One’s reign lasts such a short time online. The Guardian notes that Alexa [insert standing and necessary caveat about small and odd sample here] reports YouTube has exceeded MySpace.

I don’t agree with those who say that YouTube is unpurchasable because of bandwidth costs and rights issues. Viacom got over the latter with iFilm and a million or two a month is nuttin to big companies. But more important: This is just too big to ignore. This is more than a new network. It’s a new TV, two-way TV, the TV run by the people on the other end of the rabbit ears. And some players in the old tv — yes, networks, but more likely cable companies that are quietly watching their hegemony over distribution disappear — or some would-be players in the new tv — see AOL’s announcement today — have to be talking about gulping and buying. Because Time Warner is in both worlds, it would make sense for them … but then, their own divisions, let alone worlds, can’t talk to each other, who who knows. Comcast is smart and strategic enough and big enough to do this; I think my money’s there… for now. I’ll be interested to see MySpace watcher Scott Karp’s take on this.

  • I hope no buys YouTube and screws it up. I love it for looking at old clips of commercials, concert clips, and interviews. If one entity buys it and finds that its competition is featured on the site, there’s a good chance they will clip it.

  • My question is, why not just launch a rival? There’s nothing intrinsic to YouTube except the ease of putting up and passing along clips. If ever there was something you could duplicate and maybe make a little better, that’s it.

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  • The difference between Myspace and Youtube is that one is owned by a financially stable company and is a product that has successfully found ways to implement advertising and other associations to generate money while the other burns through money and attempts to recoup some of it through partnerships but unforunately may have to resort to ads or commercials that will drive users away. These issues are more likely to be obstacles to profit than the bandwidth and copyright issues.

    IB Times article on the issue

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  • I’m a “first timer” to MyTube but I assure you it will not be my last. There was very little I disagreed with as written above. You are part of history that may change the manner of Network style programming. They are what is referred to as “Dish”or Sattelite programs that are so packed with basic mono-level offerings that very little separates the two. YouTube is a leap ahead and you wil have a great deal of compitition but that will only sharpen you.
    I didn’t know anything about Blogs exept what little I did know about My Space. I wonder if bloggers would enjoy experience in this age of communications. Is there a way to publish a list of Blogs on a separete channel. There could even be suggestions for looking into other Blogs that are similar to your own. I would like to hear what you think of such a thing. Bob