Geek Martha

Alex Albrecht, costar of Diggnation, has just premiered his new cooking show for geeks with the greatest title alive: Ctrl+Alt+Chicken (download it there or watch it, free, via iTunes).

It’s a hoot and a half. He and his girlfriend (I think), Heather Stewart, try to make chicken cordon bleu but fail spectacularly. It ends up burned on the outside and perilously raw on the inside. But it’s still fun watching them and, if you care, you do get the recipe. The show goes just a touch over the top when actors must act in a sketch moment near the start. It’s best when they’re just having fun in the kitchen and, in the great tradition of the Galloping Gourmet before he found the wagon, they’re getting sloshed on wine. The couple thing works. So does the honesty. As they’re melting fat and more fat in a pot and they get rather disgusted at this, Alex says in a cooking show, “This is why people don’t cook. Becuase you look at it while it’s cooking and you don’t want to eat it.” Heather says, “It takes forever and my pizza would have already been here.” They’re planning an episode when they just eat the cold pizza. Now that is cooking for geeks.

Note well that this isn’t just people sitting and talking to the camera. They’re actually doing something. They’re entertaining. They made a show. And they showed the world. They did it without studios or executives or networks. Welcome to the future of TV. I like it.

  • Mike G

    Great, another dumbass food show that doesn’t actually teach you how to cook anything. Perfect for FoodTV these days.

  • Mike Z as in Jersey

    Jeff – Thanks for the tip. Just watched ctrl-alt-chicken and loved it. Like you, I could have lived without the skit part (though it wasn’t awful) and I laughed out loud a few times during the cooking session. The co-host is kinda hot, in an Elaine Bennis kinda way, which helps.

  • Hafner

    Why watch people do something badly? Because they’re cute?

  • I thought it was pretty good. They know they don’t know what they’re doing, but they acknowledge that fact and let it shape the show. There’s got to be a ton of people out there who don’t know how to cook that can learn from their mistakes. I’m looking forward to where they go from here.

  • salo

    Nice idea but Crash Test Kitchen is really the original show of this kind and has been doing it a lot longer, it is much more watchable and genuine, they have been in itunes a long time