Right now on Channel 4 in London, I’m watching the British version of Wife Swap. This afternoon, I saw no end of British versions of American home show. Of course, there’s Pop Idol and the nanny shows and even Deal or No Deal (why would the world create two of those?) as well as other examples. I think we’re losing our leadership in creating tacky reality shows. And I’m not sure what I should think of that.

  • I suppose it’s only fair…. after all, we infested the world with MTV’s “Real World” all those years ago.

  • danh

    I don’t know if we ever had the lead in creating tacky reality shows. Many of those shows you mentioned (pop-idol, nanny shows, etc) originated in the UK. … just wanted to assign the credit where credit is due.

  • Sam

    Actually, “Deal or No Deal” is an Endemol import from the Netherlands. They’ve created a number of shows for their domestic market and exported/adapted them to various other country markets. Their big successes include “Big Brother”, “Now or Neverland” (aka “Fear Factor” in the US).

  • bit torrent

    Why do Americans always assume they created everything first?

  • Glyn

    In these cases, let’s be happy for them to take all the credit.

  • Amy

    But have you watched Countdown, Jeff? That’s about as British an afternoon game show as you can get. Been going for years and high ratings for the slot. It’s on Channel 4, and is just people doing anagrams and sums, but it grips people, and has become part of the pop cultural landscape. Well, for pensioners and students anyway.

    I can’t watch Countdown without wanting a nice cuppa tea and a scone. :)