Hand candy

My son used his hard-earned money to buy a new iPod Nano and I’m jealous. It’s a beautiful little thing you can’t help picking up.

  • d lewis

    …and make sure he saves enough money for that new set of ear drums he going to need after blowing out his originals…

  • Lorraine

    I recently purchase a Dell Laptop XPS140 from QVC. I have owned it approximatley 7 months. The keyboard was getting so hot that I could not type on it. I called India and they said that they would ship me out a brand new one just like the one that I had ordered and that they would configure it just like the one that I own. Well, they did ship me out another Laptop, but it is refurbish and has been abused. The parts are second hand. I pay for a brand new computer and I get a second hand one. I will never buy a Dell again. Dealing with India, is an excerise in flustration. I get so much run around. I have a warrenty thru QVC up til 2009. QVC will not do anythign about the problem.

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