Jobs for the Katrina survivors

Consider this a challenge to job sites — Monster, HotJobs, Indeed, Simply Hired, Craigslist — newspapers, and headhunters across the country:

The greatest need for the survivors of Katrina will be jobs — jobs and relocation and homes and money and emotional support, but it starts with jobs.

The State of Louisiana says that there are 750,000 now jobless from the New Orleans metro area alone. God knows what the figures from elsewhere are.

As I’ve written before, New Orleans already had a depressed economy that was dependent primarily on tourism, which will take years to rebuild. The infrastructure of the city, its businesses, and its housing stock are in ruin. Many in the New Orleans diaspora will not want to return (see this story from Nashville today; I heard an NBC report this morning saying that an informal survey of survivors in shelters found 80 percent would not return). Many will have nothing to return to. They will need to find jobs and homes and new lives elsewhere. I’ve read accounts of the professional classes already setting down new roots in new places; this will certainly happen among the working poor as well.

Thanks to the internet and all the job services that now use it, it will be easier to help connect these people to jobs than ever before.

I challenge those services and newspapers to come together to help match these people with jobs anywhere in America. What’s needed:

1. A concerted effort to gather names, skills, and backgrounds of every survivor who wants to work. This can be a single data base. This can be pages anywhere on the web tagged with agreed-upon tags, brought together by a search engine like IceRocket.

2. Communication to employers to have them note jobs that can be filled by survivors — particularly employers willing to pay for relocation and even housing as gestures of support. These job services can encourage those employers to do that because they are in communication with virtually every major employer in the country.

3. Coordination with charities willing to help with relocation in terms of housing and transportation.

4. Connectivity for the jobless. How do we get machines, access, and volunteers into shelters and communities where survivors are living with relatives and in hotels to connect these people with opportunities? In a post I’ll put up shortly called Recovery 2.0, I’ll link to a few of these efforts.

It is a big task. But I believe connecting people with jobs will be the single most important outreach and help needed by the survivors of the storm. And I believe that technology today is uniquely suited to meet this need — if the big companies involved step up and lead. So… Monster? Yahoo’s HotJobs? A newspaper or two? Can you help?

  • klarkin

    Shreveport is hosting a job fair tomorrow for the evacuees sheltered here.

  • great suggestions jeff… we’re already working on a few ideas for our site, but i agree there’s lots more to be done.

    here’s a link to Hurrican Katrina relief jobs, from our home page:

    here’s a link to other jobs in the new orleans area:

    there’s also a personal connection for me — i had friends in new orleans who were lucky enough to get out, and my wife used to gig with the Neville Brothers at JazzFest. most of the Nevilles are ok, but there are many less fortunate who are still picking up the pieces… not to mention many others whose lives were lost, or who are homeless & jobless.

    we’re working on some ways we can provide better job data to people in the area, and hopefully help them get back on their feet as soon as possible.

    – dave mcclure

  • Snarking David

    >750,000 jobless

    The way this administration counts numbers look for the unemployment rate to drop by about .5%

    Look for it to drop even further when their unemployment runs out and they are still jobless but now they won’t even exist.

    Let’s hope when the rebuilding efforts begin these people will be given preferrential treatment instead of the likes of Haliburton.

  • dave m.

    Good job.

    Dallas has a job fair Thursday, and ads in the Dallas Morning News are free for employers putting the hurricane victims in touch with opportunity – yeah, that’s longhand for jobs.

    Another problem is records, of course.

  • James

    I’m not a big fan of the Feds adding new programs but I think in this case they would make great sense if they resurrected some of FDR’s depression thinking and combined the needs of rebuilding the area with alleviating the sudden joblessness. Programs like the TVA and CCC employed hundreds of 1000s at one point, there’s no reason why that can’t happen again. This time however I would like to see insurance money, donations AND government dollars fund the effort combined. And perhaps government could act more like a clearinghouse for employment instead of the actual employer. Let the private sector handle the day-to-day hands on work. Most importantly there needs to be some sort of built-in expiration date so this program isn’t around in 20 years sucking in tax dollars. Could work.

  • Andy Freeman

    > Let’s hope when the rebuilding efforts begin these people will be given preferrential treatment instead of the likes of Haliburton.

    Yup, that damn Haliburton and its oompa-loompa workforce.

