Guns don’t hurt people, vice presidents do

Just watched Good Morning America on sharpshooter Cheney. The young reporter from Corpus Cristi who broke the tale, Kathryn Garcia, is sure to get a TV offer. She was surprisingly self-assured. But then, I wonder whether everyone is getting more comfortable before cameras. Being on TV just isn’t a big deal anymore. But shooting people is….

: LATER: Lost Remote sees a rush on Cheney T-shirts on Cafe Press: “Dick Cheney Hunt Club” and “Deadeye Dick’s Gun Club.”

  • Eh… not so much

    I can’t get the image of this being some kind of Most Dangerous Game situation gone wrong. Like Cheney’s finally decided he can hunt down human beings because he has ultimate power!

    Kidding. But I do love how they waited a day to release the info. Like it wouldn’t be so bad that our VP shot a man the day after it happened. The lefty blogs will crow over this, and the righty blogs will tsk-tsk them for such callousness.

  • The story merited only modest print on the front page of the New York Times. What if Cheney had killed the guy? 2 column headline, 3 columns? Would Cheney resign? Interesting to think about. What if the guy he had shot had been more prominent, say Antonin Scalia, a past hunting buddy of Cheney’s.

    – Jersey Perspective

  • Trent

    I have no problem with hunting, but:

    A) It is ALWAYS the fault of the person pulling the trigger. If Cheney didn’t know what he was aiming at, he shouldn’t have shot.

    B) The type of hunting Cheney does is stupid and cruel. Raising animals in cages and then letting them go so they can be shot is a disgrace to humanity. If you want to go hunt wild animals and eat them, fine. Hunting animals that are basically domesticated pets is lame beyond description.

  • capote

    Have to agree with Jack’s comment. There are bigger stories out there. But this one is pretty funny.

  • TXBueller

    Uh Trent…

    I’ve only done a little Quail hunting, but I know the ones I hunted were quite wild indeed. I have never heard of Quail farm raised and released for hunting.

  • Trent

    OK, I think I was incorrect: it doesn’t seem like this particular hunt was canned (although Cheney HAS done canned hunts).

  • I know nothing about this blog (bias?), but they have a very detailed analysis of the likely hunting scenario, weapons type, and fault analysis…

  • (Ok, looking at other posts on the site I linked to above, it seems pretty clear the owners of this site are not fans of the Bush administration.)

  • Rich Banner

    “I’d Rather Hunt With Dick Cheney Than Ride With Ted Kennedy”

    At least the guy is alive, it’s not like he slipped off, got himself a hotel, had a good nights rest, called the family PR office and then 12 hours later, reported it to the police. And of top of it all, he didn’t even try to get the guy drunk first.

  • Angelos


    Your “honorable” vice president was hunting illegally, and shot someone.

    But, but, but, Kennedy!

    Is there nothig you can’t justify any more?

  • What Rich Banner said… here’s the link to get *that* t-shirt:
    And I bet it sells better than lame “Deadeye Dick’s Gun Club”.

    Angelos: is there nothing too small to create a partisan attack over?

    The press harrassment today has been spectacular. Get this: Condoleeza Rice steps on an aide’s foot — “Why did it take 24 hours to notify the press? Was the President informed? When will she resign?” To everyone outside of BDS land, this all seems to make about as much sense.

    But please, please keep flogging this. Like NSA, this may seem like a winning issue to you, but actually fits better with the world view of most *normal* people who think it’s a good idea to spy on internal suspected terrorists, and who occasionally take part in potentially hazardous activities that sometimes result in injuries. This seems real to people; the hateful enmity of the attackers remains discordant, and will help Republicans continue to win elections despite their own failings.

  • John Philip Mason

    Let me first disclose that I was born, raised and have spent my entire life living in New York. And yes, I’m damn proud to be living in one of the bluest of states. Now I admit that I don’t know much about hunting, so can somebody please explain to me, ‘just how WILD are those quail’? ;=)

  • If people eat the quail they shoot, why do we care if the game is fair? They don’t make people working at slaughterhouses chase the cows around the field with spears, do they?

    I’m reminded of a friend who was horrified that I bought a mouton coat off eBay. At the mouton coat, that is, not where I bought it. “I would never wear fur!” she said, as she slipped on her suede jacket.

  • At least Austin lawyers aren’t an endangered species.

  • Moreover, I’m no fan of the current administration (not that I thought Kerry deserved my vote either), but like Cheney or not, and joke potential here aside, it’s very possible that this was just an unfortunate accident; and perhaps the victim bears some responsibility here.

    While I support the second Amendment (the right to bear arms, which I don’t think means bearing Uzis and the like), I don’t own a gun because I’m something of an idiot in certain life circumstances, and think it’s best that I’m not an armed idiot, as I’m most likely to shoot myself…or do something like this. Perhaps Cheney and his victim should think a little more like I do.

  • C’mon ppl – give cheney a break… lol. It seems like the poor fella been in undisclosed location since the accident!… :)

  • Did the victim say anything yet?

    If not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take responsibility.

    And I won’t be surprised when the media calls him a partisan lying crony either.

  • Well, hopefully Dick won’t give up his hunting ways. My only concern is that some people who could certainly stand to be shot on purpose accidentally might not want to go hunting with Our Man Cheney anymore. Oh well, another opportunity lost.

