Trees rejoice

The Audit Bureau of Circulations is coming out with its report on newspaper popularity (what else should we call sales) and it’s going to be bad. The Wall Street Journal (free link) sums up the numbers:
: Gannett down 2.5 percent
: Knight Ridder down 2.9 percent
: Tribune Company down 4 percent (not including scandal-scarred Newsday)

More numbers from E&P:

: “McClatchy is breaking its 20-year winning streak this period. Daily circulation dropped around 1% while there was a “steeper decline” on Sunday.”
: Knight Ridder’s breakdown: down 2 percent daily, 3.5 percent Sunday.
: Belo’s Dallas Morning News: down 7 percent.
: Providence Journal down 2 percent.
: Riverside Press-Enterprise down 3 percent daily, 4 percent Sunday.
: Boston Globe down 7.7 percent daily, 7 percent Sunday.
: NYTimes up 0.4 percent daily, 0.1 percent Sunday. “The increases came mostly from the paper’s national effort. Circulation for the New York City area declined.


: Notable quotes above.

  • NYTimes up 0.4 percent daily, 0.1 percent Sunday. “The increases came mostly from the paper’s national effort. Circulation for the New York City area declined.

    NYT does spend $$ on national promotion. I’m sure I’ve even seen TV ads here in Dallas, and I’m sure they work. Despite the opinion of some partisans about its content and reliability, it still has a reputation as an important newspaper to read.

    But it occurs to me that this contradicts the former ombudsman’s argument that the NYT’s liberal slant is due to the fact that it’s a local paper for a liberal city, and not really a national publication intended for a broader audience. If it wasn’t a national paper, they wouldn’t market it as a national paper.

  • I think the NYT has touted themselves as an “urban” paper.

    That Boston Globe drop is huge. Lest anyone forget, they are owned by the NYT, and it is almost as disgusting.

    I have never seen so much chauvinistic idiocy as I have since I moved to Boston – and this is the fifth city I have lived in. The newspaper and university driven groupthink is out of control.

    The NYT also owns the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the main newspaper of central Massachusetts that hasn’t been doing well either. I guess buying up the Globe and Telegram haven’t provided any healthy diversification for the NYT.

    One more thing. The NYT recently bought the Metro, a popular free daily paper in Boston. They figured it was better to buy than compete. What has all of this gotten the NYT?

    How about $1.3 billion in debt (and only $31 million in cash) and rapidly declining revenues in almost every paper.

  • Fentress

    Good. The sooner all those bastards go broke the better.

  • ArtD0dger

    This business of pureeing trees and wringing cuttlefish to make the day’s transient news permanent seems positively archaic, doesn’t it?

  • While the Boston Globe is almost as liberal as any “mainstream” paper, and even Massachusetts residents might often have a problem with that, I think many of its sub losses are due to overlap with the NY Times (the “synergy” of a merger also means less reason to get both papers), with people who see themselves as intellectual especially likely to get the equally liberal but more sophisticated Times, and essentially forgo local printed news in favor of broadcast and the internet (including the Globe).

  • DSmith

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • David Block

    When the dead tree press finally figures out that the editorial content belongs on the editorial pages and the news content belongs on the news pages, will it be too late?

    Will they even figure it out?

    The Belo bunch had earlier confessed to padding their numbers. I wonder if this decrease is from the padded numbers or the real ones. Think they’ll report that??

  • Ignacio’s Fishmarket

    But what willa I wrappa da fish with now?!

  • We are watching the last buggy whips being made. Danny DeVito in a forgotten movie where he plays a corporate shark (Other People’s Money. I remembered), appeals to shareholders to abandon an increasingly antiquated product (I forgot) and sell the company.

    He makes the buggy whip analogy and then he points out that the last company to remain in the buggy whip business, being the winner in a losing sweepstakes, undoubtedly made excellent buggy whips.

    Not true in this case.

  • shark

    It will be a great day to rejoice when the journalism staffs of these papers are out on the streets.

  • DWPittelli,

    That is a good point about the Globe cannabalizing some would-be Boston area NYT buyers. But these NYT spinoffs have also successfully propagandized local events.

