Hitting what was once known as the big time

I was interviewed for a story on the CBS Evening News on the state of media and all that. It’s airing tonight.

  • Congratulations! I’m sure, *ahem*, that you gave a shout to me and all your fans, past and present, who’ve made this opportunity possible, and then went on a tear about how CBS is a big bloated media conglomerate that gets its ratings by putting on programming for people that are wondering when Matlock is going to come on.

    Hmm. That joke is a bit too convoluted, but whatever. Congratulations.

  • There was a time in my life when I would have known the channel, the time, and the people associated with this “CBS Evening News” program. I’d like to say I’ll watch it, but I know the odds are mighty slim. Here’s hoping somebody blogs about it and includes a link to a video excerpt.

  • You and Helen Thomas, now there’s distinction. Hope your heart didn’t get any worse under the strain.

  • Mark

    I watched that in-depth, probing piece by CBS on their take on the “State of the Media” – what a joke, a real piece of fluff. Oh, sure, they threw in the obligatory 3 second reference to Dan Rather’s big fiasco last year, and gave us the breathtaking results of (what else) a CBS/NYTimes poll that said, hell yeah, the media is doing a great job and they are fair and accurate. I honestly think CBS is more biased than ever in its CBS Nightly show than when Danny-boy was there. He was the lightning rod, which has been removed, and now we see that grizzled old man who look’s like everyone’s Grandpappy , Bob Scheifer – how can you get upset with him?

  • They didn’t run any of the interview, just the b-roll. That’s network news now: just b-roll, eh?

  • Kind of like going to the Alpo factory to talk about the state of fine dining.

  • I watched the evening news for the first time since, I think, Huntley and Brinkley. Now I remember why I stopped. The entire half hour could have been covered in two minutes of headlines as the BBC does at the top of their hour.

    This isn’t news, it’s pseudo-news for those who are completely tuned out of every other source, but want to pretend to be informed. No wonder nobody watches anymore.

    Why does each noun in a story need to be illustrated with a film clip?
    Next time, Jeff, demand that they guarantee enough of the interview been shown or skip the “honor”.

  • Chris R

    Thanks for going into the lion’s den and doing the CBS interview. It’s how I found out about your website. It’s now been bookmarked and will become part of my regular routine. Keep up the good work.