City AM, a new, free paper in London aimed at the financial district, has just started a podcast with a twist or two. First, they call it City PM, which means that they expand their service and brand into another daypart. When they registered that name, some thought they’d producing a second edition of the paper. But, instead, they’re producing a show; they’re thinking past their medium. And instead of just downloading these podcasts (I can’t find the site where I could), they’re ‘casting them through the air via bluetooth:

It is now launching the podcast via mobile using Bluetooth technology targeting homeward-bound business commuters using London’s Liverpool Street and Waterloo stations. Under a deal struck with outdoor specialist Titan, the “transvision” screens in both stations will run a 15-second commercial for the service, every two minutes from 5.30pm to 7.30pm daily. The ad will air 45 times a day.
The five-minute podcast can be delivered to 150 mobile phones simultaneously.

That may be geekgimmick or it may be a sensible way to distribute ‘cast content in an unwired world.