Storm punch(lines)

Oh, to be Jon Stewart today. The moments of unselfconscioius self-parody on the news channels keep flying by faster than a garbage-can lid in a hurricane. Well, in fact, we’re getting live reports of just such lids flying by on FoxNews and on CNN, Anderson Cooper reports on a single barge in the Mississippi. They all can do little more than report on what they happen to see where they happen to be. On CNN this morning, they cut to a guy so he could use his little wind-meter (quite the gadget in this storm) and he couldn’t it working and then said things were actually pretty calm, as he demonstrated when his meter got up to only 4 mph. My favorite is that CNN has dubbed a satellite truck Hurricane One. I do hope they have more than one person in it, so we can get Team Coverage from Hurricane One.

: Please do add in the moments of news self-parody you see today in the comments.

: LATER: So much for Hurricane One.