    There was recently a vicious fight at a Worcester high school involving 60 kids. Several teachers were assaulted and went to the hospital. The newspaper whitewashed the entire event, ignoring the racial aspects and bemoaning how the “alternative” education program wasn’t adequate for the problem kids.

    All these papers are nothing more than little NYTs.

  • fight misconceptions

    You guys are kinda off on the wrong foot on the trees. This is actually not so good for them. Most paper comes from trees specificly grown for paper. So less paper less paper trees….

    Hehe most people dont know recycling paper is actually bad for the Environment.

  • josh

    As I work in the IT Department for the parent company of a small newspaper chain (very small papers), I can report that ad revenue is up in most of our 9 papers (substantially up in 3 of them). While the behemoths of newspapers may be losing readers, which will lead to lower revenues, we’re doing okay. I guess when you put out a good set of products in small markets, you can do pretty well. I’m just glad to see how well we’re doing, because it’s my job we’re talking about.

  • Ginny

    I don’t know how widespread this is, but last year we got the NYTimes for several months, although I’m pretty sure our garage apt. tenant (my husband’s cousin) had never ordered it and am quite sure he didn’t pay for it. He kept telling them (he told us) he wasn’t going to pay & they kept throwing it. He never paid but it took them 6 mos to stop. This is in a mid sized college town in central Texas.

  • Lee Merrick

    As one wag said, ‘The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the country, the Washington Post is read by the people who think they run the county, the New York Times is read by the people who think they should run the country and the Boston Globe is read by the people who used to run the country!”

  • I subscribe to the LA Times but it’s against my will. They won’t let me stop. I call to cancel and all they do is change my bill. But they certainly won’t stop. I open the Sunday paper for its Target ad and its coupons and throw the whole rest of the subscription, unopened, into the trash. Definitely an unwilling subscriber. I wish I could just subscribe to the Target ad and the coupons – I’d even pay for that much at the same rate. No more trips to the dumpster. I get the feeling a powerful delivery union is behind this.

  • Ed Poinsett

    Unless the NYT and other leftie rags become truly aggressive in their corrections policy and erect a Gorelick like wall between news and editorials, they will continue their slide into obscurity.That will be a loss for the entire country.

  • ryoushi

    Actually, the pulp for newspaper stock are specifically grown for the purpose of harvesting, so the downturn in circulation means fewer rather than more trees.

    Trees losing their friends doesn’t sound as catchy though.

    Howabout, Liberal dogma lessens oxygen supply! (too political)

    or, Buy the dead tree NYT and help stem global warming. (that’s a little more politcally correct, let’s stick with that one)

  • ryoushi

    sorry, skipped over fighting misconceptions post regarding the same subject, my error (but I swear I knew the salient facts as well, and am not just glomming on to his insight)

  • FOB-FriendofBush

    About 40% of a newspapers revenue comes from classified ads, not from readers subscriptions. The internet has made huge inroads into ads of all types including classifides, and conversion to net-based ads is accelerating.

    This trend is a major factor causing newspaper stock prices to fall nearly 20 percent over the last year. It will probably cause even more decline in the future.

    Number of subscribers is not the best measure to measure decline of the newspaper business – the decline in revenue and stock price is better.

    Substantial downsizing might cause news writers to pause before they push their liberal, anti-war slant on readers instead of reporting facts, but I doubt it.

  • FOB-FriendofBush

    About 40% of a newspapers revenue comes from classified ads, not from readers subscriptions. The internet has made huge inroads into ads of all types including classifides, and conversion to net-based ads is accelerating.

    This trend is a major factor causing newspaper stock prices to fall nearly 20 percent over the last year. It will probably cause even more decline in the future.

    Number of subscribers is not the best measure to measure decline of the newspaper business – the decline in revenue and stock price is better. Hopefully blogs will reign supreme.

    Substantial downsizing might cause news writers to pause before they push their liberal, anti-war slant on readers instead of reporting facts, but I doubt it.

  • Ravo

    ….they will continue their slide into obscurity.That will be a loss for the entire country.

