Harry Belafonte calls Bush “the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world.” He also said that millions of Americans support Venezuelan Hugo Chavez. This from UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador. With goodwill like this….

  • I’m not so sure Bush should be characterized as a terrorist, I think he’s more of a bully. I’m no fan of the president, but we live in a society of free speech, and we need to be speaking up a lot more.

  • That’s it!

    A recent post by Fred Wilson questioning his President’s actions in Iraq drew some amazingly vitriolic responses.

    As an Aussie it seems to me that the fanatics have got us all if free speech can’t get out. “Soap-box corner” in Melbourne, Australia, is [or was] by the Yarra river – now it’s the blogosphere – I don’t believe going into Iraq made sense, but I now dread the thought of an early pullout, as our Leader of the Opposition is advocating – the borders of Syria, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon and others could become very fluid very quickly.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Why does the hard Left openly embrace dictators? Chavez…Castro…Stalin…Even Saddam had Sean Penn, Rep. Jim McDermot, Bonier and Ramsey Clark all shilling for the guy.

    Are they still trying to stick it to the brown shoe, square 1950’s whitey authority figure?

    Nixon and Reagan are dead, guys…grow up.

  • Ron Pettengill

    ironically the same people the left shills for would have them in leg irons if they were living under said dictatorship.

    lets take castro for instance. quarantines all AIDS patients in jail. that’s progressive.

    i also like the dimwits who lecture on how great the healthcare system is in cuba but have yet to go there themselves for a life saving operation.

    i mean a quadruple by-pass is simple in-office procedure including the pina colada.

  • Wise One

    Harry is like an old fire horse who is still running to a fire bell that rusted long ago. Segregation is dead. Race hatred is on the defensive.

    I bet he blames Nixon for 911. The old guy is being used.

  • I think he may have slipped on his banana boat and hit his head.

  • Using ‘terrorist’ was wrong – ‘tyrant’ a little closer -but, he shouldn’t have spoek as he did.

    That said, i think the conservative right is jealous of dictatorships. Basically, Bush really, really wants to be one – but the American democracy won’t allow it. Therefore, the republicans are left to stare in envy at the world’s Castro-types. Sorry – but not while WE have a vote.

    “Segregation is dead. Race hatred is on the defensive. ” Wise One – do you really believe that?? Yes – we’re a long way from slavery, but race hatred is a long, long way from dead. Spend some time behind closed doors and in backroom poker games in the Southeast USA and you’ll be enlighted just how barbaric we still are. For that matter, head to the large, urban northern cities – like Chicage or NYC. The hatred there goes both ways, and as a former cop – I KNOW this. You’ve touched a nerve with this, and I can tell you that no matter what my good intentions were in certain neighborhoods, I was hated – and hunted.

    The young ultra-conservative movement that was kicked-off in the ’80’s has entered adulthood and is sending our social advancement in retreat. We will be back to separate drinking fountains before long – only it will say “Browns”, “Blacks” and “Whites”.


  • Dr. Mathews

    Hey! Anthony Gregory has found the solution to this whole big mess:
    Give the man a Nobel Prize!

  • kat

    Yesterday I unchecked UNICEF as an organization I wish to contribute to at work. As long as UNICEF has idiots for spokesmen, they won’t see a red penny from me and I have informed them of my decision to not wish to support raving moonbats like belafonte. UNICEF needs to publicly condemn the idiot or I will believe they condone the raving moonbat.

  • Kit

    NO WAY does the Left support dictators, and for that matter fascism. They’re the only party who actually knows how to get something done even though they are totally outnumbered and the media has become totally Conservative for King George. They do not want to throw out our resources and put our brave men and women into harm’s way unnecessarily. Republicans could care less. Lie after lie, after lie. The Right even has a 24 hour news network to push their propaganda. Liberals are not as stupid as the majority of the Right these days. I wouldn’t call Bush a terrorist as much as I would call him a criminal. I was formally very conservative. NEVER AGAIN. The Right is dead and have become incredibly dangerous.

    And to Ron Pettengill, we are one of the biggest most powerful INDUSTRIALIZED countries in the world who don’t have universal healthcare. We also have the highest infant mortality rate. Corporations No Longer want to be in the business of Healthcare and they’re leaving the country because of it. The Right is filled with so many lazy, arrogant douche bags and then when they fuck everything up, Democrats have to come in and clean up their mess.

    The economy and worker productivity has been higher under every Democratic president. Hmm, wonder why. The Right was hijacked years ago.

    Democrats are our last hope. We’re are living in some scary times.

  • Chris

    I’m sorry, didn’t W’s Secretary of Education call the NEA a terrorist organization last year. So, that’s okay but a private citizen gets pilloried for pointing that W is shredding the Bill of Rights by spying/wiretapping ordinary citizens (the Quakers and reporters for god’s sake), started a war based on lies, steals form the poor to give to the rich, engages in two coups (Haiti and Venezuela), etc.

    Maybe Chavez will turn out to be a dictator down the road, but right now he is squeezing multi-national corporations in order to provide for the poor in his own nation.

    BTW, I’m still confused about this fixation with Castro – he’s the pariah in this hemisphere?! Do you think that our hypocrisy is lost on Latin America?
    Can anyone name a South American country that the U.S hasn’t invaded, or participated in a coup against? Did Castro pay and train the butchers in Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, etc.

    Give me a break.

  • I wanted to make sure you saw this:

    Private Statements of Goodwill Ambassadors

    9 January 2006 — Comments over the weekend by Harry Belafonte in Venezuela were made as a private citizen, and not in his role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, nor in an official capacity on behalf of the organization. UNICEF does not endorse these comments.

    UNICEF has a vital mission of saving and improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. That important work includes providing children with life-saving medicine, better nutrition, clean water and sanitation, quality basic education, and emergency relief in many of the neediest areas around the globe.

    The world has agreed to these priorities in the Millennium Development Goals, which must continue to be a central focus of the international agenda for children.

  • That’s a responsible statement from UNICEF but they should also observe that leaders like Chavez create more need for UNICEF in the first place.

  • Devi

    Harry’s half right. I’d be terrified if I lived in a country the Bush men thought was advantageous to bomb.

    But to say that millions of Americans support Chavez is inappropriate. Then again, maybe he wasn’t refering to U.S. Americans.

  • No seas tarugo; Chavez tiene mas apoyo que el zoquete de Bush. Go to Venezuela, You Idiot!