You’re the boss

CBS News starts a nice and symbolic experiment today having you assign reporter Steve Hartman to his next story. You can vote among three stories, which is cute, but you can also suggest stories he should cover, which is better.

: LATER: More on this from Public Eye.

  • Ed Poinsett

    Where is any MSM organization cheering the Danes for standing up to the Islamists over the cartoons? The is potentially the biggest story of the year and the American press has mothballed it. Why doesn’t CBS cover it?

  • Here’s what I suggested via e-mail:

    What I would like is for someone to cover the status of law regarding libel & slander in the US today. The Right was infuriated at Fahrenheit 9/11 for some of its factual problems (there’s an old Christopher Hitchens Slate column about that); the Right, by the same token, said a lot of things about John Kerry that no decent person should ever say, let alone parade as fact. Why couldn’t lawsuits have been put forward and be effective in both instances?

  • why is life not simple anymore? i guess the money/the money starves time/no time to live free/we just give in to today’s lifes greed and comfort of not seeing the real truth. life can be better if they let us!

  • George Lipper

    rediculous subjects over which to make a choice

  • Fred T.

    Rediculous is most of the stories on cbs, mostly are fluff and human interest. Why didn’t they report the British story about Blair & Bush deciding to attack Iraq regardless what the U.N. decided and that bush wanted to disguise a U.S. plane as a U.N. plane to provoke Saddam to attack. I call it censorship.

  • Jae T.


  • Click my link to see eleven (11) things that Ed Bradley forgot to cover in a recent 60 Minutes report.

    I suggest that Steve Hartmann chooses just one of those and covers it in depth, thereby showing that even a puffball reporter can do a better job than Ed.

    The last two should be worrisome to anyone who takes 60 Minutes seriously.

  • Randy

    I emailed the following to CBS:

    Dear CBS News,

    I am delighted that you are offering us viewers the
    opportunity to vote for the stories that we’d like to
    see covered. I am less than delighted with the three
    choices we have been offered.

    When the subject of “viewer choice” was raised, my
    first thoughts were about what most of us would like
    to see covered. More actually important, “hard” news
    came to mind, at least MY mind. The choices offered,
    however, were a reminder that we are living in the age
    of “infotainment”: it seems that we are being offered
    the chance to choose one of the “fluff” pieces of the


    Nevertheless, you did offer the chance to let us tell
    you “where to go and what to do” with Mr. Hartman. To
    that end, I suggest you designate him as “Our Man in
    (To Be Announced)”. For openers send him to New
    Orleans, preferably one of the parts that STILL
    doesn’t have electricity. Let him camp out with some
    of the locals and show us how things are going down
    there. Bush recently said that New Orleans was “a heck
    of a place to bring your family.” (1/12/06) I can’t
    help but wonder what the locals thought of that

    Perhaps Mr. Hartman can enlighten us, if not Bush.

    P.S. Then for the next week, send Mr. “Our Man in TBA”
    Hartman to spend some time in whatever neighborhood
    that fella Jack Abramoff lives. Have him report on how
    things are and if the juice is still on… I’ll bet
    it’s a nice neighborhood! Whaddya think?

  • I think CBS should do a story on the decline of the MSM.

  • kat

    The three choices are an absolute joke. If Mr. Hartman has nothing better to do than report on crap like this, then CBS could save themselves his pay cheque and terminate his contract.
    I want to hear about how cartoons can drive people into a beheading frenzy and how MSM is cowering in fear of offending these thugs.

  • David

    Maybe they should do a story about people on the web not being able to spell “ridiculous”.

  • Jorge

    CBS….completely boneheaded system…

    Will not link to ( other ) ideas for a story.

    I wouldn’t comment on the three pieces of crap they have to choose from if they paid me a salary.

    This joke idea is designed to fail and then they can say the public isn’t interested in news. Then they keep pumping out more garbage and ommiting the real news.

  • Jorge

    The MSM had might as well roll up their carpet and pack it in. Soon the only people that will be working in the media will be those that hold duel jobs at the media and the right wing fascist thug Whitehouse Republicans.

