The Houston Chronicle asked people to blog their passions and blogging they are. It’s good stuff, a good step. Next, I suggest aggregating the blogs that are already out there around these topics and there’ll be quite a meaty stew.

  • LJ

    Must read article from Fox News on Zacarias Moussaoui:,2933,183910,00.html

  • I gotta give those people credit – I find it hard to stay focused on one topic for a blog. My own blog was supposed to be about poetry, once upon a time. Sigh.

    Staying true to form and blogging substantial and specialized content is huge. It’s wanting to be taken seriously not by begging in any way, but by actually being serious, maybe….

  • Check out Laurence “Lair” Simon’s blog on his cats. He and the wife have no kids of their own, so they have cats.

    Now, if you’ve ever been to This Blog is Full of Crap you’ll know how passionate Lair can get. While his Houston Chronicle blog shows a quieter Lair, it does exhibit his passion for cats rather well.

    The Chronicle is doing a good thing here, and I hope other newspapers follow the lead.

  • follow up:

    For some reason, Jeff, your blog insists on inserting a plugin.

  • is doing this to a degree. It is an aggregated blogroll from WKRN in Nashville. As I work at a small (very small, I might add) newspaper in rural northwest Tennessee, this service has been invaluable.