Dell hell

I’d pretty much left behind the Dell Hell but, what the hell…

My son still has a Dell laptop (what kind of father am I?) and he had two hardware problems. Since we paid for the super-duper home service, the technician came to our house. But — surprise, surprise — Dell sent him with the wrong parts. He got on the phone to Dell — demanding to know whether he was talking to America, by the way — and got the runaround and they hung up on him twice. He’s their guy.

So I’m not alone.

: But wait: Dell is opening a new customer service center in Oklahoma.

  • Egads.

  • The sins of the father are visited upon the son.

  • Man, can I relate to the problems Mr. Jarvis has experienced! I too purchased a high-priced in-home service warranty from Dell. When my Dell 1150 Inspirion laptop went belly up six months after I purchased (the mother board failed) I called Dell to collect. The replacement part was sent to Qualiserve, the company contracted to provide in-home service in the Northeast, but Qualiserve refused to schedule an appointment for the repairs. Every day, I received a message saying that “no technician will be sent today.” However, Qualiserve representatives refused to tell me when a technician would be available, or to even schedule an appointment. I called Dell technical support in frustration but was either cut off or not called back with an update. After over a week of frustrated calls to Qualiserve and dell, a Qualiserve supervisor finally admitted that Qualiserve did not have a technician stationed in Vermont, the state in which I live. The replacement part was in Massachusetts, and the nearest technician was in New Hampshire. He had no one to send to fix the computer, and had no idea if or when it would ever get fixed. Why was I not told this immediately, I asked–no answer to this question. No answer for why Dell would sell me an in-home warranty they couldn’t fulfill, either.

    Dell has now agreed to fix the computer in its repair facility in Tennessee, providing the promised shipping container shows up at my home (they gave me a phone number to call just in case it doesn’t). The lack of communication has delayed the necessary repairs for weeks, and cost the company my good will as a customer. As a clincher, the Dell service rep who arranged to send the shipping materials asked me “if I had any suggestions on how Dell’s customer service and technical support could be improved.” My response was “How much time do you have?” I sure hope they send me a customer survey, so I can let them know exactly how I feel about their defective products, useless warranties, shoddy technical advice, and rude/indifferent customer support.

    I’m an academic, and I plan to use a teaching case on Dell in all my classes, along with the BusinessWeek article on this blog. It will be a terrific platform from which to trash this company for all its worth for the benefit of future generations. Get your act together, Dell.

  • Craig

    I have had 2 Dell Hell experiences.
    1. Several years ago I purchased a Dell PC via their website. Several months later I experienced some problems and called their customer dis-service number and gave them the serial numbers, purchase order numbers etc. They refused to help me because they could not find those numbers in their system. Nice.
    2. My mother purchased a Dell a year ago and recently experienced some problems. Despite having the extra “home service” package where a technician goes to her home, Dell refuse to do that. Instead, a rep from India tried to walk my 68 year old mother through a number of highly technical fixes. When that didnt work, they sent her a new part that they requested she install. Nice.

    The long and short is that Dell has good PC’s but rotten customer service. The service you get is from someone in India who speaks limited English and is incentivized to end the call ASAP.

  • Mike G

    The long and short is that Dell has good PC’s but rotten customer service.

    You had problems with two different machines and still say they have good PCs?

    I haven’t had a service problem with a Mac for three computers in a row.

  • BR

    I started at dell in 91. It was a fun, dynamic place. I worked in Corporate Tech supoport and we went above and beyond on a daily basis. The attitude was customer first. This attitude was also shared by the consumer techs. Dell was first place in the JD Powers surveys for many years, justly so. That started changing around 95-96. Give as little as possible is now the philosophy. Long story short Dell now doesnt give a damn about you as a customer.

    I left hell/dell because employees were being treated like cattle and quality was ignored. Peter principal managers were filling up the middle ground. Michael had his money and didnt care. The last straw was when the big layoffs came. Many friends at dell who were there since 89 were layed off with the minimum package. These were the people who built dell. Michael could have doubled the packages every layed off person using 1/2 of 1% of his personel fortune, the greedy bastard couldnt be bothered. I laugh at the upstanding image he has created for himself knowing what went on at his parties in the early 90’s.

    Support your local computer store and dont buy dell.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  • former dell tech

    BJ Nelson:

    The company name is QualxServ and I was laid off from them in February. Apparently, the ONE Vermont Tech was also laid off. As for New Hampshire being the closest Tech, that’s not true There are at least 5 technicians in the Albany, New York area who are more than capable of performing work in Vermont. When I called Tech Support, I never got India, but the US reps were only a little more helpful.

    And BR: what do you do about buying a laptop? Buying local?

  • Jim S

    Yeah, it’s fun. I’m stuck with Dell since my boss really likes them. I don’t know if I’ll buy from them again, though. My Inspiron 2650 can’t be repaired. I can’t speak to someone in the U.S. to confirm this but it appears that there is no replacement part for the DVD-ROM drive and it’s slowly dying. They actually told me they had the part. Then it got delayed. Then it was delayed again. I called and called and finally was told that the part they’d promised me really wasn’t the right one after all.

