Exception makes rule

I’ve been saying lately that European media execs seem to be more clueful than the average U.S. execs. Well, there are exceptions. See Paul Hayes, managing director of Times Newspapers in London:

“Blogs will be a continuing part of content output, but only a relative few will be read beyond the narrowest of audiences. Most of them will disappear unnoticed, and frankly unmissed by the world.

“Some blogs are conversations among people you’d frankly prefer not to meet, others ar cries for help and their writers are clearly in need of therapy. Others are just people expressing themselves, which is an entirely honourable pursuit, but would you like to meet this geek on a dark night?”

And some big media will disappear noticed but frankly unmissed as well. Especially the snotty ones.

  • Unnoticed and unmissed is hardly the worst thing that could happen to the really creepy blogs, but most are fun for just about everyone who participates, and how is that something you don’t want to meet in the dark? i definitely get the impression this is some one who doesn’t have a very large circle of friends, or, doesn’t get out much. We have a great example of this type in the current deciders in D.C. Definitely an argument in a growing, enlivening, blogging environment.

  • i *love* your last thought, jeff. rock_on.

  • Andrew

    Although his comments at first glance do seem uneducated, while blogs are read by a vast number of people, they tend to be written by few people on a single or narrow range of subjecs. If anyone can point me to blogs that are an authoritative source of general news, I would like to read them!!! So while individual blogs may be influential or well regarded in one subject, across a broad range they, in their present form, could never compete with an organised news source such as the BBC or CNN. Lacking in a great number of ways as they may be, for a reatively reliable source of information across a broad range of subjects – and as a medium for finding out the latest in current affairs, these organisations cannot be beat.

    If a single blog were written by a large number of people each with their own expertise in a particular field, might it not look just like the BBC website? BBC or CNN websites are just Blogs authored by a large number of people. Newspapers are just a print version.

    I think Paul Hayes is more perceptive than you give him credit for.

  • Jeff, he’s right. ‘Tis a rare effort that warrants further attention. Putting forth something worthy of wide dissemination requires talent, skill, and tons of perseverence. It’s in his use of the fact that most blogs will never have more than a miniscule audience to dismiss blogs as a whole that he fails. Blogs collectively and individually are capable of reaching a wider audience than they do. Blogging as part of the media’s efforts are already adding much to the enterprise.

    In time he’ll be forgotten. In time you and I will be forgotten, but this ongoing revolution we are engaged in will continue to change how Humanity learns about the world.

  • Kat

    Jeff’-here’s a little article about the Guardian you shill for.
    ( the scheming, anti-conservative, anti-American ideologue The Guardian.) 

  • Disclaimer: I work for the Guardian.

    But good lord, Kat… So much fear.

    So many American conservatives lambast the US media for being closet liberals: be honest, they say – you’re biased! Then a (British) news organisation that doesn’t shy away from its roots gets lambasted for being *openly* liberal. It’s hardly a new concept and it’s hardly undermining the Great American People (who, by the way, are not exactly a supine audience being surrepticiously injected with news: they choose what to read, watch and buy — and Fox News, the WSJ and a host of other sources do all right, don’t they?).

    Pray tell, also: why does Jeff’s column mean he is a shill?

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  • Snotty is the word. Arrogant is another word.

    Paul is a classic corporate class warrior; hierarchical and top down in thinking. NOTHING is a conversation. Broadcast is the mode.

    Time and hubris will tell