    What’s up with soldiers carrying stuff to the survivors? Are the survivors unwilling to do so?

  • Halliburton has already been put to work. See –

    Actually, there were some very positive reactions to a suggestion I made in an earlier post suggesting it would make sense for the newly unemployed could get CCC -ike employment putting the levees and drainage system/barricades back into shape. Then on Sunday the Dallas Morning News supported that very concept.

  • Ken

    One thought – So, there are some 3/4 million out of work in addition to what we already have. And how many illegal immigrants do we have in this country working? Those jobs might not pay much. Might not have any bennies attached. Might not glamorous. Still, it’s work that people are doing and glad to get it. Maybe it’s time immigration is actually enforced and our people are put to work. There will be some to take advantage of the situation, like always, but it would help solve two problems at one time.

  • Gray

    Ken, why don’t you offer your position to some guy from NO who has lost everything. You could apply for some household job instead, thus taking away an opportunity from one of those greedy immigrants. Guess it would be the christian thing to do.

  • Desmond Shaw

    Where can I find a database that will give me info on computer literate recent graduates in Social Services, preferably with experience in the field of developmental disabilities, who are Katrina survivors and who would consider an entry-level case manager position in the Boston, MA area?

  • Our company is looking to hire skilled welders and fitters. We would welcome the opportunity to help relocate one or two families from Hurricane Katriana area to the Reading, Pennsylvania for gainful employment in heavy steel fabrication industry.

    Anyone know of sites that are being developed to help make such matches? I heard from that they are looking to expand into that but have not as of yet.

  • I am interested in offering a position to aide a hurricane katrina survivor. I have at least one and possible more positions available. Looking for both production labor and possible entry level management position for my company.

    Shred Ready is a small maufacture of protective gear for watersports; kayaking, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and snowsports. We are located in Tallassee, AL about 3 hours from the Gulf Coast.

    If anyone knows how to get intouch with possible survivors that need employent please contact me at

  • I am the president of Therapy Associates, LLC. I am in interested in offering positions for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists in the Kansas City area for those wishing to relocate to the Kansas City area. We will also offer a relocation package to help you out with the move here. We are a full service therapy firm specializing in home health, schools, and inhome rehab. We have several positions available and would be willing to help in any way that we can. Please contact me at

  • this is a great buisness to make extra money,you can do this from any location maybe it might help some of the jobless people from katrina thank you.

  • Thelma

    We have a job available for an in house accountant familiar with the automobile business. We also have other positions available in sales and finance. I can be reached at 505 393-1994.

  • Bridget

    We have jobs for a few people on Long Island, if any of the survivors from the gulf coast know how to frame houses – please contact us at 631-878-7341 call in the evening. We will find a way to get them here and we will find a place for them to stay.

  • Chris Turner

    I was just wondering how people are going to apply for work if they have lost all forms of identification in the storm.

  • Esmeralda F. Chavez

    I have positions for Physical therapists,Physical therapist assistants, Occupational therapists ,Occupational therapist assistants,Speech therapists Insurance and billing specialist in South Texas area. Will pay relocation expenses and will assist in any way necessary. Call me directly to 956-533-7341/956-849-5552 or email to
    Please specify the area you are calling from. GOD BLESS

  • I need to get working, and would appreciate a break for a job.
    It is me and my boyfriend. Thank-You, Deborah Rhodes.

  • Christine

    So many poor souls from the New Orleans area, Mississippi and Alabama will need new jobs. Why not train them to participate in the rebuilding of their lost cities, physically and emotionally? Many of the evacuees could learn valuable carpentry skills while remaining close to their former communities. Also, many survivors could provide moral and psychological support for their fellow citizens who have lost everything. Rather than evacuating these folks thousands of miles from their homeland, we should focus on providing them a chance to earn money while rebuilding their homeland.

    Christine Powers

  • Stopping the Debit Cards after annoucing that they will be available, which was a great idea, is another sign of how organized this government is in responding to people who are really hurting.

    They had to get them in Texas? Why? There are so many banks out there that distribute cards nationwide, or was George Bush trying to make money with his own bank.

    There was absoultely no reason not to distribute them, even if peope had to call in to activate them with a social security number.

    I don’t suppose that there is a data base of people who lived in New Orleans, since the maps that FEMA used were outdated, and they didn’t know that there so many people living in the flood zone. So they say.

