Hands across the pond

The Guardian’s new opinion-and-blog site, CommentIsFree.com, is up and running and there on the front page is the creator of its foremother, Arianna Huffington.

I am frequently asked if the rise of the blogosphere is the death knell for Big Media. My answer is that Big Media isn’t dead; it’s critically ill but will actually be saved by the transfusion of passion and immediacy of the blogging revolution. Blogging and the new media are transforming the way news and information are disseminated, as evidenced by the number of traditional media outlets, like this one, dipping their collective toe into the blog pond.

Speaking of ponds….

It’s very British, as well it should be. But I think Comment is Free will make a great launching pad into the U.S., where The Guardian has become an antidote to FoxNews and an opinion leader.

(Full disclosure: I write for Media Guardian and consulted there last month.)