The new, improved, super, duper Dave!

Dave Winer says he was tempted to buy the advertising on Rocketboom. Damn, I wish he’d won. I would love to see a commercial advertising Dave… You get blogs and podcasts and RSS. But wait, call now and he’ll throw in OPML!…

Now play with this idea…. What if you made your own infomercial advertising you? If we’re all brands then don’t we need branding? How would I advertise me (insert punchline about that being the last thing the world needs)? How would you advertise me? How would I advertise you? What if that became a real mark of social networking: You advertise your real friends….

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  • Mike G

    I’d run a montage of Oliver Willis comments over Jeff’s face.

  • Oliver Willis. My, what a blast from the past that is. Haven’t thought of ol’ Ollie in ages.

    Comic: You have such a knack for subtlety.

  • well,

    it seems like a good place to start branding yourself is writing about yourself and linking on the world’s largest choka:

  • Who the &%$^# is Comic Strip Blogger anyway? (Nice come back BTW). All I know is he promotes and links to Windows Mobile (maybe this is an example of MS wisdom?) and doesn’t reveal anything else about himself, except for is absolute and complete disdain for everyone else. At first I found him funny, but now I’m just perplexed. Interestingly enough, I just pondering this when I saw this exchange in the comments of a recent Comic post (the Dave one actually, callingh him evil and noting his ‘singleness’):

    Raymond Says: Not particularly related to this cartoon but I have always wondered. . . tell me is there a Mrs Comic Strip Blogger? or even a “significant other” either female or even male?

    Comic: Forget it: I will not be revealing ANY information about myself. This is blog with comics about other people/events and comment about these people/events or your comments will be removed because of being “off topic”.

    Raymond: Ahhhhhhhh yes thought that’s what you would say . . . but maybe not so “off topic” – you were commenting on somebody being umarried and single and I was wondering if you were writing from experience?, somehow I get the feeling that maybe the case:-)

    So who is this masked heckler who has nothing good to say about anyone?

  • Jorque LaMoniga

    It woutl be quite usful to know who Comic Artist bloggeur is. Wonder if the US Central Intelligence know?

  • Do like this dude does:

  • wag

    The comic strip blogger is Jacek Rutkowski, well-known blog-stalker. Hers what Jason Calacanis and Russell Beattie say about Jacek: