Between terrorism, never-ending unrest in the Middle East, Iraq, and now Katrina, you’d think that finally — finally — politicians would take the strategic energy issue by the horns. You’d think that someone would be getting on TV with a man-on-the-moon-sized, project-Manhattan-prioritized initiative on oil: incentives to develop alternative sources and find new efficiencies. Start with that guy who built the 250 mpg Prius and take him to Detroit and Toyko and tell them all: If he can do it, you can do it.

But we’re not hearing a peep. Is it just because they are incapable of thinking strategically. Is it because they’re too embarrassed at how current events show their lack of leadership? Is it because they’re stupid or think we are?

I saw regular at $2.99 last night. All arguments that Americans don’t really care about energy will fade quickly and energy will become a political opportunity. Let’s see who jumps on and rides.

: And in the meantime, rebuilding Iraq’s oil infrastructure wouldn’t exactly hurt, giving us oil (isn’t that what we’re fighting for?) and giving them the money to build their nation and tell the terrorists to go suck an exhaust pipe.