    Whatever was lost, was lost a long time ago. News? What news?
    The liberal media in America barely mentions the following:

    excerpted from:

    “The media follows the president to foreign soil to hound him about “Plamegate,” and all the while, parts of Europe are coming unglued.

    The liberal media in America barely mentions it.

    The media carefully sidesteps the fact that the riots in France are Islam-driven. The riots in Denmark are barely mentioned. The Muslim riots will spread and demands for Muslim autonomy will be made. This is just the beginning of the war for Europe.

    The second phase of the Islamification of Europe has begun and all the mindless journalists care about is that “Scooter Libby” pled innocent at his first court hearing. “

  • Ravo, just because the media barely mentions something doesn’t make it true.

    Your Chronwatch item is partly an overamplification of an American Thinker post (that the author doesn’t credit), which is an overamplification of the Denmark situation altogether.

    The French situation is not Islamist at its core. Just because it’s Muslims doing it doesn’t mean it’s an outgrowth of radical Islamists. The media “side-steps” it for the right reasons, and you do not, for the wrong ones.

  • I live in one town/county and have my office in another. The paper in my place of my residence- Hendersonville Times-News – is a NYT paper and it is very poor. They are following a form that will lead to obscurity. I’m convinced that the only reason they still publish is the dramatic growth of the community.
    The other paper, the Asheville Citizen-Times- (I write a twice monthly column for them.) is growing not only in ad sales, but in readership. It continues to expand the types of products it develops. It is a Gannett paper and ranks within the top 1 or 2 in their size.
    What is their secret? 1. Leadership that listens to the public and to the staff. I know of no organization in either of my communities that is as consistently innovative as this paper. They are always looking at new ways to connect with the public. 2. Creativity and the willingness to change, and putting both responsibility and authority into the hands of those who must implement change. They conduct their market research, and develop products to attract new segments of the community. And the products are not all the same, look the same, try to do the same. I’m constantly amazed at the creativity they bring to product development. 3. By being one of the top papers in their division, they attract top people to jobs. And those top people learn, develop, succeed and move on to more responsible jobs in other cities. 4. Attention to local issues, local stories and putting them in a context that really does inform. 5. Publishing in a region that is exploding in growth, with all the excitement and difficulties that come with that.

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  • Ravo:

    The liberal media in America barely mentions the following:

    Not only is this underreported, but the left seems to be trying to dismiss the significance of the riots altogether. And when much of the country that has rejected the extreme left sees newspapers and the extreme left walking virtually in lockstep much of the time, why would they buy that product?

    I’m not trying to be snarky about leftist ideology, here, but it’s a simple equation.Newspapers like the NYT seem to see their product not as selling news, but selling their ideological view of world events, and most of us aren’t buying.

    Now that the MSM can no longer ignore the riots, they are trying to tack on the usual ideological spin:

    The violence — originally concentrated in neighborhoods northeast of Paris with large immigrant populations — is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger in its suburbs, where many Africans and their French-born children live on society’s margins, struggling with unemployment, poor housing, racial discrimination, crime and a lack of opportunity.

    This line might be credible, except for the fact that it’s trotted out as an excuse for extreme leftist violence every single time. Protests and marches mounted by the left, for instance, aren’t populated by poor, disadvantaged people with lots of time on their hands and the means to travel from city to city magically sans income (the impression that liberal newspapers create), but advantaged youth who resent their parents, communist propagandists, etc. (On the DemocraticUnderground forum, you’ll often find posters asking each other if they’re going to make it to here or there for a protest or march)

    It was the same line trotted out by the MSM as their explanation for 9/11 — terrorists were justified because of poverty! Of course, we know that Bin Laden came from a rich family (an advantaged youth, once again), we know that terrorists have been able to extort vast sums of money in the past, and that it is the oppression of organizations like the Taliban that is the more direct cause of poverty and misery wherever they happen to set up camp. But for the hopelessly ideological, the mythology in their brain trumps reality on the ground.

    Beyond the in-article editorializing on the French riots, look at some of the actual facts being reported deeper in that linked article:

    “They are very mobile, in cars or scooters. … It is quite hard to combat” he said. “Most are young, very young, we have even seen young minors.”