  • After watching McClellan’s presser, and the narcisistic media feeding frenzy, all I can say is “Hell hath no fury like a press corps scorned.”

    Wonder how long it’ll take the moobats to demand Cheney’s impeachment for not having the $7 bird stamp? You KNOW it’s gonna happen; they just can’t help themselves.

  • “Wonder how long it’ll take the moobats to demand Cheney’s impeachment for not having the $7 bird stamp? You KNOW it’s gonna happen; they just can’t help themselves. ”

    That’s what happens when it’s a slow day at the newsroom… and, yeah, msm love scandals (even created by their very selves) – they already are saying McLellan accuses Cheney of something.

  • Ravo

    Cheney was hunting birds. Kennedy was hunting chicks.”

    We know Kopechne scratched at the “upholstered floor above her head in the upside-down car”. 40 years later, we STILL aren’t sure exactly what Teddy was doing.

    While Cheney is being vilified for the delay in informing the all-important press of the accident – Kennedy has gotten a 40 year pass on his failure to inform authorities of the accident which took the life of Mary Jo Kopechne!

    Some important comparisons and contrasts:

    Cheney was hunting birds. Kennedy was hunting chicks.

    Cheney was sober.

    Cheney’s first actions were to attend to the victim.

    Kennedy’s first actions were to leave the scene of the accident! He swam to shore and walked back to the party — passing several houses and a fire station — and two friends returned with him to the scene of the accident. According to their later testimony, they told him what he already knew, that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorities. Instead Kennedy made his way to his hotel, called his lawyer, and went to sleep.

    Kennedy called the police the next morning.

  • Angelos

    Yup. Someone did something bad 40 years ago. Soooo, what? That makes doing something bad last Saturday acceptable? Just trying to figure out how this works.

    If I shoot someone this May when hunting turkey, without a license, can I say “But, but, but Nixon!!!” and make it all better?

    I guess the 101st Fighting Keyboarders are now all experts in firearms safety too.

    You numbnuts really need to get over your cult of personality. Take a cold shower or something.

    Your vice president was likely drinking (beer was served at the event, though they’ve tried to throw that info down the old GOP memory hole), hunting wthout all the proper licensing, and practicing EXTREMELY poor gun safety, and HE SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE!

    I fine example he sets. But hey, good to know the VP can break laws just as well as the Preznit.

    I feel safer already. Maybe we should send Veep to Iraq with a 6-pack of Schlitz and a shotgun. That is, if the tough guy doesn’t have “other priorities.”

    Here, as a lifelong hunter and firearms owner. The guy pulling the trigger is 100% responsible for where the shell or shot lands. I know, that’s a difficult word for you wingnuts. Here, try it slowly – re…spon…si…ble. It’s a new one for you, but with practice, you can learn to used it, and maybe even understand it.

  • Scott Butki

    I decided to have fun with this topic, combining brokeback mountain with the
    “hunting accident” of last weekend.

    a sequel – in which Cheney goes to the biathalon – will be posted shortly.

  • Rachel

    Angelos–Teddy didn’t do a day in jail, didn’t retire from public life, never did squat. He wasn’t just drinking a little beer, he was drunk. His dog is named Splash, so obviously he’s irony impaired.

    Cheney had an accident–an unfortunate, careless, serious accident. But there’s no comparison

  • Angelos

    You’re missing the point. But that’s OK. Clinton! Kennedy! Nix… oh wait, never mind.

    If you want to stew over something that happened 40 years ago, fine. I’ll even agree, that was before my time, but what I know about it isn’t pretty. But to use that to ignore something (or brush away something) that happened LAST WEEKEND?!?! I sense you wouldn’t be so understanding if Kerry had shot someone while hunting. But then, Kerry has been hunting since he was 12 years old. I’m sure he has a gun safety clue. You know, having served in the military and all. Dick Cheney is a coward, who along with other cowards who have struck it rich on the government dime, go shoot caged birds to feel manly, because they haven’t done anything else with their lives.

    We’ve had nothing but lies, obfuscation, cover-up, doctored news reports, and then more lies yesterday on Hume’s show. But KENNEDY!

  • LanceThruster

    While Dickless Fudd was pouring out his heart to Bitch Hume about the “worst day of his life”, imagine if the media gave the same platform to all the troops and their familes who, because of violent deaths or maiming, truly had the worst days of their lives. Some, because of the horrific nature of their injuries, have even worse days ahead of them.

    But an evil and spoiled rich “child” uses a gun as a toy to kill little birds en masse like they were Pac-Man dots and not living creatures that feel pain and terror almost kills someone because he’s got his head up his ass and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him.

    Like Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Radio Show would say, “WAH! I shot my friend in the face! WAH! I was drunk and afraid someone might find out! WAH! I’m embarrassed because everyone knows what a stupid jack-off I am WAH! Nobody believes my bullshit lies about it. WAH!”

    Please. Spare me.

    Will somebody who knows how, do a graphic with “Elmer” Cheney poking out of the WB “That’s All Folks!” end frame circle and replace it with the words

    “Major League Asshole”

    “Big Time”

    I’ll be waiting at the Cafe Press counter with a wad of bills.

    The buckshot stops here (and here…and here….and here….and)