For fellow Apple cultists

Engadget is giving the blow-by-blow of Steve Jobs keynote. Fun iPod statporn: They’ve sold over 42 million iPods, over 850 million songs, over 8 million videos.

I was hoping the first Intel box would be a laptop. It’s the iMac:

1:12 PM – “So … today we are gonna roll out the first Mac with an Intel processor.”

1:13 PM – “Without any more fanfare, it is the iMac” It looks the same as it does now….

1:14 PM – “We’re going to offer it in the same sizes, 17 and 20-inch. We’re going to offer it in the same award winning design. We’re going to offer it with the same features. We’re going to offer it for the same prices. So what’s different?”

1:14 PM – “We are building in … the new Intel Core Duo. Each of these processors is faster than the G5, and there’s two of ’em.” …

1:17 PM – “Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2 is running entirely natively – not just the operating system but all the applications.” He’s been using it for the entire demo all morning, natch….

1:26 PM – “They are shipping today. We are going to be transitioning our entire product line this year.” This is huge.

1:28 PM – “We made an ad just to let people know what we’re doing, and I’d like to premiere it for you now.” Ad voiceover: “The Intel chip. For years it’s been trapped inside ordinary PCs. Doomed to performing dull little tasks.” …

Yeah, laptops, too! Details at Engadget.

: Later: My son’s reactions.