    I am afraid to say how I really feel.

  • Ravo

    Now that our country has decided it is no longer supporting freedom of speech, it’s time the government also forbids such “art” as Jesus in urine etc. No fair going only part of the way.

  • kat

    I don’t remember, and nor do I care, but I wonder if CNN covered the Jesus in urine controversy and did they pixelate the image as they are doing with the poobah pics out of respect for muslims. I know they showed that idiot Kanye West on a magazine cover. I simply shrugged and thought more idiotic Kanye crap–but I never thought I should behead the guy. I just hope muslims understand that we in the west don’t like the policies they are trying to impose on the West.

  • Barbara Trautman

    Disappointment! An opportunity to finally offer suggestions and the three subjects offered are so lame they made me want to cry. Don’t do this to us. Your audience is mature and intelligent. Give us stories that are relevant to our lives of the moment. Don’t spare us from the details that make it hard to digest. Challenge us, give us debate, give us something to question, give us answers that we may not want to hear. We need TRUTH more than anything right now. Why can’t we count on you? You have let us down. Barbara

  • Ravo

    I just hope muslims understand that we in the west don’t like the policies they are trying to impose on the West.

    this excerpt from another article explains itheir thinking all too well:

    Muslims use Western standards of behavior against Westerners while also holding Westerners to Islamic standards of behavior; while at the same time never accepting Western standards of behavior.

    When Saudi Arabia is criticized for the lies and hate taught in its schools against Jews they demand we not hold them to our standards. When a Danish cartoonist mocks Muhammad, we are of course held to their standard.

  • kat

    So if the European media apologizes and marches to poobah’s drum, the islamization of Europe has taken hold. And if we in America fear offending muslims, and therefore respect poobah, but not Jews or Christians, poobah wins. Islam is imposed on us.

  • Ravo

    That’s the plan, no?

  • Ravo

    The disrespectful Book of Daniel TV show was given thumbs down by the marketplace. Muslims too, have every right to boycott those newspapers that offend them.

    Muslims would have a stronger argument if they’d cease the anti-Jewish and/or anti-Christian cartoons that often appear in their own newspapers.”

    The concept of a Government and people in free nations not having the power to control speech within their country seems an inconceivable concept to those demanding such control.

  • ^^^^ All Geniuses

    Wow—How did ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all these comment trolls become experts on media coverage? Why aren’t any of you on 60 minutes??? Probably because you all suck. Anybody can sit at a keyboard and make lame criticism. Hell, my 5 year old niece is typing my words right now. You guys wanna impress people and convince the world that you know more, make your own gawdam news channel. I swear this country is going to hell in a basket, because everybody got all dam intelligent and wise at the same time. Lamers ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6

  • what part of stupid did we become./ to let them tell us what to pay for gas/profits over crude oil means your rich /little people go in the hole /keep us confused if you think most of us are stupid /it is time to tell us why we can not take care of our selves / our nation is strong

  • kat

    All Geniuses–maybe you should go to CBS and vote for the jerkometer story. They may let you take part.

  • Jorge


    Do I understand your thinking ? Do you support religious fanatisism over free speech?

    The Book Of Daniel TV show which I could give a rats ass about was cancelled because of religious nut zelots complaints not because of ratings.

  • kat

    It was cancelled because of ratings. You are free to show any crap you want–you can’t force people to watch it. The ratings sucked! People complained about Desperate Housewives but the ratings were good and it was a hit. So get your head out of the sand–it was ratings.

  • Ravo

    Jorge asks: Do I understand your thinking ? Do you support religious fanatisism over free speech?

    Of course not, just the opposite. Folks that were offended by the Book of Daniel show peaceably boycotted those doing the offending….they didn’t threaten with violence the government, or those having nothing to do with it, or even those that did.

    BOD wasn’t taken off because of violent threats, but because it became economically unviable, – few were watching either because it offended them or because it plain out stunk.

  • Ravo

    Jorge…there are those in the world who have no way to grasp the concept that in some countries, the media is not under government control.