Next: A Pulitzer-prize-winning blog?

The Pulitzer committee finally will allow online submissions in breaking news and breaking-news photography; in other categories, online has be go hand-in-hand with print. It’s a wimpy step but at least it’s a step. And I wonder whether the Times-Picayune’s blogs could win the Pulitzer. Rex Hammock and I said they should.

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  • Interesting prospect. Just for amusement, I googled the 2000 pulitzers and guess what I turned up? What good reporting. Where did it go???

    NATIONAL REPORTING Staff of Wall Street Journal
    For its revealing stories that question U.S. defense spending and military deployment in the post-Cold War era and offer alternatives for the future.

  • Ivan

    Wow, good news. Finally, traditional media leaders are catching up with technology… Now, they have to incorporate bias into a list of acceptable characteristics of journalism, and they’ll be all set.

  • Fred

    No thanks. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Walter Duranty.

  • john

    There’s at least one editor with strong Pulitzer ties who refers to this as the “New Orleans rule.”

  • Paul

    During Katrina, the Times-Picayune website was the best place in the nation for breaking news. They reported the levee breaches before anybody, they had an incredible amount of spot news and commentary, and it was all dead-on great. The writing was actually pretty amazing given the circumstances. I remember reading it for days on end, and thinking at the time, I don’t care what the medium, they deserve a Pulitzer for this. And also thinking that I was witnessing some kind of defining moment, in this case for a new medium. It was the same feeling I had watching the Berlin Wall fall.

  • john

    You’re exactly right, Paul. I’d say they come about as close to a lock as I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, if they don’t win, the Pulitzer folks will probably lose whatever credibility they have. At least in my mind.

  • Old Grouch

    The Hurricane Rita blogging by Ron Franscell of the Beaumont, TX Enterprise is also worth a look… it’s a personal journal rather than hard news, but still a gem. (Start here and scroll.)

  • Quillnews has some fun with the high-end Pulitzer enablers. I’d refuse the award until Columbia allows ROTC on campus!

  • The Hurricane Rita blogging by Ron Franscell of the Beaumont, TX Enterprise is also worth a look…”

    But only eligible if it was published by the newspaper. It’s not that online material generally is eligible under Breaking News — but that online material published online by a newspaper is eligible. While that blog is written by a paper’s managing editor, it’s not particularly clear if it’s considered a publication of the paper itself.

  • Daniel Altman’s blog in the International Herald Tribune, “Managing Globalization”, deserves serious consideration for a Pulitzer. He frames his site with excellent discussion questions daily and he gets a wide variety of responses from contributors worldwide on the latest issues in globalization. I’m one of a number of regular participants but I don’t pretend that I or anyone other than Dr. Altman deserve any share of his credit. He’s got a very good blog going already and he’s recently announced his plans to establish links with other popular globalization blogs.

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