    There were warning of this disaster for days. One flight around the city would not require a map.

    Getting back to the debit cards and all the staff needed to distribute them is another rediculous remark. These cards are often sent to people by mail, and wince this was supposed to be a quick resolution, there should have been no hitches like activations or filling out forms. Money was going to be spent, and yes some people would take advantage ot the cards. However, they would most likely be people who are also hurting, as I cannot see a frewshly cleaned and well dressed person trying ot pretend they are Katrina survivors, would probably need some id.

    There were great mistakes made right in the beginning. 20/20 made a remark that I have been thinking about the whole time. People who did not have cars, should have been bused with school buses, street buses, and they should have been evacuated with those who had cars.

    Why were they not Mr. Mayor, Mr. Governor, Mr. President.???
    Firing someone to take the blame of the results of the slow aid is just having an excuse Mr. President for why you did not react quicker. Why were you not on the ground, giving orders for food to be dropped from airplanes as you did in Afghanistan. A good manager starts demanding the aid from every department head, and it should have been immediate.

    Keeping thousands of people in the Astrodome for days, as they watched their kids and families or strangers die around them. Six days or so.
    How could that happen. They should have had water and food dropped from airplanes and they did not need to die.

    So you fire someone Mr. President, instead of coming on television and admitting to making a mistake whether it was intended or not. Why worry about those poor people in the flood areas. Think of all the money we could save. Is that the discussion you had with your Vice President who waited at least 10 days to visit.

    I cannot see any other President like Carter or Clinton, or Reagan doing this long distance. They would have been on the ground with their sleeves rolled up, knowing exactly what was going on rather than waiting for false reports or late reports.

    Mr. President, unless you have enough guts and humility to get on TV and say I am sorry, and I am responsible for what happened with the slow aid. After all you are. The rest of the people work for you. People would respect you a lot more if you did that.

    Texas was the only place people could get debit cards from? I can imagine all the big banks, who would have been ready at a drop of a hat, thinking what the hell????

    Thanks for letting me get some of the anger out. Ayala Karsh

  • Kate

    The question is, where will all the debris of Katrina go? What if the debris could be crushed, mixed with concrete or other hard substances, then used as landfill to rebuild these low lying cities. Cities rebuilt at same level, will just be flooded in another 50 years.

  • Art

    The model for the rebuilding is the Marshall Plan of Europe after WW-2.
    General George C. Marshall had to rebuild burned out and bombed cities and used local labor and military oversite to recover huge areas in a short time. The Sea Bees division of the Navy is a better group than the Army Corps of Engineers. Sea Bees work with civilian contractors to recover vast areas of low lands. Retired General Norman Schwartskof would be my choice for the modern day Marshall. Reporting to the President as Marshall did, he can make the connections to state & local folks. New Orleans needs to be raised to at least sea level and can be done by dredging the river and the shipping channel.


    Subj: Recommendation on rebuilding the Mississippi and Katrina area
    Date: 9/10/2005 11:44:07 AM Pacific Standard Time
    From: Maotl

    Responsible government officials:

    The events in Lousiana & that area, present us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to, through redevelopment, create an ecological sound, sustainable, environmentally foreward looking southern economy, that can represent the model for all of the USA and world of a area independent of fossil fuel, economically self sufficent, and a training place for leaders of tomorrow in these fields.

    With these areas going into an inevitable rebuilding, we can move the area forward into the 21st century as a model for the world of american ingenuity.

    Starting right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to make sure our government & their local government start now to put in place, the new infrastructure of an ecological sound, sustainable, environmentally foreward looking southern economy.

    It can then represent the model for all of the USA, and world, of a area indepensdent of fossil fuel, economically self sufficent, and a training place for leaders of tomorrow & developed talent in these fields, to accomplish this.

    We can send the help to do it there, from LA & other areas, and build the capacity to do it here, at the same time.

    I see water damaged buildings and I see them replaced by sustainable buildings with modern recycled materials, with photo voltaic roofs, and sustainable building requiring minimal A/C.

    I see areas of debris. and see them being bulldozed into land fills that will generate electricity, and methane for hybrid cars, the list could go on. I see wind farms odd the coast where impacted oil rigs exist or along the levee, not only generating power but a constantly pumping cvapacity to ptrclude a repeat of the devastation, we now look at.

    Now is the time to take advantage and make real lemonade out of lifes giving you/us lemons.