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  • Steve M

    I bought a Dell computer (I use that term VERY loosly) in February 2004. By the end of May 2005, the motherboard, processor, power supply, and hard drive was completely fried. I was stuck trying to talk with these hooligans from outside the country. Nobody could speak decent English!

    I would up writing a letter to Dell. I actually recieved a call from someone’s secretary. There was no “we can make you a deal” or “would you like a free Dell?” Instead, all I got was a “sorry, we will tell the delevopers about your problem.”

    My problem: 250W Power Supply.
    My new (custom built computer): 550W Power Supply.

    I am just glad I found this place to vent about how bad Dell is.

  • Beebels

    Another issue, but I have to report it:

    So I need to exchange a laptop I just got. The slip inside the box says that in order to return an item one simply has to visit a web page and make arrangements via chat. The web page says that arrangements for returns must be made by calling the returns phone number, option 4. The returns number takes you through a bunch of loops before a non-native-English-speaker tries to make sense of what you need, tells you she’ll have to redirect your call to the returns department, puts you on hold, then picks up again to redirect the call. The hold recording says to visit the website for quicker “chat” service involving matters including returns. Going specifically to the chat section and clicking the returns option brings up a pop-up that says that returns are handled via the returns phone line, option 4.

    Do you think they hired some dystopian thinker to devise a sadistic bureaucratic process in order to discourage people from seeking help?

  • Most comments I find on the internet regarding Dell are just customer-side poor customer service/support stories.

    Also I generally find the same pattern on those stories “customer gets in trouble because of faulty “cheap” dell computer/component, Dell don’t pick up the phone or doesn’t anything to solve the problem, Dell is bad, Dell rhymes with Hell, blahblahblah”. To all those guys that keep complaining about everything and say “Dell sold me a computer that needed a 450W power supply to work properly with a 250W power supply instead”; I advice you “check everything before you buy, be a smart guy and check different brands, use the internet and browse different forums or websites with benchmarks or current users opinions about the product that you intend to buy… don’t be the standard ignorant fellow that goes just for the cheapest price. Check quality first, price later. Dell is trying to sell more computers than other manufacturers and you get the 2400 on u$s599 not by coincidence, it’s because you are buying a piece of crap.”

    Every story has 2 sides, and I know most of the details on the fatcorporation-side (not really Dell, just the poor customer care agent or sales agent that had to put up with another utterly stupid situation that has to do with a cheap ignorant). Believe me, I had discussions with Joe IknowmorethanyoubecauseIspeakenglish type of customers longer than 40 minutes about “how he can get the printer without an usb printer cable because he doesn’t need to plug it to the computer to make it work” or worst.

  • tagged

    I have had no “hardware” problems. I just can’t seem to get anyone who can speak and understand English. I ordered a laptop last December, and with it came a printer. I have yet to receive a printer, and I have given up on trying to explain this to the customer “service” reps I have encountered. Hmmm, is this actually a cost saving strategy on Dell’s part?

  • Former Dell Manager

    We tried to make a good product, but everyone who was caught innovating was fired.

  • Customer support is a dead end as one dell support supervisor accidentally admitted.

  • Dan Kennedy

    Try this! I get 2 to 6 calls a day on my cell phone from India for the past 5 weeks from Dell trying to collect from someone that did my taxes 3 years ago and I haven’t spoken to since then. I get these calls overseas and in the US day and night. I’ve spoke to Dell customer service, called the number on the caller ID (800-443-1638) and begged them Sean and an Indian Guy named Bob Smith and less than 5 minutes later they call again. The more I call them the more they call. They hang up on me when they call me now.

    Anybody have a solution? I’d love to sue these people. It’s costing me a lot of time and sleep to have them call.


  • Don

    Ok I was one of those boneheads who used to tell everyone to “buy Dell”.

    This blog has made me do a little research to see if infact I still should be telling everyone so. One of the main reasons why I used to promote Dell was because I always believed that they used non-proprietary parts. Almost all the the computers I”ve bought from them has lasted many many years (some 10 years) through parts changes and such.

    I’ve noticed small changes from time to time in thier design but I never actually expierienced the “horrer stories” that this article now sheds light upon. I sure wish I found this sooner.

    While they still in my opinion build a very good long lasting computer and give good service. The information that the article provides makes me say. I will promote Dell no longer, as far as I’m concerned they are the new Compaq computer of the industry and they too can go to hell.

    I still may go to them for laptops, but as far as the desktop arena goes, its self-built for me now, fuck Compaq, Fuck Dell, Fuck HP, It seems you can’t trust companies anymore.

