Pushing transparency

I’m operating a half-throttle because the ol’ distributor cap is still acting up. Not that anyone should care — and some may say this is too much transparency, but, hey, it’s a blog. And I’ve received such wonderful wishes and suggestions from so many of you. So here’s the latest on my fibrillation saga: I’m alternating between fibrillation (arythmia) and tachycardia (fast heart rate), which makes stairs sisyphusian. But otherwise this is nothing but an inconvenience; certainly, there are countless worse afflictions. I’m on blood thinners (gaining new respect for diabetics with needles) so that Wednesday, they can shove a tube down my throat (to make sure I don’t have blood clots) and then zap me (CLEAR!) with DC voltage (I can imagine a few who’d want to pull that switch!). I’ll come out with two shaved, sunburned spots on the chest and, ConEd willing, restored rhythm. I’ll give you the update.