Blogging in the wind editor Jon Donley is blogging from inside New Orleans, in the Times-Picayune’s hurricane bunker:

OK, it’s official, Katrina is beginning to knock on our door. We’ve already been without main power for about two hours . . . no air conditioning (not to harp on that) . . . flashlights to get around the building. Thankfully, no televisions turned to helmet-haired weathercreatures yapping away about worst-case scenarios. Times-Picayune staffers huddled around a radio, or gathered at the second-floor landing, where there’s a view of the newspaper’s front drive circle.

The scene out the windows is frightening, and it’s just beginning. Gusts slamming the big windows, and people reflexively ducking, knowing they’ve got to break. Trees whipping as if they’re about to be uprooted.

: Terry Teachout is keeping a good directory of hurricane blogging.
: Kaye Trammel is blogging via Blackberry from LSU. Ernie the Attorney couldn’t get out of Dodge. [via Winer]

: UPDATE: My friend Jon Donley got a good picture of the damage to the Superdome.

: NowPublic just put up a board for people to connect with those who are missing — or at least hard to reach — in the storm.

: MSNBC obviously couldn’t get to the satellite feed from its New Orleans affiliate, so it put the station’s web feed on the air.

I watched WDSU, New Orleans’ station, over its stream. The station staff was evacuated, so they were broadcasting from a fellow Hearst station and they also put up streams from other local stations. The power of networking.

: AND FOR DESSERT: I have to say, in spite of everything, the Times-Picayune had great red beans and rice.