Another step forward

The Guardian appears to be starting its version of Huffingtonpost, among other big changes that seem to be driving the center of gravity of the organization steadily more online — which, of course, I see as a good thing. Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger said they’re starting a “rolling content blog” with many current commentators from the paper and new ones. I’m not sure exactly what this will mean for open comment; we’ll see. They also shifted a senior editor over to online and elevated Guardian Unlimited Editor Emily Bell to executive editor overseeing “the further convergence of the site and the paper.” My full disclosure is relevant: I met Guardian execs at their mgt mtg last year and will meet with some again at the end of this month and in these encounters, I remain impressed with their determination to make the leap to the future, unlike many in this country, who are still holding for dear life onto the past.

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  • Sounds brilliant! I’m glad to know about such plans….looking forward to the implementation.

  • Marina Architect

    Right on. This is good news. We need a Euro Political blog like HuffPost focused on EU politics. Let’s bridge the EU to the US.

    How many people do you know that mention an EU event in day to day living here in the US: near zero, it’s pathetic. Let’s get this world party going.

    I’m looking forward to it big time. For instance, some exciting activity is occurring in France right now with the first female presidential candidate but translating Le Monde is not the best way to indulge in the current events and developments. A blog narrative is more liberating than a formal column.

    Also, I really like the EU getting into search engines.

    If you compare one to one every US product and service with the EU equivalent, we in the US have nothing on the EU (Software, Hardware and Financing Instruments excluded!).