Another damned list

Feedster comes out with a list of 500 blogs. Jason Calacanis kvells (could it be because he sees his blogs on it?).

But this misses the point (again). Making a universal top n00 list, however it is made, continues to engage in old-media thing, big-media, mass-market think: The guys on top win.

No, in this new world of choice and control at the edges, it’s the niches, and those who can pull them together, who win. And it’s those who can demonstrate influence and engagement who will win — as soon as somebody figures out how to demonstrate it.

Besides, a universal top n00 list is even a bad execution of big-media think. When Ad Age gives you lists of magazine revenue, it separates women’s and entertainment and business publications; in big-media, those pass as niches and they are far more valuable comparisons. When talking about newspapers, you don’t lump in metro papers with town papers with trade papers; it’s a meaningless lump.

When somebody can tell me who the queen of the knitting bloggers is, then I’ll listen…. and so will knitting advertisers.