    There appeared to be no coordination between separate groups in different areas, Hamon said. But within gangs, he added, youths are communicating by cell phones or e-mails. “They organize themselves, arrange meetings, some prepare the Molotov cocktails.”

    The riots, according the MSM and the left, are about lack of economic opportunity, yet the rioters are driving cars and scooters, and communicating with cell phones and computers. Many are too young to even hold jobs in the first place! And they are rioting about the economy?

    It’s tempting to accuse the left of being dim and clueless, but it’s not a lack of smarts; it’s simply a vast capacity for self-deception in order to try forcing a round world fit into an intellectually square peg.

  • Heh, my response to Ravo was tagged as spam. I swear I didn’t mention c i a l i s once!

  • Mike Dils

    I work with the grocery stores as a result of my business. I know for a fact that in my area (Indiana) that alot of newspapers end up in the dumpster. I assume that these are counted in the circulation numbers for the purpose of advertising sales. If a heightened scruntinty of these practices (and others, such as newspaper vending machine sales) occurs, it is going to be very bad for the newsprint industry.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  • Shalmanessar


    Who are you to determine such things so peremptorily before the dust even settles, and before most facts have yet to be reported in the balking and unwilling mainstream papers? Only the willfully ignorant could speak with such conviction where most facts have yet to be gathered, and those few facts gathered are still little reported.

    The most telling thing here is that there is no diversity of opinion on the French riots in the major newspapers. They all repeat the same thing as you have. Here’s a clue. A reasonable case CAN be made that the main concern of the rioters is not their living conditions or treatment, but rather the unusual law-enforcement foray that Sarkozy dared to make into traditional no-go areas of the Muslim slums where the Muslim immigrants had been a law unto themselves for many years.

    Recall that one rioter talked about hanging out at his girlfriend’s apartment and playing videogames all day, then being rested and ready for another night of fun rioting? Remember that another, when asked how the crisis could be resolved, did not mention that he wanted a job–but rather that it could be solved by the police staying away from his neighborhood? Stinging social criticism is not quite what these rioters are trying to make, as you would know clearly if you had cared to search beyond the papers that you claim are doing you a service in not giving you all the facts. (What a horrifying love of being ignorant is revealed in that argument!)

  • Vulgorilla

    It’s about time!! I cancelled my subscriptions to newspapers and news magazines several years ago when I caught them intentionally omitting significant news items which were pro-conservative/Republican, or worse, fabricating news items to make conservatives/Republicans look bad. All I wanted was a news source that printed all the news no matter who’s agenda it was on. No such luck, so my only comment to the print media is: “Eat shit and die! I hope you die a short but painful death!”

  • Regarding the above posted buggy whip analogy, the story is actually more interesting. Several local firms remained in the business, making a living supplying the Amish and the sulky racers, until about 1970. The first article I ever read in the Wall Street Journal was about an upstart company which had begun making buggy whips with fiberglass stocks and replaceable nylon tips. Completely changed the market dynamic.

    A major newspaper ‘which finally figures out that the editorial content belongs on the editorial pages and the news content belongs on the news pages’ might grab a similar market share, but the market is going to be increasingly limited to sectors equivalent to the Amish and the sulky racers.

  • kat

    Not to mention that Paris police have discovered a large bomb making ‘factory’ that I am willing to bet was in place long before one of the scum electocuted himself. Poor muslim youth spending a fortune buying bomb making materials. Yeah, sure, and pigs will fly today. Only leftist lunatics appease and condone this islamofascism that has hit France by blaming others, and then expect us to pay money to read their BS. Do the Arab states send big money to our leftist newspapers??

  • Shalman, the preemptory determinations are all yours.

    I do not recall girlfriends and video games being part of the effort towards jihad, but perhaps I have not studied the Koran so carefully.

    They are Muslims. That does not mean their rationale is Islamist. Stop pounding the square peg of the situation into your round hole of narrative. That’s what bad journalism is.