    Just as we need to be responding postively to the cry for more “BizFest” which is the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s signature youth entrepreneurship training program designed to teach students the fundamentals entrepreneurship. Here in the Northeast valley and LA and across the USA.
    We’re less than a week away from to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual National Convention and Business Expo. and a month away from, Oct 9-12.

    A seminar sponsored by NACCE will be available in Ocober in fostering Entrepeneurail training and developing of Incubated start up individual & small and large companies with student training , businesss develpment opportunities, and internships in the construction program that is building thecurrent LAUSD AND LACCD school construction expansion programs and other major programs underway.. Through Construction incubators we can foster the kinds of companies that can acheive this and train students to do it too anywhere in the country. Kick starting the reversal of the impact of glodal warming. Click here, & Check this out, there still. is time to join those who intend to make this happen across the USA in a practical and effective way.

    Following a model based on Springfield MASS ‘s Technical Community Colleges acknowledged as:

    STCC and their Center for Business & Technology, and Technology Park and their education programs (k through 12) and community colleges that has been recognized by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration as the sole national winner of the award for excellence in urban development, as well as, Economic Development award for an economic revitalization program.

    “we are asking them to consider linking into and developing a construction incubator, as charter partners, and are proposing they accompany us in the revision, development and improvement of existing curriculum, where we will be implement well established set of National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education proferred, and modeled by STCC’s which has an already established and successfully articulated curriculum at both the Jr. College and JR/ SR High school level.”
    They coordinate community support from SCORE and others to assist with all facets of business development, leasing, financing, central supporting serices, facilities, centralized procurement and any other feasible and economically self supporting Incubating 100 or so companies a year and peaking at 3 to 500 and graduating about 100 of them after they show success in about three years. See audited report.
    Specific Helpful links:

    ( We should be able to surpass what they have done !!!!!!!!!!!)
    At the same time recognize you may have missed this opportunity rto participate in the Hispanic USA Chamber of Commerce program to float these ideas and make better use ofg the displaced hispanics, but don’t miss this second one, on October 8-12 LAS Vegas Tuscany Hotel..

    This premier Hispanic C of C business event takes place September 14 through 17, 2005, at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A number of major local and national corporations, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, USHCC Foundation and the award-winning Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin will join in welcoming the nation’s prominent business, civic, government and community leaders for four days of exciting events, information-packed seminars and unequalled business opportunities with corporate buyers.

    “New Age Investors: The New Frontier for Hispanic Business Growth” to be held on Friday, September 16th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. The session will focus on the gap that exists between the purchasing power of the Hispanic community and the production power of Hispanic-owned businesses.

    National Youth Entrepreneurship BizFest (particularly here)
    BizFest is the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s signature youth entrepreneurship training program designed to teach students the fundamentals entrepreneurship. Students from across the country, Puerto Rico and Mexico will present original business plans and compete for scholarships, internships and other awards to be named National BizFest winner. The competition will take place at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Technology Workshop: “Making Sense of Technology – How to Maximize Your Small Business in the 21st Century
    Participants will learn how to grow their business through the application of technology. Representatives from the nonprofit Small Business Technology Institute will discuss best practices for the use and application of technology as a business-enabling tool and touch on emerging trends that will drive the future of business.

    free, two-day expo features over 200 exhibitors from across the country, representing Hispanic and international enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and government and non-profit agencies. Debuting at this year’s expo is a Small Business and Workforce Development Pavilion, which will provide career and college information for today’s youth and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The expo is open from noon until 5 p.m. on Friday, September 16 and from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 17.

    Fate of many Latin American citizens unknown after Katrina Many Latin American nations are trying to locate citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina, worried illegal immigrants may not seek help for fear of being deported, according to reports from the Associated Press. Consular officials estimated that about 40,000 Mexicans were living in Louisiana, most in New Orleans. That was second only Honduras, with an estimated 150,000 citizens in the submerged metropolis and surrounding areas. El Salvador had 9,600 citizens living in the area affected by Katrina and Brazil had 10,000 citizens living in New Orleans at the time of the disaster. Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and Chile are also reporting missing citizens from the area.H
    ion are reaching out to all of our Chamber members as we join together in support of online contribution by visiting Red Cross donation xes Hurricane_Katrina_Recovery.shtml For Information in Spanish, visit

    For Important Information Regarding Disaster Relief from FEMA: U.S. Small 00) 827-5722 or visiting Information is available in both English and Spanish.
    Subj: Lopez Canyon Waste to Energy, Brownfield to Greenfield Project
    Date: 4/24/2005 8:18:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    ( David )

    This has been offered BY Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation, Green Technology Institute to begin to make it happen in the Sylmar/Pacoima area, and we need to now start working with Sunshine landfill to make it happen there, and with Greg Smith’s effort to reduce trash by setting up local processes plants to get it reduced to a minumum, & to get students working in areas, that will definitely be career fields of the immediate and long range future.

