My old friends and colleagues at Nola.com redesigned overnight.

  • Jim

    Of course they redesigned! They had to make it into a site appropriate to publish news and information instead of the hucksterish combination of chat links, advertising come-ons and marketing displays that the Advance sites were before.

  • John

    Jim…throw them a bone for God’s sake. Here in my office in Houston there are very few people that don’t have at least a family member or friend that’s either stuck in Nola or in many cases, have no idea how they are doing. They are relying heavily on nola.com for quick bits of info and the message boards. The people at the Times and nola.com have done a tremendous job getting information out considering many of the people putting out copy probably don’t have a home to go back to.

  • RJ

    I have to say, having worked for another Advance site for many years, I’m very impressed with the job nola.com’s been doing, especially with their weblogs. They’ve adapted amazingly well. I was floored when that was the only source for the paper yesterday. They and http://www.wwltv.com have been my main sources for information throughout this story.

  • They have been doing a good job (though it would be nice
    if the PDF of the paper could be downloaded as one file instead of a page
    or several pages at a time – it would certainly make it easier to read more of it).