Many miniGoogles

I’ve been arguing for sometime that the real competitor to Google will not be the next big thing but lots of little things, like Oodle, for job search and now see more specialized searches at Kosmix for health (it’s prett good), travel, and politics. [via TechCrunch]

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  • Steven Den Beste

    The problem with your idea is economy of scale. The job of spidering the web is the same size no matter how big or small your subject space. If your subject space is large, you get more utility out of your spidering. If your subject space is small, you discard most of what you find, and the expense of locating it with your spider is a loss.

  • I absolutely agree with the mini-google concept. While the big guys have the resources to spider the web they do a poor job of delivering the results. Specialized search sites such as healthlinks can do a much better job of qualifying entries and eliminating redundancies making the searching experience much more rewarding. I would rather wait a few seconds longer and get what I’m looking for than have to wade through millions of non-relivent links

  • What if Kosmix were to search all categories? Then would we be a bunch of little things or would we be big like Google? I think that the power of an innovation like algorithmic web categorization is that you can scale from a couple of niches (like politics, travel, and health) to many niches very quickly. Note that most of the mini-“googles” like Oodle, SideStep, Trulia, and SimplyHired all search data that Google either doesn’t search at all (e.g. SideStep) or doesn’t do a good job of keeping current (e.g. Oodle). Where are the startups that challenge Google in core search.