    Ecology and Energy conservation and alternative sources are all going to need trained, experienced students/workers. With this as a program, we can develop them and an area of our country to.

    Thanks for attending the Green Technology Forum at the Audubon Center sponsored by the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation, Green Technology Institute.

    I would like to recommend that you lead an effort for your Neighborhood Council and Mission College to develop a “Green Technology Park ” program at Lopez Canyon Landfill.

    The objective would be to develop a “green landfill” curriculum at Mission College to study the opportunities that the landfill project provides for the community. In other words, take and problem and turn it into an asset. You can build an Audubon Center type facility that would be self contained. You can showcase the various “Conversion Technologies: Waste to Energy” that Shapoor Hamid presented at the forum. You can also have a hydrogen station developed from landfill gases to retrofit the waste disposal trucks from diesel to hydrogen; you can create a native plant park and an urban forest project with walking and bike trails; you can have an urban farm program to grow crops with the aeroponic technology, etc. There are many materials in the landfill that could be recycled into something useable. Take a problem and turn it into a learning by doing opportunity program for our students at Mission College. They are our hope for the Green Generation.

    The Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation, Green Technology Institute would be interested in providing $25,000 for a feasibility study to develop such a project. This may be matched by the College or the NC.

    Recommend that we develop a “Solid Waste Conversion Technologies: Waste to Energy and Recycled Material Applications” as part of the ( HS #5) & Mission College program.

    Lopez Canyon would be the Center for Waste Conversion Technologies that would provide the students from both schools working together with hands on and real life experience.

    Waste to Energy: Generating Electricity to produce hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles
    Producing Ethanol to replace MTBE in our gasoline,

    EcoDesign: Native plants to attract birds, bees and butterflies reserve
    Woodland Forest DragonTree Farm
    Edible Landscape

    Art: Eco Art

    Urban Farm Aeroponic or Hydroponic Farming
    Tilapia Farms with heated water from the methane gas.

    Monitoring Technology
    Cause and Effect
    Education to Reduce Waste
    Others: `
    Project consultant: Shapiro Hamid, Ph.D. , Chief Scientist of URS
    Instructor at West LA College
    Shapoor could be hired to develop the curriculum and teach some of the classes.

    Seed Funding: $25,000 from the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundations, Green Technology Institute and matching grant from NC or Mission College

    Partners Mission College, SF City, and Sylmar and Pacoima Neighborhood Council and Pacoima Beautiful, LAUSD and LACCD, various other business partners, Spectro Lab, E systems, Seimen’s, DWP, an other various environmental companies and efforts.

    Les Hamasaki
    Green Technology Institute
    Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation

    cc, Bill Raphiel, Executive Director, Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation

    =========================================================For example, this below, could be repeated dozens of times there, and at the same time here and getting economies of scale out of it.
    Forwarded Message:
    Subj: Recommendation on rebuilding the Mississippi and Katrina area
    Date: 9/9/2005 2:11:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
    From: Maotl

    These are tools and programs we have underway in LA’s Northeast valley that apply to Katrina’s area.

    Bob Focosi
    12314 Willow Way
    Pacoima, Ca 91331
    818 899-0602 ( mistakes are opportunities to learn)
    Thanks for helping plant a seed,
    watering it growth,
    and climbing its stalks, to these
    castles in the sky

  • I know this is a bad situation. Millions of people in an instant has become homeless and jobless. I also believe in the american people to rise above the challenges. To overcome obstacles that was put before them. It will take time and a lot of it, But with Gods help and the persistance of the american people, we will over come this challenge of re-building. I believe that New Orleans will stand again except it will be bigger, stronger and better then before.