  • kat

    No, bad journalism is spewing the jihad agenda by not holding these thugs accountable for their crimes.

  • John Blake

    Electronic or print, there is a market for real news honestly reported. Not for ridiculously skewed versions of events –endless anti-Bush drumbeats, regardless of the inspiring ascent of Democracy in Iraq– nor for “quarter-loaf” so-called “reporting” that ignores or falsely edits material such as Swft Boat accusations, Air America, macabre slandering of a Cpl. Starr’s last letter home.

    But today’s media elites are Boomers, narcissistic ignoramuses, concerned to plug their PCBS into every interstice available. There is an opportunity here, for someone to pony up a billion or so dollars for an actual public-information service, not mere doltish leftwing propaganda. In cases like mine, by now, it hardly matters: The Internet is available for free, diverse and timely, not subject to manipulation by arrogant and overweening Dan Rather types who assume “the news” is what they choose to comment on.

    Anyone who has obtained “news” from print media or TV over the last twenty years, has been victimized in the true sense. If not rendered incapable of independent judgment and evaluation, you actually have to read-and-think, within context, perspective, objective-and-rational disquisitions. For any educated person, not a problem– right? HAH!

  • Fred Z

    There is a strange rageful tone to many comments here. It’s difficult to analyze or coment on that rage because I share it. Sometimes when I see a particularly dishonest bit of press I literally get worked up to the point of dreaming of physical harm to the krugman involved.

    What’s going on? Will there be more than a financial or social backlash? How polarized are we becoming?

    What do you all think of ‘a krugman’ as a shorthand for ‘dishonest, lying, piece of scum left wing fact falsifier and propagandist reporter / commentator / talking head’? Does it work as a verb – ‘Today, Chris Matthews krugmaned that Bush plotted to out Plame?’

  • Fred Z

    Forgot to mention, I picked krugman because ‘krug’ is the German analogue of ‘crock’, as in it’s a crock [of s**t], man, and Krugman ought to be (and is) Crockman.

  • As bad as the partisanship is – and as infuriating as the bald denials of partisanship are – that’s not what’s most notable about the content of the NY Times and, I suppose, other papers like it. It’s that the content is so, well, feminine. Pinch and the gang are not taking an excellent general-interest paper of record and turning it into a choir sheet for fire-breathing lefties. Instead, their model reader is an affluent, educated, secular, 30-something stay-at-home mom who used to live in the city and work, and still likes to think of herself as being worldly and cultured. (The content, which these days consists mostly of semi-literary features, is perfect for this segment. Plus, just look at the ads.) These readers are generally not Deaniacs, and are not going to be turned into Deaniacs by reading a few Krugman or Frank Rich columns – they are classic Clinton soccer moms, just with a bit more money and a bigger status-hunger. The Times, in other words, is just a business looking to refine its market segment, and I think the people who are not part of this segment (he-man news junkies) are simply misunderstanding the shift. When you look at it this way, the whole thing is a lot less annoying. And when the Times’ once-undisputed status as the country’s paper of record is just a memory – which it will be rather soon, no matter what anyone does – it won’t be annoying at all. So everyone chill.

  • rm3 frisker

    curious that the french riots started after two muslim youths get electrocuted in an electrical substation. Having worked in such facilities you have to either actually try to get electrocuted or screw up while working on the gear. Hmmm …. perhaps those muslim youths screwed up while working on the gear (i.e. planting a bomb)

  • B. Taylor

    It’s not just the large newspapers that have lurched way left. I delivered the Tulsa World as a kid 30 years ago. Though the look of the paper is excellent for a town our size, the editorial staff opinion is so removed from the majority of it’s readership, it’s laughable. After 20 years of blatant slams of anybody who claims to be an Evangelical Christian, I had enough and canceled my subscription. Funny thing, with the advent of high speed internet, I’ve hardly missed it.

    When I complained to the managing editor of the World about their balance in opinion, he stated that the World was mainstream because they endorsed Bush in 2004. Big deal – Bush won every county in this state; hardly a brave endorsement. Every other opinion has a very left slant – from taxation and abortion, to their men-loathing feministic journalists. You do know white, conservative males are the problem of everything bad in America, don’t you? Just ask the World.

