Respectfully disagreeing

Rex Hammock called for a moratorium on blame. I’ve been thinking about that because I always take seriously any advice from Rex. But I have to disagree. I believe the blaming and anger — on national TV, creating a PR crisis — is what led to help finally reaching New Orleans and survivors finally being taken out. I believe that it is up to us to demand competent government, or we won’t get it. I believe the situation in New Orleans remains urgent and so we cannot afford to wait to demand action.

Rex links to A.C. Kleinheider, who also disagrees, saying:

I reject it because it is an affront to the very nature of blogging. Bloggers spout off with immediate information and personal commentary. That’s what we do, that’s our value. Censorship, even self-censorship, is antithetical is what “our thing” is about. We commentate — the reader decides.