    Steve Parnell
    Gautier, MS

  • We have job opportunities and relocation packages for Katrina survivors who are automotive techs and collision techs and would like to start rebuilding their lives in Clearwater, FLorida. Please call anytime (727)797-7070, ext. 301, ask for Marcia.

  • keith nestor

    Well I work in the theatre business. In New Orleans every theatre has water damage. I am sure there will not be any productions of any kind for a year or more. The entire music industry is gone along with alot of other jobs. So what will the government do for me. They should have built the levee’s stronger 30 years ago. Now it will cost 10,000 times more to fix our city.My banker said my mortgage will not have to be paid for 3 months which is kind of them. But after that who will want to buy my home with out any jobs in the area, and by then Bush has made it harder to go bankrupt. I think that some branch of the government should be sued for the harm that they have done to us all. People for years have been saying this would happen and yet the Feds kept taking the money for other things. I would also tell every one not to eat our famous Louisiana seafood any time in the near future. With the poision that is going into the lake it’s going to kill us all. I love our country, but the law makers over the years have done this to us. I have worked all my life and have never taken anything from the government. But I think they should pay our bills,feed us and take care of our children untill the city is rebuilt and we all have our jobs and industry back.God Bless America.

  • Nina Wiley

    My husband owns a dry cleaners in Marianna, Florida and would like to offer jobs to katrina victims. He needs pressers and other employees willing to learn skills in dry cleaning. Contact me here or Fred Wiley at 850-482-2825.

  • Lawrence

    I expect that the complete rebuilding of a city, with infrastructure, housing and food, and services required, will create more jobs than all the folks who want to return to the area and work can fill………..

  • Sharon Cox

    There’s no doubt that Katrina was a horrific tragedy BUT I’m afraid I don’t have much confidence in an entire area of people that relied on the Fed. gov’t. to tell them to come in out of the rain. It was NEVER Bush’s job to help them UNTIL the state asked for it. As for rebuilding…..why? A hurricane could hit again next year. I’m sorry for feeling this way but from what I saw on the news I don’t think there are too many people that would be willing to work. It looked like a very uneducated, undisciplined, welfare type of population. I know we can’t judge but I do know this……if my house were sitting in a flood zone, I’d move out. But then again if my house washed away I wouldn’t get any free financial aid to rebuild it.

  • Sharon Cox

    Reply to Keith Nestor:

    If you knew for years that this was going to happen then for God’s sake why did you stay??? Was Bush supposed to walk on water to get to you just to hold your hand? For crying out loud is everything about what the government can do for you? Your comments are the very reason why New Orleans will never rise again. Everyone will be waiting for Bush to come hammer the nails, lay the brick, wipe their butts, etc.

  • dee

    All of the Disaster areas need rebuilt. People who lived there now do not have jobs and are spreading out accross the US searching for jobs that are not there to begin with. (unless minimum wage) (look at the unempoyement statistics). Why cant these people get the high paying jobs to rebuild there own city. Some people are standing their ground about this subject and are being damned about it. come people stand up for yourselfs! Or let someone like me have the job. I will help build it back up real nicely, but at a cost you cannot afford. thus you will lose anything you have a right to because i will make it better and that is a new law they passed.. stand up people don’t let this be a money making affair for others. let the people from those areas come back to rebuild themselves.

  • To continue New Orleans artificially below sea level is the dumbest of all rehab ideas . Quaint, historic and all that aside, the future may be evem wprse than the past. If we really believe that global warming will flood coastlines, then surely N.O. will be gone again, no matter how much money we pour into it. If we listen to ourselves about our looming environmental problems, then this is a perfect opportunity to rebuild this city on safer ground. We must do that.

  • Yes,New Orleans should rebuild,regardless of the cost. All the surviors should be paid a small salary to help just like Jimmy Carter, Holmes for Habitact. If every one is allowed to prepare their own holmes,instead of project,just think how happy these people will be and how fast they would have holmes for everyone. It would make for a safer,more like all the people that have their own holmes. They would all feel like part of the community and everone could be proud of their accomplishment. Projects are no good for anyone.Take the money from the space agency and give it to these people so they can be part of the community again and their families would be so proud and they would have their self respect plus the respect of the world,but most of all they would be part of the wonderful city of New Orleans. It may take time but what else do they have but time.

