Howard Stern may have pooped on podcasts, but he said this morning that when he saw the video iPod he realized that is a medium for him. I liked hearing that. I said a few months ago in an open letter to Mel Karmazin that I hope Sirius does not fall into the trap of other media and think of itself as its pipe. Instead, Sirius is creating content I’ll pay for and it should deliver it to me any way I want it.

When you think about it, satellite radio and iTunes are the best positioned in the new world for pay content — for the golden fleece of the added content revenue stream: money from the consumer. Print content is pretty much all free by now. Networks and cable and program producers and all bound up in their mutually destructive deals. But iTunes enables the sale of content and Sirius is producing content worth paying for and neither is trapped by their histories.

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  • It used to be the electric company was a creator of “content” and supplied the “pipe”.
    Then someone figured out how to separate them, so the company that owns the generators is not the same one that owns the distribution network.

    Seems like there is room for both in the media business. I subscribed to Sirius because they had some all music stations (the content), but they also had the pipe via satellite bandwidth licenses. Sometimes you need both.

  • Hmmm…Stern pooping on a video podcast brings out a whole new set of imagery…

  • John

    Opie & Anthony’s XM radio show has been available via podcat from for the past couple of months, so you know that even if Stern thinks they’re stupid as commonly used (and in radio terms, he’s probably thinking about things like Board Reflections on the New York Radio Message Board) he’s not going to be the only uncensored satellite radio morning show without a podcast. The fact that he’s already got an arragment to continue videocasting his show when it moves to Sirius makes podcasting it simply a matter of adding a new media source, as opposed to redoing the whole show.

  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hellfire and damnation be upon those who dare to download the devil’s word. Doom! Doom! Doom! be upon thee. God is particularly disappointed in certain congregationalists among you. I know. I had tea with Him last week. ;-)

  • Uhh … was it something I said?

  • Biffy


    Howard will not pod cast. He is afraid of piracy. You couldn’t be more correct in your letter to Mel. Think content, this is what I tell my friends publishing. Don’t get into the distribution business, it is a never ending race to the bottom. Not many people will make money from distribution. There is simply too much capacity. Now content. There is a money maker.

    Howard and Mel should figure out how to sell the Stern show content separate from the Sirus Distribution … think iPod and iTunes.

    I love howard, but will not buy Sirus. But if it was avaialabe on as an Podcast from iTunes, I would then buy an iPod AND Howard’s shows.