can be asynchronous. That way, we can converse when we want with people in all time zones. And we don’t have to answer a ringing bell at dinner time. I wouldn’t have wanted to talk to you last night at 10:57, when you posted your comment, but I’m happy to now.

  • I think there’s already an epidemic of online conversations on YouTube. People post video responses and have virtual conversations. This new feature will make it easier for these people to upload, but for people who edit videos like myself, I don’t see it enhancing the YouTube experience.

  • All the haters can hate all they want—there will be a generation of people that will dive right into this. And you can choose to be on camera when you want. Asynchronous video conversation is fun, and as Steve Baker noted, asynchronous communication has it’s advantages. The comments on this post are asynchronous yet you are participating in the conversation. Anyway, I look forward to this process getting faster and smoother. Hipcast already has a feature like this, that uploads and is displayed very quickly.

  • Jef, I had the same problems with the “instant” recording feature.

    Take a look at – it’s the same idea, but a much smoother execution.

    Of course the site is lacking any community, but at least you can embed the video into your own page / blog right away …

  • but steve, this really isn’t a conversation. this is writing notes back and forth. perhaps I’m just old-fashioned harkening the days when you actually would interact with your conversation partner in real time. :)