  • Folks,

    I know that there are people, like myself, that would welcome the chance to be a part of someone’s recovery by assisting them in locating new employment. Good recruiters, like those of us at Management Recruiters Intl can be someone’s best friend. I am here to help; as are my colleagues. Check out

  • We have launched a free job board to help rebuild the region and find meaningful jobs for displaced workers. Individuals, corporations, and agencies from anywhere in the United States and Canada may use the job board services for free. The job board can be accessed at: . Employers, please post jobs on the board!

  • Robyn

    Looking for licensed architect to draft plans for residential addition for single family home in West Palm Beach, Florida. Addition will consist of expanding first level floor, new kitchen, pantry/laundry room, bedroom, and adding a master suite on a new second level. Plans will have to work with Florida licensed engineer. We will need final plans by early December.
    Contact via email

  • The Student Conservation Association (SCA), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of conservation service opportunities, is offering expense-paid internships nationwide for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. SCA provides housing, a living-stipend, possible academic credit, AmeriCorps education awards, insurance, and travel to the project site. SCA interns serve for 3 to 12 months and gain on-the-job experience with partners like the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, and many other federal, state, and non-profit partners in conservation fields from archaeology, to education, history, wildlife studies, visitor services and everything in between!

    For a list of positions that are currently looking for applicants, please click go to

    We are waiving the usual application process for displaced students and only require a resume and cover letter for these positions.

    You can find out more about SCA and our programs at

  • Speech Therapists Positions
    Woodland Joint Unified School District (10 miles from Sacramento, CA) is seeking SPEECH THERAPISTS qualified to provide services in our schools. The speech therapists we are seeking are team player who are dedicated to the success of our students. We are offering tenure track positons with a contract year of 194 work days and a salary range of $38,259 to $71,588 depending upon experience. We offer a full range of benefits including retirement, medical, dental and vision benefits. Application procedures are availabe at on the District website, Interested parties may also call John Cunnion, Director at (530) 662-0201, Ext. 4394 or email him at the address above.

  • Please consider adding a link to a song about Katrina survivors on your site by Dixie Lizard.
    You should really take the time to listen to the song that I wrote in honor of all of those affected on the Gulf coast. I have friends, family, and loved ones who have lost everything as a result. Being a singer songwriter I took it upon myself to sing my prayer to the survivors. The song is called “Gulf Coast Lullaby”, I play the Bass Guitar, The keyboard, and sing on this very simple but hard hitting song. It’s of no cost to anyone and I just want to share my prayer of hope with all concerned. I would appreciate you possibly linking to the song for all of your readers to hear.

    (Just right click the file above and use “save target option” to download to where you wan it on your computer. the song is sampled at 224kps which is a very good quality.)

    You will find it on this page with a story and you may want to just link to this page:

    I also have a direct link to the Red Cross on that page so that listeners can donate to them if they feel the urge to do so. I make no money from this and it is from my heart.
    Please give it a listen and if you have comments please write me back so I can add them to my website. that’s all I ask.
    With love and God bless,
    Les Lewellyn

  • keith nestor

    Dear Sharon, I never stay for a storm. I always leave. But the Corp of Engineers and the local and state government have told us for years we were safe. The experts were the ones that said we were in danager. They have now found out that it was the corps poor design on the levees and a number of other corp projects, some going back to the late 1950’s that let the storm surge come into the city. So please before you speak about something you should learn what you or talking about. The city flooded from one end to the other. Now 8 months later we are still not half way to the point of picking up the debris. We still have 200,000 people living out of state without enough homes for them to live in even if they wanted to come back. I make $96,000 a year and need no man to hold my hand. This city will rise again. If you would learn about this part of the USA you will find out that this country would fall to it’s knees if New Orleans were not here. The midwest would have know where to ship its grain, you would have no natural gas or petro being pumped through our massive pump systems that come off shore from the gulf and then pumped through out the mid west and east coast. We make at least 1/3 of the chemicals that all industries use. You or just a stupid woman who knows nothing. If you like sea food southeast Louisiana produces about 1/3 of the seafood that you eat. Stupid,stupid,stupid lady. You have no heart and no soul. Read up on the history of Southeast Louisiana and you might learn something. Better yet come and visit our city and take a drive through it and see the damage that has happened. Then maybe you would not be such a cold hearted bitch. I voted for Bush and expected him and all our leaders to do a better job than they did.

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  • I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Jobs for the Katrina survivors, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.