  • Tom

    I purchased My ” custom built” Dell PC about a year ago along with the extended hardware warranty. Two days ago our local phone company came out to set us up with fiber optic lines.The installer said my ethernet card was bad. We called Dell support at 2:00 PM the same day. To make this easy, the following outlines our journey into “Dell Hell” :
    2:00PM -4:00PM
    Trying to explain problem to someone in India. Spent half time on hold, other half repeating myself or asking what they said.
    Asked several times for an English speaking tech or a supervisor. Not happening.
    4:30PM-11:30PM Continuous call! ( Every person I spoke to was India)
    4:30-5:15 On HOLD for support
    5:15 They said it was a Software Problem, $39.00 for support. OK
    5:30 -6:15 On HOLD
    6:15 Software support fee has gone up!!! $105.98 now. OK Charge it.
    6:20-7:30 Trying to explain problem. LANGUAGE barrier!
    7:30 I’m about to bash my phone against the desk. My girlfriend sits in to releive me. She may understand what they are saying.
    8:10PM Ahhhh Haaaa! NIC card. Must be hardware problem. (That’s what I said 6 HOURS ago. I thought English was the universal language.)
    8:30-10:30 ON HOLD, this time for Hdw. support.
    10:30 Hdw says it’s software. My girlfriend wants to hit the desk with phone, repeatedly, but she somehow convinces them it IS the NIC card.
    10:45-11:00PM on hold to get order # to call BACK to set appt. for home tech.
    11:00 She gets order # and asks to speak to supervisor.
    11:30 Yet another person, who we can’t understand says they’ll transfer us. YES, at last we can voice our concerns over a 7 HOUR customer SUPPORT call. CLICK! Dial Tone.
    Guess we were really desperate to get our $ worth of Customer Support.

    NEXT night @ 10:30PM we get a call from India. Gives us a # to CALL so we can set up an ORDER to have someone call us BACK to set APPT. for service. Like good customers, we called right away. NO hold time! Someone will call us before 10AM the NEXT day to set appt. time!

    Day 3- I called the appt. setting # @10:15AM. They don’t have the PARTS!!!!! They will call TOMORROW @10AM to set appt time, if parts are in!

    TO be continued……….Maybe

  • Lauren Kay

    I, too, entered Dell Hell today. Five hours and seven technician’s later, I still have a computer sitting on the floor, guts exposed and an audio issue that has yet to be addressed.

    I am told I’ll have to wait 5 days for a technician.

    What I want to know is, WHAT CAN WE DISGRUNTLED DELL USERS DO ABOUT THIS OUTRAGE. Their customer support system is an absolute joke!!!!!

    Any ideas.

    Bad publicity can be helpful, and at least somewhat gratifying to we Davids up against the corporate Goliath. Any ideas????? I can’t do websites, but I’m good at publicity.


    In Re: to BR..Sept blog..
    This person exactlyadvised correctly in the last line…buy from your local computer guys. I’m a mere southern gal w/ Dell (my 1st puter ever). I found out soon when calln the 800 dell tech # I was up spit creek after I’d tell the aliens “already done that & that&that&that”.So this week the dell crashed, referred me to ANOTHER 800 # -an SP specialist-HA !!! woe is me I thot, tried to make me buy soft ware & it still under warranty.No I didnt,I asked for an English speaking SC helper,no answer,kingdly said goodbye to me at 4 a.m…so I looked up my local computer guy,called & took it in next day.They called Dell,was a bios issue whatever the hell this is–the Einsteins at Dell didnt know,so my local guy went into the white papers-& fixed it-$65..& a lady brought in the same indentical machine as mine after me-same problem..Problem is as I read-cheap cheap cheap. I told Dell I would file with FTC for their false advertising,haven’t heard from them in a day or 2 & sure they care less..BUt do buy from your local guys-they can speak & help–and even repair the Dell Hell PC..after all ,if I was working for $2.00 an hour I too would pull out my lunch box while answering service calls from the USA and eat my boiled rats & toasted roaches…third countryhelp—not good enough for me & never will be.

  • Jim K

    In 1994 I worked for a company that purchased 24 Dell laptops which I and three others shipped around the country in order to conduct software training at various locations. Any time I had a problem with any one of them, Dell was super with their support. When a technician was required, they usually had one there within 24 hours.

    Now in 2005, I had a new (less than three week old) Latitude lap top with a fried mother board. The really big obstical to me seemed that I am working on a three month project in Jamaica. Dell told our IT people that they would have someone out in 3 to 5 days and it would be taken care of. The 3 – 5 days turned out to be over 5 weeks when I returned to the US for a short stay.

    I was looking for a new laptop, (for my personal use) but Dell can write off another potential customer.

  • I have had nothing but a positive experience with my dell. My first problem occured about 2 months after I bought my laptop. My battery didn’t work. I called Dell up, then got a new one to me two days later, I sent them the bad one back in their pre-paid shipping package, no charge at all to me.