    Somebody hopefully will come in and provide a balanced newspaper that provides real news and not opinion.

    I do feel badly for the little guy or gal working for these rags. They don’t deserve to lose their jobs over inept managerial decisions.

  • Eileen

    Works for me, Fred Z. The way the press presents lies as facts on a daily basis is enough to enrage or at least outrage. That’s why we’re turning off and tuning them out, cancelling subscriptions daily… As Captious suggested in another thread, watch for shareholders’ derivative suits soon now as well.

    Great points all, John Blake.

    Many of us are saying the same things in different ways. Any journo who visits the net has to realize by now we’ve dissected their game thoroughly. And they have to recognize that we’ve already *replaced them* with internet source materials which provide the facts the propagandists conveniently fail to mention or otherwise distort into oblivion. FOB’s points re the decline in ad revenues/stock price devaluation only reinforces the reality that advertisers are swarming to where news consumers have fled. It’s gotten to the point where I can barely watch *any* of the nightly network news shows any more. I approach it more as a study in propaganda techniques; it certainly no longer constitutes a source for reliable information or factual input of any kind.

    And yes, Undertoad, the reporting on the riots – as well described by Carson Fire in his blog – is for the most part classic lefty misrepresentation. You say:

    “They are Muslims. That does not mean their rationale is Islamist. Stop pounding the square peg of the situation into your round hole of narrative. That’s what bad journalism is.”

    The problem, Undertoad, is that even the MSM doesn’t bear you out.

    “Authorities say the rolling nightly riots are being organised via the Internet and mobile phones, and have pointed the finger at drug traffickers and Islamist militants.”

    Even if you don’t believe alReuters (!), there are so many other ‘clues’ that this *is* about jihad. Rioting on the French Riviera can’t logically be attributed to po Muslims from the projects. The numbers of bombs, the bomb making materials, and hoods for hiding rioters’ faces found in that bomb making facility don’t suggest a sudden desperate outpouring of violence due to accidental electrocutions or unemployment rates.

    There is plenty of other evidence out there that it IS about Islam, Undertoad. There’s also plenty of info out there regarding the riots in Denmark.

    The problem we have at this point is many of us have to spend too much time arriving at the facts by reading extensively on the net. We can’t rely on the MSM, and that is why the market is demanding reliable replacements based on integrity and truth. [Thanks, Ravo.]

    Whoever is able to right this ship and achieve that is going to profit, big time.

  • Jimmy

    All this whining! As much as Jeff and most of you would like, newspapers aren’t going the way of the dodo, they will just adapt. They may do it kicking and screaming, but they will. (“Resistance is futile.”) I read several newspapers myself; I just do it over the Internet. Why subscribe when you can easily surf there?

    All the crap about liberal bias is such a load! There are many, many papers out there either owned by Conservatives or lean very much in that direction. They are as guilty of bias and misrepresentation as the so-called liberal media. In my opinion, they’re worse than the others because they wrap themselves in the flag and say they’re doing it to balance out all the lefties. A load of crap; bias is bias no matter who your represent it.

    As for blogs and the Internet they wreak of bias and misrepresentation. The only difference is we as readers have the opportunity to do further research to discover the validity of their claims. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from do that with the MSM, as well. Quit the whining and be a part of the solution.

  • Ravo

    Pirates attack Carnival cruise ship.

    There has been a steep rise in piracy this year along Somalia’s nearly 2,000-mile coastline, with 15 violent incidents reported between March and August, compared with just two for all of 2004, according to the International Maritime Bureau, a division of the International Chamber of Commerce that tracks trends in piracy.

    In June, a U.N.-chartered ship carrying 935 tons of rice for Somali victims of the Asian tsunami was hijacked by pirates, who held crew members hostage for three months before releasing them.

    What news has the AP reported about what is known about these pirates?
    Given the discussion here, should we be wondering if facts are being omitted?

