Bah holidays

Ah, the conspiracy against Christmas continues: Yesterday, I was decorating the church — the church — and when the florist left after delivering the poinsettas and Christmas trees, he said, “Happy holidays.” Another Christmas killer!

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  • Ahh THAT Francis! Cheers mate!

  • Eddie Goldman

    Jeff, did you ever think that maybe the florist was NOT a Christian? That maybe he was a Jew, a Muslim, an atheist, an agnostic, or someone else who does not celebrate Christmas? Unless, of course, the people in your church only buy flowers from fellow Christians, which I tend to doubt.

  • Eddie Goldman

    PS – Happy holidays!

  • Meanwhile, here in Portland, resident blowhard Lars Larson cancelled his plan to erect a giant cross (the wrong symbol for the holiday in quesiton, anyway) in Pioneer Courthouse Square and blamed “threats” from local anarchists. Unfortunately, it was just scapegoating because it turned out it actually was higher-ups in the chain of command at his radio station which put an end to it.

  • Jeffrey


    I wish people Happy Birthday even though their birthday is on a different day than mine. I’m wishing them a positive experience on a day that the other person is celebrating even though I don’t share in the same celebration. It’s called goodwill towards all.

    I guess I’ve been wrong to wish my Jewish friends Happy Hannukah and Happy Rosh Hashanah!

  • Let’s give the florist the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was so optimistic that his arrangement would not wilt that he was confident it would serve for Christmas, and St Stephen’s Day, and the Feast of the Circumcision and Epiphany…in other words the entire holiday season, not just Christmas Day.

    Happy Boxing Day to all BuzzMachinists!

  • Jeffrey, the original issue, although first posted somewhat whimsically, was about “Another Christmas killer!” I am assuming that the delivery guy from the florist was not a personal friend of Jeff.

    The original post also links to an article about a religious group protesting the phrase “Happy Holidays” being used by Wal-Mart rather than “Merry Christmas”. So the issue is that of religious zealots wanting to have as many institutions as possible recognize only their views and not respect those of others.

    Plus, birthdays are generally secular events, whose celebration or lack thereof has historically usually not led to crusades, pogroms, genocide, jihads, or any of the other wonderful things carried out by various zealots, religious or otherwise.

    If anything, they might be protesting the commercialization of what are supposed to be spiritual celebrations.

    If individuals wish me a happy or merry holiday which I don’t celebrate, I understand their usually benign intentions. It is quite different when a major institution in what is supposed to be a society tolerant of many viewpoints and committed by law to religious freedom is pressured to adopt the views of those who view America as a “Christian nation”. That’s the issue, not one-to-one pleasantries.

  • Reporting from the central front of the so-called war on Christmas: New York City.

  • kat

    I just think if someone does not want to recognize Christmas, that is their perogative. However, I hope they understand when I choose to do my Christmas shopping elsewhere–at a place where Christmas is recognized.
    I want to buy Christmas presents and not holiday presents so I want to support establishments which sell the former. When I shopped for a tree I specifically bought where they advertised Christmas trees, not holiday trees.
    I bought Christmas cards and not holiday cards. I bought Christmas tags and not holiday tags.
    It is hypocritical to deny a holiday which you hope brings in your biggest sales of the year. I boycotted every holiday establishment this year and bought all my Christmas purchases at places that advertised Christmas shopping. I certainly respect the rights of those not wishing to recognize Christmas, and my right to boycott them.

  • How does saying “Happly Holidays” not recognize Christmas? All it seems to do is be more inclusive, allowing both me and my non-Christian friends to feel welcome and appreciated as we walk into the store. Someone wishing you Happy Holidays seems to just want to spread holiday cheer, whichever holiday it is that you celebrate. Seems to be reasonable and rather charitable, IMO.

  • t.r.mcloughlin

    “Happy Holidays” is a plot hatched in the 40’s by Irving Berlin, propagated by Bing Crosby and his ilk.

    Face it. Christmas has been under assault for 60 years by the secularist Holiday Inners. “White Christmas” is just a Trojan horse for the real message.

  • I’ve been wished a Happy Chanukah and a Happy Ramadan. Nearly 13 years in New York, and my nose being a prominient feature on my face, people mistook me for a Jew and used to say “Shalom.” I never said, “Excuse me, I’m an Irish Catholic,” in an offended tone of voice. I said “Shalom!” back. I gave Christmas cards to all of my customers and almost half were not Christians. No one was ever offended. This hyper-sensitivity is ridiculous. It doesn’t allow us to celebrate the differences in our cultures that make us interesting.