    Now the second problem my laptop has had is that the battery would not stay in place. This happened about 3 weeks ago. Again, I called up Dell, they had a battery latch sent out, a tech guy came, but realized it was the wrong piece. So I posted a picture of the battery slot on my site, called tech support again, and showed them this. They got the right part this time, sent a guy over the next day who fixed the problem, free of charge.

    So as far as customer support goes, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

    But as for Dell having “Bad computers,” computer fail, deal with it. They are machines which need just about every single damn piece of hardware to work. They fail now and they will fail in the future, no matter what company you buy them from. Get over it.

  • Danielle M

    I work at Dell now and work in a department where I continously make outbound calls. 1) to all FORMER employees, why would you believe an employee that was fired or quit. 2) As big as a company as Dell is, do you really thing that everything think all of you are mentioning is not listed in the paperwork. They will not risk being sued, they are way to smart for that.3) Only 5 percent of all Dell customers ever have to call in to our company for a problem FACT! 4) Yes some jobs are outsourced overseas, but only consumer customers reach overseas reps. If you buy with a small business or EPP, you wont have that problem. 5) Our outsourced reps (in idia or panama or whatever) are smarted than 99 percent of american call center employees. and no they do not read a script, they could probably build your computer from scratch. 6)and finally YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR if you buy a computer for $299 it will last 1/8 as long as a comp for $1000 with is what you’d be paying at HP. I hear customers complaing all day long, trying to get around the system or get credits so they can have a free comp, hell im tempted to hang up on them too, but instead of following the hype, research what you buy and even the best computers break down. P.S. You won’t get anything from us being assholes. Remember, we are still people and we have emotions too.

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  • Mikey D

    I own a computer sales/repair biz. I have had many occasion to call Dell and have had good and bad service but the ratio between good and bad is leaning way more toward the bad than the good. I have rarely spoken to anyone here in the US when requesting replacement parts under warranty. We have had everything happen over the course of time from wrong parts being sent, to no parts being sent at all. We’ve been hung up on countless times (their solution when things aren’t simple) and although they request a phone number to call you back in case you get disconnected they have never once actually called back. I have had many customers bring their Dell’s to us in frustration for us to repair because they couldn’t get anywhere talking to Dell’s “wonderful” support. I stumbled upon this website searching for a component Dell refuses to sell seperate from an entire $500 system board. The system board works fine, but the DC jack has broken and is located on a seperate circuit board that is attached to the system board via 2 small screws – but not available as a seperate item from Dell. Doesn’t make much sense to buy an entire system board to get the little I/O board which doesn’t require removing the system board from the base to replace. So you get the little I/O board plus a system board that you don’t need for $500. I have had positive experiences but most of the time the requests where simple.

  • Niks

    I bad experiences with costumers support. Firstly, by rule, one always lands in a wrong department. I was transferred to and fro between 2 departments 4 times. And not to mentions the call waits seems to go on for eternity. Finally when i am speaking to someone, she tells me that it is not possible to do what ever i was asking for. Whereas just two days back a customer support guy had instructed me to do it. I told her this but she wont listen. And while to talking the phone gets disconnected and i listen some music and the call gets trasnferred where i give my service tag and other details for 4th time just to know that he is transferrring me again. Fed up of all this, i tried Dell Chat. It connected me to a guy in India who told me how to do whatever i wanted to do. I still dont understand why that lady told me that i cannot do it. And it was easy to get connected to chat and response was immediate. Finally, i was able to resolve my problem with Dell chat. i dont konw why cant they answer me on phone. Same thing had happened when i had called earlier for another problem.

  • John Smith
  • Melinda

    The fan failed on my Dell Dimension Desktop and after 2 hours on the phone trying to reach a live person, a tech scheduled the part to be sent. It was sent almost immediately, but the tech didn’t send any paperwork or instructions as he said: ‘ I was a woman and could just figure it out for myself’. Repeated calls to Dell technical service lines were met with: our phones aren’t working or the computers are down. This has gone on for five days now. UPS has come and gone and I’m stuck with defective parts and no paperwork to return the parts.

    Will I ever buy another Dell… NEVER!

  • Former Dell Customer

    I purchased a Dell online about 3 years ago. No problems. Then I attempted to order a second last week, for my eleven year old whos dad just died. She saved up 400.00 to buy it and I wanted to surprise her and pitch in the rest.
    Everything was going fine until I needed to ask a question and called the sales dept. The sales person answered my question and then asked if I would like her to finish placing my order for me. I did not see the harm until it ended up taking over an hour. She apologized and I thought we were through.
    Well two days after it was to be shipped and I never received conformation, I went online to check the status and the order had been cancelled. I called relentlessly until another sales person said that the person who had placed the order did not complete the process and it had been cancelled. To make matters worse, the promo. that I had purchased was not available anymore. She proceeded to sell me another that she said was a newer model with the same upgrades that I had on the first. Of course it would cost me another 100.00 or so. I was very upset but said go ahead. Then I went online to be sure it was the same and of course it was not anything close!
    I called again six more times trying to reach a manager only to be hung up on and re-routed over and over. Finally I spoke with a young girl who worked very hard to fix the whole mess. She gave me the newer computer with all the upgrades for almost the same price and apologized over and over and I though it was taken care of, only to wake up and find out they had cancelled it again!
    I have spent a total of 6+ hours on the phone with Dell this week. They can go screw because I will NEVER EVER order from those inept fools again! I am on my way to Comp USA to get an HP.
    My conclusion; if you buy from Dell do not speak with anyone! Buy online and hope you never have to speak with customer service because it is a nighmare!

