Who wants to own distribution?

The Times-Picayune and Nola.com — former colleagues, all — have been doing a spectacular job using the web to get their news out because they no longer had presses and trucks and newsstands… and a city. This morning on On the Media, I listened to a good interview with T-P Editor Jim Amos, who said that blogging was absolutely essential to delivering the news. Rex Hammock says they deserve a Pulitzer for their breaking news blog.

I agree. The Pulitzer committee would do journalism well to separate the content from the container, the medium from the message, and recognize good journalism wherever and however it happens.

It’s a helluva hard way to discover the full value of the web (and not a little ironic for me), but the Times-Picayune has done it. And it’s not about PDFs and fancy formatting. The stories are fed into a simple weblog. Get that RSS feed and you will find great reporting from the biggest story there is.

  • billg

    You’re absolutely right. I bookmarked the T-P the day before the storm hit. They’ve done fantastic work under extraordinary circumstances. And, yes, they’re using the right tools, but, as in all journalism, it is what they’re writing that counts.

  • I think they should get more than a Pulitzer – they’ve gone beyond journalism awards, straight into major public service land. I’ve been amazed and very impressed with that organization, and they remind me every day of what a news organization can and should be.

  • Jeff, I think they should get the public service medal. But I do think they shoudl get a REAL pulitzer and not some made up award for blogging. If they get the real award, then the container is absolute separate from the content.

    The Pulitzer committee to give newspapers a real push toward the future. But do they have the foresight to do it?

    I mean, how will all the crusty newspaper editors be able to take the NOLA blog back to their hotels at night?

    Consider the judges….

  • owl 1

    Don’t think any present this morning want to know what I think.

  • Clara from Paris, France

    Jeff: Refering to your comment on the vertues of weblog concerning lists of missing, or maintening the information dispite supports had disapered, what would you think about initiating a network of bloglists of constructive long term social propositions in regard to compil them and then make them nationaly public over the Internet and till send them to the Congress?

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  • They should get every journalistic award out there for what they have been through. That is true dedication and true love for their work, city, and the people living there.

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