Open-source it

The BBC asked its public to come up with the surprising, next-generation way to present TV listings: as smart as it is cool. Maybe TV Guide should have tried that. [via Lost Remote]

  • Jim

    This post looks still born.

  • I read about their plan and then imagined scientists of the late 19th century dreaming of ways to build steam-powered mechanical horses to pull buggies at breakneck speeds. The fact that they use the word schedule means they don’t really believe DVR, timeshifting, bittorrent, the internet are going to change viewing habits.

    They’re using the TVAnytime metadata format which is a lot like ID3 tags on MP3s. Now imagine putting scheduling information in an MP3 file. It just doesn’t make any sense. What about adding pictures to the sound makes it any more logical?

    I’m guessing that soon we’ll have too much content for any centralized ratings board to handle which means some sort of distributed, democratic CDDB but for video will emerge to handle the ratings process. It may even use the open source software used by Wikipedia.

    So the opinions of the masses connected by the internet lead to a concentration of good ideas and content, more than was possible in the era of big corporations and small networks but it comes at the cost of the aggregation of wealth. So why is a big media company pushing it?

    Flickr is aggregating the best content in their Interestingness / Last 24 hours section. Pulitzer worthy stuff by amateur photogs. Case in point.

  • Jim

    Let’s make tuning in a tv station more complicated. Toss your old remote and get something cool with bluetooth, just for the sake of blowing two hundred bucks and having a new gadget to keep yourself entertained. Maybe a Google remote is the solution to a problem nobody has, but it’s so next generation you have to have it. I hope it works with the bluetooth ipod, so that way you can talk to your remote control in order to program it. How about a mic in the tv set. You say current and Al Gore pops up on the screen to act as your personal channel guide. Everybody in the world will be able to talk to Al at the same time, making him master of the universe of tv.

  • Jim

    Open source, media and book. I guess this doesn’t fit into the tv cat.. Go figure!

  • I believe it is this very blog that explains open source software. Now that explanation of Open sourcing of software was well done. I’ve to make only two points. People are open sourcing everything like the TV listing (what difference would it make how is a TV listing Comprized). Andthey are developing open source operating engine only to develop Microsoft out of business.

    I do believe that AOL and Intel, the Hackers and the Music hould be driven out of business by the development of a server based browser that would not need to send the files and documents to the clients but would process the files itself. If this is done a cellphone, that can send text messages, could be used to surf thenet and the hackers would be out of business because if they don’t get documents, belonging to a stranger, from a server, they can’t do anything.