Old dogs can learn new tricks

Mark Cuban tries to argue that old media can’t get it and that old media and citizens’ media “will never successfully meet.” I disagree. He says:

In traditional media, you are first defined by your medium. There is some constraint to the physical or digital definition of the medium the content is delivered on or by, that for the most part determines how you are perceived.

That’s simplistic. There’s no reason that big media cannot break free of the shackles of its medium. Many or most won’t try, that’s true, but there’s nothing to say that a newspaper reporter must stay trapped by paper. Cuban continues:

Sure there are bloggers that want to make money from their blogs. Yes there are blogging networks that are corporations that want to make money. They are the infintisimal minority. 99pct of blogs are about what someone has to say. 99 pct of traditional media is about making money. Which is exactly what leads to the resentment between bloggers and traditional media and why blogging on traditional media websites will find it tough to be successful.

Don’t you love how a rich guy dismisses the urge and need to make money?

Cuban further says that blogs have an advantage because they are personal while big media has the disadvantage of being institutional. With that, I agree.