  • Paul L.

    Dell HELL…and I don’t even OWN one!!

    …how’s that for reaching out and screwing with people’s lives?

    I get a phone call from Dell Financial services, asking if I’m Paul L. “yes”, I tell them. “Do you live on blah blah street in San Antonio?”

    “Um, no, I don’t.”

    “Oh. Are your last four numbers social security numbers 1234?”

    “No, they are not. What is this in regard to?”

    “Well, we’re looking for Paul L., who owes money to Dell.”

    “Ok, good luck in your hunt, but you’ve struck out, because I’m not the guy. Have a good day.”

    Well, this scenario has been repeated about SIX TIMES now.
    Each time I painstakingly explain I’m still not the person they’re looking for, and why does Dell keep calling this number when it’s already known, and apparently noted, it is not the person on the account.

    I’ve asked for supervisors and their supervisors, and gotten assurances that it would indeed be noted and eventually removed. Riiiight.

    I’ve now apparently entered the next phase of Dell HELL: the automated call-back from 800-443-1638 that keeps hanging up as soon as I say ‘hello’.

    …and all THIS from someone who has NEVER purchased a Dell, and sure as hell won’t in the future!!

  • I’m on day 10 for my next-day, on-site service. On day 2 the tech came out with the India-shipped part, and the notebook still didn’t work. He called Dell India and they hung up on him. Since then I have called, been hung up on, been given case numbers, been given a new dispatch number, and have talked to supervisors. No one has come back. The local tech called yesterday to say he found out the latest parts were shipped to Massachusetts… I’m in San Francisco. Gory details at Anyone with any ideas?

    I am curious why there aren’t/haven’t been class action law suits.

  • EviL ONE

    People get what they typically pay for.Ignorant consumers always spending a quarter to save a nickle…tisk tisk.I’ve recently purchased my 3rd DeLL XPS system,I currently have and own a 1st Generation XPS,a 3rd Generation XPS,and now my Awesome XPS 600,all of which have been trouble free and are used daily with never a problem…ever!No Dell/HeLL here people.I didn’t scrimp on a a cheap disposable $500 computer like most ignorant consumers and expect it to do everything a REAL Machine will do.I have dealt with DeLL support on many occasions but,it was because of my stupidity screwing something up, with these high quality computers.And I get step by step help in fixing the problems and always get it right because the India support people are experts compared to the masses of wanna be IT heads here.Since I’ve been purchasing DeLL’s PREMIUM Computers,I get instant over the phone SPECIAL service,never a wait over five minutes,they patiently sit there even through a complete system reformat with me making sure the problem is corrected.Never ever in the past several years have I had a piece of hardware go bad in my monster DeLL XPS machines……hmmmm…must be because I gets whats I pays fors?Before DeLL,I was only buying HP’s,but HP doesn’t make a decent gaming machine anymore,and I will never go back to HP simply because of that.My XPS’s smoke even higher priced computers,and everyone still shoots DeLL owners down.I believe people have issues with DeLL,and other companies computers and support/warranty’s/service.Thats the way this world has evolved.Nothing last’s forever even with maintenance and proper servicing,it’s technology handicaped anyways in a few years.Do yourself’s a favor and pay for the higher end machines so you can be as happy happy happy as me and all the other DeLL XPS owners.I do not work for DeLL!DeLL just happens to work for me!Karma is getting what you give.Best regard’s,Another satisfied multiple Dell computer owner!P.S. people,dial-up connection speeds are also for the computer savy challenged,please get with the program and sign up for a broadband connection.You are dragging the rest of the world and our future for progress down.Speed doesn’t Kill in this case!Go!Go!Go!

    • Dissastified_Customer

      I too purchased a top of the line XPS system as you claim to have done. Only, mine has been plagued with problems from day one. The BSOD everytime I shut down the computer occurred for the first 4 months with tech support having no clue how to fix it. The motherboard has now failed with no service date in sight even though I purchased the Next Business Day warranty and Complete Care. Just be happy that you have a working system.

