Citizens’ media is citizens’ business

Damn, I’m impressed: Terry Heaton just sent an email to Nashville bloggers inviting them to join a local bloggers’ ad network run with Young’s WKRN-TV, already a leader in blogging and citizens’ media, and the coincidentally named Jarvis Coffin of Burst! Media. I’ve long said that big media’s relationship with bloggers — especially local bloggers — should encompass content and promotion … and money! When we say we want to support citizens’ media, we should mean it. Terry and company do. WKRN’S email said:

As you know, WKRN-TV has been pioneering efforts to highlight your work and to help the local blogging community….

We’ve entered into an agreement with Burst! Media, one of the top providers of Internet advertising, to create an ad network here in the Nashville area that will include each of you, if you choose to participate….

In addition to the national ads that his company will provide, WKRN is also going to provide local advertising to the network via Burst! Ad rates from local advertisers are often much higher than national ads, so you will earn more money as the local thrust of the partnership grows. In fact, if YOU sell an ad, you will also be able to serve it to the entire network….

The advertising community has been slow to move into the blogging universe for a lot of reasons, and Burst! is affording an opportunity not available anywhere.

Think I should move to Nashville.