Pushing transparency

I’m operating a half-throttle because the ol’ distributor cap is still acting up. Not that anyone should care — and some may say this is too much transparency, but, hey, it’s a blog. And I’ve received such wonderful wishes and suggestions from so many of you. So here’s the latest on my fibrillation saga: I’m alternating between fibrillation (arythmia) and tachycardia (fast heart rate), which makes stairs sisyphusian. But otherwise this is nothing but an inconvenience; certainly, there are countless worse afflictions. I’m on blood thinners (gaining new respect for diabetics with needles) so that Wednesday, they can shove a tube down my throat (to make sure I don’t have blood clots) and then zap me (CLEAR!) with DC voltage (I can imagine a few who’d want to pull that switch!). I’ll come out with two shaved, sunburned spots on the chest and, ConEd willing, restored rhythm. I’ll give you the update.

  • Thanks for the update, sounds encouraging and hope all goes as well as possible. Not as good as meditation, but ….. (joke).

  • Blame the officiating at the Super Bowl. (God bless, Jeff. Be well.)

  • Wise One

    Modern medicine works wonders (if you can afford it).

  • Ofer Nave

    Good luck, man.

  • rick_d

    Mazel tov, Jeff.

  • Eileen


    I left a note for you above.. I’m gonna bet that the tube is better than my angiogram ‘experience’. And I know about that Coumadin stuff..

    You’ll be just fine, Jeff. They’ll get you all dialed in in no time. Prayers for your wellbeing, anyway.

    Oh, and you’re most welcome to ‘borrow’ one of my favorite, self styled mottos: f### fear!

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