Follow the money

Cyberjournalist reports on a survey that finds that online workers fresh out of college are getting higher salaries than their print and TV cousins.

The survey found that the media online publishing salary in 2004 was $32,000. By comparison, the median salary for TV was $23,492; for cable TV was $30,000; for daily newspapers was $26,000; for weekly newspapers was $24,000; for radio was $23,000; and for consumer magazines was $27,000.

Since I wrote the new-media curriculum for the City University of New York’s new Graduate School of Journalism, I consider that good news.

But the real question is what an independent online writer (aka blogger) will be able to make soon, from a company a la Gawker Media or WeblogsInc or from advertising at Blogads et al. Where will the best and brightest of journalism’s future go? [via Lost Remote]

  • Same place they’ve always gone.

    I’m a computer network engineer – but a journalism student. A few years working for a newspaper cured me of that.

    Slave wages and liberal idocy just didn’t go down very well.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Who is paying this? Are the ads for “Wacky Tee-Shirtz” really that lucrative? Or is this more of the 90’s “Profit is unnecesary” business model?

  • Right now they can make more money working at WeblogsInc or Gawker (~30k a year for almost fulltime… say 3/5 or 3/4 time).

    If you want to lose money for six to 12 months, then make little money for another six to 12 months you *might* be able to make more than working for either MSM or WeblogsInc/Gawker. So, it really depends on how much risk you want to take.

    One out of every five folks I talk to about coming to WIN I wind up telling “you should start your own thing,” because the last thing we want to do is hold someone back if they really want to start their own thing.

    The real issues is MSM vs WeblogsInc/Gawker. At WeblogsInc you can work from where you want, when you want, and how you want. We never filter the bloggers–we just pick great ones and support the hell out of them. So, if you like having a boss and dragging yourself into an office then go do the MSM thing. If you like to work from home and schedule your time how you see fit then come work with us!

  • Probably not to MSM or Gawker, but to new blog-based news services dedicated to providing via limited, paid access to instant, comprehensive analysis and reporting of specific industries, institutions, events and personalities.

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