Late news is bad news

Well, the good news is that NBC is going to stream its nightly news online. The bad news is that they’re going to do it three and a half hours after the show airs in the east…. for the obvious reason that they don’t want to piss off west-coast affiliates. Still, can’t they all see the absurdity of this, on its face: Old news is not news, it’s just old. Why didn’t they give the affiliates all the right to show the news on their own sites? Why didn’t they all say that if they can get anyone under the age of 60 to watch their news anywhere anytime, they should thank their lucky news stars. This is why the future of news cannot come from the past of news: It is weighed down with deals and issues and precedents and contracts like Marley’s ghost.

  • Sikora

    Why do so many media decision makers have their feet stuck in last years mud? Is a paradigm shift beyond their comprehension? The news is NOW. As someone bumping against my sixth decade, I have no more use for 3 hour old reports than my genetically wired progeny who have a milliminute attention span. Did anyone at NBC notice that Google is selling 6.1 bil in ads this year? Have they heard of RSS? NBC and other news media can choose to be now or be history.

  • Jorge

    What difference does it make if news is old if it is misleading and or nonexistent. The network news has failed the citizens of our beloved country. If they are not on the side of truth and law then they are against us the American people.

    In the end how far does the Corporate Media plan to go? How will they defend their position when push comes to shove? One can only hope that the News Corporations will end their collusion with the unlawful administration of injustice.