    My wife for example was born in Iran. Once a year, they celebrate their New Year by jumping through fires lit on the streets. Not only did everyone wish her and her family a Happy Norooz, she can remember her father holding her in his arms and jumping through fires along with everyone else. It is polite to include people in your celebrations even if they don’t belong to your religion or celebrate your tradition without feeling the need to pat them on the head for not being able to cope with you having wished them well.

    So to everyone – Muslim, Christian, Jew, New Age Radical Crystal Worshipers, the lot – a very hearty Merry Christmas! (no offense!)

  • steve

    I noticed a couple times last month that people said “have a nice holiday” instead of Happy Thanksgiving. Talk about risk averse! But now that you can get hammered for taking what used to be the safe track–happy holidays–maybe more people will just bag the whole happy business and tell each other, preemptively, just to fuck off.

  • Jeff, you just look Jewish, mustn’t it be that? I stopped going to the trouble of putting up holiday decor a few years ago, that’s me plotting against Christmas, is it?

  • I was recently offended — offended! — by a so-called comedian (funniest woman in America according to Rolling Stone) who said on Leno that she was into Kaballah — “it’s like being Jewish without the whole big nose thing.”

    Excuse me, my nose is non-sectarian!

    Noel, we’ll have to get together and fight this big nose discrimination we find in society today.

  • It’s nose envy, Carson Fire. Everyone knows what a large nose means. ;¬)

  • Happy Hollidays ;-) from Spain!

  • kittenpie

    oh for goodness sakes, you people! Christmas IS a holiday! And so is Thanksgiving! And for muslims, so is Eid. And for Jewish people, so are the days of Hannukkah! Hell, people will tell you to have a nice holiday when you are going away on vacation, too, because we call it a holiday. Can you just take the good wishes in the spirit they’re meant, already? Do you get wildly offended when someone says “have a nice day?” Or when they say good morning and it’s really five after twelve? sheesh.

  • If any christians ever read the bible they would realize that the Holiday of Chistmas is not a biblically deamed holiday. No where in the bible does it mention to hold those days special in celebrations of any sort, nor did jesus command it.

    As a matter of fact the thing about decorating a tree is not really christian either. Well hello—these things are part of our culture and cultural traditions are a normal thing us humans do to connect with one another across all cultural boundries and religions. We do all this even at church.

    I am married to a christian minister and I will say this, since it seems no one seems to get the point.. the whole point of why christians get offended about being told they cant say “merry christmas” is because they feel that the law giving freedom of religion has been interfered with and thier “freedom of religion” that our country was first founded on when the settlers first came over to flee the bloody mary—killings— from the roman catholic church… which was not a christian catholic church like we know of today where they teach from the holy bible… and yes that is what our country was founded on–just like the money reads—IN GOD WE TRUST— Ever seen a piece of american currency???? That god is the jesus one, OKAY!

    And now christians are being told they can’t possibly use the MERRY CHRISTMAS phrase —if they work at walmart and are on the clock because some queer group was jealous of salvation army getting to ring their bell and you guess the rest — We say MERRY CHRISTMAS as a way to witness or to plant a seed to bring you into christian fellowship because we are doing what we have been commanded to do in our life and winning souls to christ is part of that. Infact the bible teaches that the first people we will greet are the one we helped lead who have already arrived.

    To me the “holidays” are the most stressfull thing ever and with my in-depth knowledge of these issues along with being previously “culturally desensitised” or call it educated in social sciences and ethical perspectives along with the fact I am currently the first lady of a HUGH southern baptist church in the bible belt and well versed scripturally. I must admit I think the whole thing is silly. Really even if you want to pick it all apart even holiday has the root meaning HOLY – DAY. oPpS now you know.

    I guess the fun part for most people, including myself, is playing Santa and trying to share merrily in the celebrations of life because believe me with all that holiday traffic about I can just say that if every one out “christmas” shopping would show up at church to learn about what the bible really says about what they think they are celebrating, the highways would be so jammed on sunday morning that my husband would be late for work.

    Merry christmas???? What ever. All we are trying to say is we love you enough to love you eternally and all ya’ll get offended like we are saying we think you might go to hell. When in reallity with the way people act out shopping I just want to tell them to go to hell, but I just smile and say merry christmas instead because that is the kind thing to say and it is all in his honor.


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