Arianna Huffington turns Marie Brenner’s Vanity Fair story about Judy Miller into sushi, saying “This isn’t journalism; it’s a Sag Harbor circle jerk.”

She cluelessly treats bloggers as some kind of monolithic entity, “a vast amoeba,” while totally missing the point of the blogosphere — its relentlessness and its willingness to go where the establishment media won’t.

In Brenner’s telling, “the noisy new democracy of the blogs” — “Chalabi-haters, Rove fanatics, bloviators” — is inaccurate, quick to judge, and unencumbered by conventional journalistic constraints.

Incredibly, Brenner sees no irony in accusing bloggers of being inaccurate and without editorial constraints while defending Miller, whose tragically inaccurate reporting, plastered all over the front page of the “paper of record,” became an indispensable tool used by the White House to sell the Iraq war to the American people.