Everybody’s a network, continued

Proving the point that the future of media is not distribution, it’s aggregation, TiVo announced today that it had recruited critics, magazine editors, and such to recommend TV shows — to create ad hoc networks, in other words. This cuts across and devalues the old networks; it unbundles and then rebundles them. The magazines are doing it for free because it promotes them and, they hope, their ability to find the good stuff for you: to aggregate. The next step for TiVo should be to have the people become guru guides for each other. Then I could subscribe not just to your blog and blogroll but also to your TV network.

  • In this editor as curator model, why not keep the editors — or even the editorial brand — and throw out the magazine? Of course, there’s still that nagging questions of how they would make any money aggregating other people’s content.

  • So they are perfect at imitating. I dont think other people’s content would hardly help them make any money, no matter whatsoever promotional tools they apply.

  • It’s going to be interesting to see this put into practice. I like the idea of a music editor highlighting shows that are going to have worthwhile artists as guest stars, or with songs appearing during an episode.

    I’m not convinced there’s enough new programming available on cable & network TV to make something like this work over the long term. Channels like IFC and Ovation and Fine Living are great, but I don’t think they produce or air enough fresh content to give editors/content guides exciting and unseen material to choose from.

  • One can only hope that Tive is smart enough to leverage the network effect. I still fear they might get it all wrong. Take the Rocketboom Podcast delivery for example. Great idea. Would be even better if Tivo users could just add any RSS feed to their device and subscribe to internet-based shows. But I fear they might mess it up and keep their platform closed to a few partners in hope of revenue that might be much bigger with open floodgates.

  • Jonathon Sciola

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