Revenge, mmmm mmmm

Howard Stern appears on David Letterman wearing his “I Hate Les Moonves” T-shirt. “CBS in their infinite wisdom have put me back on the front page of the news,” he says. He calls Moonves a “C-rated actor from The Love Boat” who is “running CBS into the ground.”

He says to Letterman, “I believe you are working for one the greatest jerks on the planet, Leslie Moonves.”

Letterman asks Stern, “How do you think you’d do in prison?” Stern said that after his nose job, he’ll do well.

Letterman asks, “I know you to be a man of reason, a man of logic… Can you see the point of what they are saying?” Howard responds that CBS accuses him of making a secret agreement with Sirius. “It was in every newspaper…. and I did nothing that they didn’t approve.” He said he spoke specifically with boss Joel Hollander after signing with Sirius and asked him how he should handle it. Hollander said it was OK to talk about satellite but asked that Stern not use the Sirius brand. Thus, ‘eh-eh-eh.’ Stern says Hollander called him and told him he liked how he was handling it.

Stern puts out the challenge on Moonves: “Why don’t you invite him on with me?” Letterman: “We called him for that very purpose, but he’s at a party.”