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    – Most of the technicians in Dell are for hardware related issues, software even do they may or may no know is not handled by them
    – Onsite service it’s for parts replacement, NOT for handle you software issues (Windows, Office,outlook… ). Strongly suggested to help the techs (Dell, HP, IBM) to get an accurate response
    – India tech’s? so what?… they have the skills and knowledge, language barriers exist even in the same country, example SPANISH in spain, there are like 10 variations, same thing happens with the english, ohhh by the way ENGLISH is not the universal language.
    – Do your data backups, if your harddrive crash … it crash Major manufacturer will send you a replacement at that it!.
    – Phone technicians are not god and do not have any crystal ball, if you not explain properly, they may take actions on the information you provided.
    – If you have a problem with Windows, office, outlook and you call MICROSOFT, you get charge for, why someone expect a company that does not manufacturer those software will provide the same assistance for free?
    – Also keeps compaining about home service, hmmm how do you expect to have a part send out for tomorrow after you call in at 6:00PM, get DHL to pick up those parts and overnight them, then you still want a technician WITH the parts in the morning?.

  • P.J.R

    I owned a Dell about 10 years ago– had tons of troubleI also had in home service but they refused to come out- 2 mother boards-2 hardrives- a new chipset-they finally declared it a Lemon and sent me new parts to install- when I asked where the tech was they said sorry but you can do this yourself.I then bought a Gateway and NO trouble–6 years and no service plan later the video card went bad-I went to the store(no longer stores either)and they gave me a new one for half the cost of the big box places-Also walked me through the install even though they did not have to. I am still running this computer(Win 98)7 years later.My son just purchased a new computer for me- big gift-sweet guy- guess what a DELL-hhhhhhhaaaaa.They have canceled the order twice-no reason was given-they now have 2 computers they are building for us and we can not get them to void the one- They ordered software that I did not order and when you call to talk to them it is like talking to a wall- all from Bopal India and get this using American friendly names-my last phone gal was named Trixie..When I asked to talk to someone in the US they said there was no one.The above person said if you order through an EPP you get all English/Americans–well sorry sweetie butI beg to differ-my son did order through the EPP and we have spoken to all of India it seems….Hey if you have that US # for support how about posting it.VERY unhappy might be customer– who knows if it will ever show up.

  • R.W.

    This is a blog from me. A former employee for Spherion @ Dell. Anyone wanitng to know the real story with Dell need go no further than talking to me. I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with Dell. Like most Corporations, its all about the numbers. And They will do whatever possible to get the numbers they want. Anything except what’s best for the customer. I worked in the Nashville call center as a Dell On Call Satisfaction Garauntee Technicial Support representative. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good at my job. So good in fact that a major supplier for many of the TV Shopping Networks went as far as to say in an email to my manager that he would like someone to like me to be the face of his company. Why do I no longer work at Dell? Its for the same reason why Dell’s Customer satisfaction rating is at an all time low. It was because I didn’t “Fit in” with Dell. After working at Dell off and on for over a year, I got fired for failing to make a callback. I had made 149 of the one 150 or so callbacks that were scheduled during my shift in the month of April. But because I missed the one(That I happened to miss because I was in the middle of handling two others at that time), I got canned. Not only that, I got passed over for Full employment by Dell. Why? Because my Dell manager was more interested in hiring people that had their nose up her ass rather than people who like me were 99.7% effective on the phone like myself. The accomodation from the reseller was just one of four accomodations I received from satisfied customers, more than anyone else on my team. And despite the fact that there was an auditor(Who wasn’t even technically trained enough to do the job that Dell had her doing) trying to knock me down by means of bogus auditor scores, including comments like “You are unprofessional because you admitted to customers that Dell didn’t have enough employees to handle the call volume that we were experiencing.” I still wound up #2 in the overall team rankings. I was the best Technical representive in my department and had the most resolved support issues to prove it. But it didn’t mateter, They hired who they wanted to hire, and because I did my job and didn’t kiss ass along with it, I was fired. But its ok. I had opted to quit the job before I was fired, because I was tired of the bullshit.

    Not only that, but people in the rest of Dell on Call were equally dissatisfied. Those techs were losing their jobs, promotions, raises, and chances to move to different departments because of the way they were being measured. Even if the Dell on Call Technician did a good job fixing the customer’s problem(s), If that customer was pissed off about anything, even something that happened in a different department They got punished for it. In other words, at hardware tech in India not doing his or her job, could get one of the Software Support guys(aka Dell On Call) fired because they pissed the customer off so bad that he or she would not be satisfied no matter what. So in effect Dell On Call had to bear the burden of ALL of Dell’s Shortcomings, even if 98% of it was beyond their control to prevent.

    I believe that Dell’s going down. And unless Micheal Dell and Kevin Rollins cleans house and get rid of idiot managers that don’t care about anything but getting their asses kissed and quit telling their people things like “We have to make the customers care about them, even though we really don’t, because its only the money in their pocket, and that we keep getting it is all that matters”. Dell doesn’t care about you as customers. Just about U as potential paychecks to line they’re pockets like the oil industry does. Hell they’re both from Texas anyway.

    Dell used to be a reputable company, but now because money is their main objective, They have no room in their heart for anything else. feel free to email me if you’re a newscaster looking for a story.