  • Ravo

    Sorry, …I forgot we now have preview. There should be quotation marks: (“There…..thru them”)

  • Tom Pollard


    I think you have it bckwards – it’s the national and international news that’s easily available on the web, not the local news. So, I would be very surprised if local papers suffered more the national papers as a result of the competition with online reporting.

    We live in northern New Jersey and subscribe to three papers: the NYT Sunday edition, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the local village paper, the News-Record. Their importance to us in exactly inversely related to their scope. The news in the village paper just isn’t covered anywhere else, and to find out about the things reported there you would otherwise have to go to local internet forums and word-of-mouth. The news reported in the Star-Ledger is also hard to find online (from anywhere but the Star-Ledger’s own pathetic web site). The national and international news reported by the NYT, on the other hand, is widely available online from multiple sources, including the NYT’s own very good web site. Not subscribing to the daily Times is not in the least inconvenient. We subscribe to the Sunday edition purely for the special features: the book review, the magazine, etc. and, of the three, that’s the one we’d miss the least if we dropped it.

  • It isn’t a sudden outpouring of violence, it’s several decades in the making. Sorry, that doesn’t make it Islamist. But they cover their faces. That’s doesn’t make it Islamist either. Oh dear they found a “bomb making factory”. Doesn’t make it Islamist, especially since the “factory” turns out to be 100 empty bottles, a bunch of rags, and a big can of gas. It’s not like they are manufacturing TATP or something.

    By the way, the crackdown that will inevitably result won’t be fascism. It’ll be called fascism, but it won’t be.

  • kat

    {What we notice is that the bands of youths are, little by little, getting more organized,” arranging attacks through cell phone text messages and learning how to make gasoline bombs, Hamon said.
    Police also found a gasoline bomb-making factory in a derelict building in Evry south of Paris, with more than 100 bottles ready to turned into bombs, another 50 already prepared, as well as fuel stocks and hoods for hiding rioters’ faces, senior Justice Ministry official Jean-Marie Huet told The Associated Press. Police arrested six people, all under 18.} And these youths are muslims–young muslim terrorists, burning a crippled lady, attacking people with pick axes and bats, burning anbulances, etc. They are scum.

  • Eileen

    I’ll give you several centuries in the making, Undertoad. From an article titled, “Wake up, Europe, you’ve a war on your hands”

    Anyone else around here ever heard of TATP? I had to google it.

    >> The Asian Wall Street Journal
    >> Page 1
    >> (Copyright (c) 2002, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)
    >> LONDON — The bomb that terrorist suspect Richard Reid hid in his
    >> shoe, in what the FBI calls a foiled
    >> attempt to blow up a U.S.-bound American Airlines flight last month,
    >> suggests a knowledge of
    >> explosives that probably goes far beyond his abilities, European
    >> experts say. They say the device is
    >> reminiscent of one commonly used by Palestinian suicide bombers, but
    >> more sophisticated…

    >> Both Mr. Davies and the French investigator say the TATP in Mr. Reid’s
    >> shoe suggests a connection
    >> to Palestinian extremists, noting that Mr. Reid visited Israel in
    >> July. They add that their assessment
    >> doesn’t rule out Mr. Reid’s connection to al Qaeda, the terror network
    >> headed by Osama bin Laden,
    >> since some Palestinian extremists are closely allied with the
    >> organization.

    The scum are now shooting cops with buckshot from pistols and hunting rifles:

    To answer your question, Ravo, yes. Especially now.

  • kat

    And it’s not just France. MSM is trying to hide the fact that Denmark also has its intifada. Not so much as a whisper and just a passing remark this morning about the mayhem in France. Instead they move to bashing Bush and avoid these soci-alist nirvanas.
    {As Muslim riots spread across France, Denmark is also beginning to see its own Islamic Intifada. In Arhus, Denmark, young Muslims were heard chanting, “This land belongs to us!” } Sure, soon to be followed by sharia and muslimism.

  • DWH

    We get our pathetic little local newspaper delivered to us just to use it to start the fire in our woodburning stove.What is even funnier than the liberal reporters losing thier jobs,is the many college student communication majors that are going to be left in the lurch;and all the old professors that will not have a college course to teach anymore…gotta love it!

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