Reefer madness

We had Weekend Good Morning, America on (because my wife is boycotting NBC News until Katie Couric leaves) and it was an incredible attempt at old-fartism. They interviewed the organizer of a rave party that turned tragic and, after saying that there were virtually no drugs there, they show a scene from a generic rave party and list all the drugs that are usually there. It made no sense. They then tease a story about the “new trend” in high-school kids having fight parties. Yes, that’s sweeping the nation along with raves and meth and mary jane. Most shocking, they pitch a story about the amazing trend in single women buying houses on their own even before they’ve found “Mr. Right.” Who turned the Wayback Machine to 1967? And they say you need professionals to turn out this claptrap? Yes, you’d have to pay me to do this.

  • I am so tempted on cheesy or stretching story mornings to pound out the same cynical response. Thanks for voicing it very appropriately. Don’t make too much sense, you could find yourself at the other end of a 500 million dollar suit : )

  • All morning news shows make me want to puke. No, I’m not exaggerating for effect, I can’t eat breakfast and watch that crap.

    For a while CNN bragged that “American Morning” was aimed at a 120 IQ, but in the last six months it’s sunk back to 85 like the rest of ’em. The smartest weekday morning news is now found on F*x. I’m not kidding.

  • This is why I was Sportscenter reruns on weekdays and on weekends, I sleep in.

    …the rave piece has me particularly amused. Kids are dying from ecstacy, kids are dying from huffing, kids are dying from the choking game, kids are dying from fight parties — but how “widespread” are these things, really? If all of this was really as “new trend” and “everyone is doing it” as the news shows like to make it sound, wouldn’t we have stopped talking about school graduation rates and started talking about high school survival rates instead?

  • Wait I missed something. What about Katie Couric drove your wife to boycott NBC news? Is this new?

    Does she like Campbell Brown any better? (Campbell’s been practicing her “gushing” and is getting Ann Curry good at it.)

  • Jim Wilson

    “because my wife is boycotting NBC News until Katie Couric leaves”

    As I will boycott CBS news when/if she arrives there. Sigh.

  • heh heh

  • LOL, I gave up on those shows long ago. Maybe they just rerun the same stories every five years ago to catch all the new suckers…er, new watchers.

  • I feel better. I thought I was the only one who didn’t get and really cant do Katie Couric. Not only wont I watch her on NBC or CBS, I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet her.

  • Dominic

    Katie Couric overheard in the bathroom asking Howard Stern, “I am being offered lots of money and lots of control over at CBS. Many promises are being made by Moonves. In your opinion, will he keep them?”

  • clinton

    her legs are vastly overrated