  • Ed

    My laptop gave me a death screen 5 days after the warranty expired. (Inspiron 1150). I called Dells technical department (I navigated their system relatively easily and was connected to a living person inside of 5 minutes! This person’s accent indicated that she was based India. Then another surprise. She was actually very good technically and was professionally courteous!! Inside of 15 minutes she diagnosed the problem as a well-done motherboard. Can I have it fixed? No, because you see I had it for 1 year and 5 days don’t you know. Well can you replace the motherboard. Of course. Estimate please!!……. $700. Thanks!!!! That way I can have a 1-year old laptop for the same price as a brand new one.

    This call was followed by a customer satisfaction survey a day later. The tech rep got high marks. As far as my overall impression of Dell, real low. I made it clear that I would rather use an abacus than buy another Dell. I gave as an example of ‘decent’ that I had a Neon which blew a head gasket 3500 miles past the warranty and even Dodge cut me a break cutting the cost in half for labor and parts.

    (I confess that I haven’t bought another Dodge either though.)

  • Joe

    I bought a Dell on 3/27/05 and on 7/11/06 it crashed. After talking with a “Bill”, a “David” and a”Joe” all in the Phillipines, it was concluded that I had to reformat. One of them checked to see what cd’s had come with the computer and I was missing the one that had the drives. I was told they would send one and gave me a tracking number for DHL.

    Waited 2 days, called DHL and found out that the tracking number was incorrect. Called the filipinos back, then I was told that although my computer was still under warranty, it was now obsolete and they would not be sending the missing cd. They instead provided me with a website to go download the drives. Went to a friend’s home, went to the page provided and it was the wrong location. Called the filipinos back, got another webpage, opened it up as per their instructions and downloaded all the drives that were listed in that site for my services tag #. Put the cd in the computer and immediately got an error message, “not the correct OS”.

    (At this point I was ready to go to the Phillipenes and find these three guys)

    Called them back got the numbers for the drivers and tried it again.

    Now the reinstalation cd goes to the point in which I have to insert the serial number to be able to continue. Searched all the materials that came in the box and there was no serial number. Called them back explained the problem. They said they did not have that kind of information and could not help. I inquired if I could take the computer back to them and they fix the problem, well no that was not an option. They indicated I then had to buy another instalation cd, which I did for $342.00, (needless to say I was fuming).

    Once I got the computer back up I realized that many of the softwares that were in the original machine were now missing, so I called the filipinos back and again they could not help. I told them to tell their supervisor that I would make it my life career in downseizing Dell and that my next computer would not be a Dell.

    I figured that none of this interaction would go anywhwere, so I wrote the President of Dell with the same information and with the same ending.

    Yesterday I got a call from someone in Dell about my letter and wanted to know what was my problem. I most say that I was less than nice, I asked the idiot if he had read my letter, because in it I defined clearly what my issues were, to which he said no he had not.

    End of a very heated exchange, he would send the cd with the drivers and apologized for the poor service.

    I have a suggestion for the readers and writers in this blog. Let’s down seize Dell. We can each convinve 5 other people to not buy Dell and they in turn do the same. I believe that one dissatisfied customer can get the attention of a Dell.

  • matt

    If you think Dell are bad, try a Mesh Computer.. HaHaHa. No actually don`t they`ve got poor service and don`t work right also. These companies take the biscuit.

  • ann

    dell sucks ass. 5 hrs of phone hell to talk to some witch in manilla. cluelss as the tech guy they sent out to replace the keyboard who used no shit a screwdriver to pry off the top and damaged the whole laptop. the monkey in the us was as dumb as the bitch overseas. buy a mac.

  • ann

    ps did I say dell sucks? after all the bullshit I dumped 1000 shares of dell and bought elsewhere. bunch of dumb assed monkeys

  • mark

    I too got a call from the same number. The Dell customer service agent was demanding that I pay my bill over the phone to avoid the late fee. I told him that I would just pay on-line because I didn’t like giving my personal information on the phone. When I said that he started reciting my social security number and my driver’s license number and he told me “I could also tell you your Dell account number if I wanted to.” Later on he said, “if you give me your routing number and bank account number I can process your payment over the phone right now and you don’t have to worry about your information because we don’t keep records of it.” What kind of BS is that?

  • Karsten Chu

    I’m an XPS owner. Maybe it’s because of all the money I shelled out for my laptop…but the service I’ve received over the last two years has been golden. Not once did I speak to someone from the Indian subcontinent. Always with an American who resolved my issue in under half an hour. All my replacement parts came in on the next business day with a tech if necessary. Not one single problem with support. So I’d just like to say that the XPS desktop replacements are worth it as they have a completely different support line that is very very on the ball.

  • jon

    I work part time for qualxserv. They are very stingy and expect very much for not a lot. They require part time, per call techs to attend “mandatory” conference calls without getting paid. They supply no benefits, mileage reimbursment. office, or phone. This is just a part time gig and they make it worth my while if they keep me in one small territory. Please complain about Qualxserv to dell so that another company can step in and maybe treat their “employees” better. Dell is cheap and they get what they pay for.

  • James

    Well, I had a laptop from dell that was having some issues. I traced it back to a faulty ram stick, called up dell, and I told them what the problem was. But the technician told me I was wrong, and that the mainboard needed to be replaced. I explained to him exactly what I had done and that I was correct and he needed to go back to school, but he was firm in his belief. I recieved the mainboard, swapped it out with my old one, and unsuprisingly i had the same error code and same problems as before. I called dell again, and told them I needed a new stick of ram, they refused and sent me a list of tests i needed to preform (which i had done before i called them the first time, then again after speaking to them) I found a stick of ram for sale at $10. Bought it. Stuck it in. Voila, computer works.

    Thanks dell.

  • I certainly live in Dell Hell. I have ran into people I’ve talked to for Dell representives that did have a language barrier. But as I was going to say, I bought the Dell XPS 600 and added extra things to it. The total cost of this machine was close to $4,000. Nothing cheap about it. I had a problem with it after the first year and the support personel said it was probably a hard drive failure. We redid a install and the computer was fine. I renewed my warranty at that time.

    Now after my warranty has expired by one month which I am reading happens alot to other customers. I took my computer to three different shops to have it tested. These companies could not do a full diagonostics because of the Dell proprietary connections. I was given two suggestions of the problem. Might I mention the first problem was fan was louder than normal, steady amber light, and diagnostic light #4. I was told it is either the motherboard or the power supply.

    So I ordered a motherboard from Dell at the cost of nearly $300 dollars and replaced that with the help of the Dell support. The computer worked for five days and then on boot shut down and wouldn’t not come on again. I ordered a power supply from Dell again about $296 dollars and have put it in last night. I am back to my original issue. Nearly $600 and I still have a loud fan, steady amber light, and diagnostic light #4. Not to mention I had recently purchased two Nvidia graphics card for SLI (still in the package), and two more gig’s of memory for a total of 4Gigs. Roughly around $450 bucks.

    So…The computer still has the issues as before…I’m in about $1K now. I don’t know what else to do. I am a independent (older) online university student with limited resources. I am living in Dell Hell.

  • I agree, what kind of father are you! Get him a Macbook Pro ;-)

  • Dr. Lewis C Shigley

    Last week my computer suffered a fatal invasion by an apparent virus. I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and reinstall my operating system knowing full well that everything would be erased. I knew I had to rely on the backup discs I had made for my pertinent information.

    Unfortunately the reinstallation disc and procedure wouldn’t work for me so I called Dell’s technical service which is located in India.

    After patching me through to three ‘service technicians’ I reached one who said for $129 they’d talk me through my hard drive cleansing. They took my Citibank credit card number and transferred me to a fourth Indian ‘technician.’

    After 25 minutes he said he’d have to check his manuals in order to determine the best way to resolve my problem and would call me back in 30 minutes.

    I never heard back from him.

    I then called a local computer technician who took my computer, made the necessary expunging and reloaded software returning it to me for a cost of $315.

    I believed that Dell would never have charged me due to the fact that I had not received the service for which they charged me. In checking my Citibank account online I saw that they had indeed charged me.

    I immediately contacted them by email and they said that once the charge was made it couldn’t be reversed. Each response (there have been at least eight) was signed by an Indian Dell employee and they continued to espouse the same bogus reasoning: ‘the service had been given.’ I repeatedly said that it hadn’t.

    I wrote a letter to the corporate Customer Service Manager in Texas, but haven’t heard back. I have contested the charge with Citibank, but this has become a larger issue with me of principal.

    Dell sells you a computer, then turns your service over to a remote office in Delhi or Bangalore to people you have difficulting understanding. Putting it in writing such as I have done gives a record of the single-minded obfuscation one encounters. It is absolutely frustrating!

  • I bought a Dell Studio Hybrid last Christmas and have had trouble too with Teck Support. Need a new soft touch switch for DVD drive. They want to sell me an extended warranty instead. The original isn’t working, why would I buy an extended. This began in July. Now they seem to have trouble finding a part for this machine which is no longer made. And like the above, my frustration runneth over! Same problems, one tech sends me to another and another; each time the language problem gets worse. Always the promise to call you back with solution; never a call back. Polite, friendly, but useless!

  • Geoff

    Looks as if were going into 2010 with Dell still giving us Hell, Jeff!
    Got my Laptop back from repair, new hard drive with less volume!
    32 bit O.S. instead of 64.
    Maybe there’s an issue with my original set-up (that Dell sold me, I ain’t added amything, cept Windows 7 (hmm)).
    Obviously I wanted to reinstill either vista or Windows 7 64 bit (as originally sold). So I needed to contact them to see if this would be safe or would it trigger the same problem again, and if the latter, money back please!!!
    How convenient for them that my phone company didn’t recognise any of the Dell numbers I rang today.
    Hey Presto, ching-ching! ;-)