Blogging junket

I got a most odd invitation to come to Nashville to blog Justice Sunday II Tom DeLay, Zell Miller, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, and Phyllis Schlafly. I got email with the offer but there’s also an open invitation here. That’s most odd, since I’ve held these events — and politicians sucking up to them — in disdain. But what’s interesting is that they offered to cover travel expenses. I said no thanks for a few reasons: don’t want to publicize their event, don’t want to take the money. But if any blogger does take their money, I hope it is disclosed.

  • Now if they threw in all the Nashville BBQ you can eat… ;)

  • Good for you. But your viewpoint would be an interesting one to have.

  • >I said no thanks for a few reasons: don’t want to publicize their event, don’t want to take the money.

    By just mentioning it, you probably gave them a heck of a lot of publicity. Glad to see that you denied them the opportunity to attach your name to this politically driven schmooze fest.

  • Jim Dermitt

    What’s this have to do with Howard Stern?

  • Jeff considering your an open Christian and speak on political issues is why you got the invite. Just my perspective as a former TD staffer who left DC and resides in the blogoshere. ;-)

  • Jim Dermitt

    The new politics has arrived, along with 1984. I think we may just be going backwards, in terms of technology. Blogging is generating all of this random data which is like pure scholarship and is of no use to anybody. Maybe the random data can be used to develop some sort of encryption. You never know what is going to pop up next. You have a good idea that it will be worthless and spawn more worthless data that helps you find your way to the online bookstore. A free junket….Tell him what hes won Bob!

    Everybody is a bookseller, not everybody is a bestseller. If you can’t write anything worth reading that won’t sell, blog about those who can and spin it into a web of nothing about everything. If you can’t make it as a TV personality, start a vlog for everybody to ignore you at. If your business is going out of business, start a blog about why you went out of business because you didn’t have a blog in time. Instead of trial by jury, just tell the court you can’t make it to court and will follow the case online and blog it. This could mean a jury of unlimited size. Then the power goes out and the entire case is delayed due to technical difficulties like touch screen voting without the need for paper or ink which tend to mess things up. We had touch screen voting in our area and they went back to paper ballots. The computers got lost in the political process. Everything has its natural limits.

  • As you know, President Bush has nominated John Roberts – a clear opponent of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose – to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    I urge you to contact your Naral Pro-Choice state affiliate to find out ways you can work in your community to block John Roberts’ confirmation. To find out how to contact your local affiliate, go to

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    This battle to stop John Roberts is just the beginning of a four-year campaign to prevent George W. Bush from stacking the Supreme Court with enemies of reproductive freedom. Victory now is an absolute must – to show that the pro-choice movement has the ability to defeat future nominees who pose an obvious threat to Roe V Wade.

    Call your Senator and let him/her know you want to stop John Roberts- (202) 224-3121

  • whodat

    Reproductive freedom? It’s called not having sex or using control. You support abortion (the killing of babies) yet stand behind stem cell research which saves lives. Schizo!

  • Linda Edwards

    Tell ya what, whodat. The day you can bear the babies, we’ll talk about choice.

  • You should always accept an all-expenses trip to Nashville. It’s simply a great place. :)

    Terry Heaton

  • Jim Dermitt

    I would of taken the free trip and skipped out on them after 15 minutes and went to a show.

    I accept free transportation. Will blog for free airfare in U.S.A..

  • Jim Dermitt

    I’m looking for a free airline ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have an event, I’ll blog once I get there in between gambling and attending shows and having a good time. Unlike Jeff, I don’t care about conflicts or what the bloggers and losers write. I just want to get on a jet and get to Vegas fast. Thanks!

  • Jim Dermitt

    Blog Road Show
    National exposure. I’m looking for bloggers who want to travel the country in high performance sports cars and blog. The Blog Road Show will be a way for car makers to spotlight their cars and bloggers to take to the road and blog with the pedal to the metal. Blogging has never been this much fun!

  • Jim Dermitt

    This has died.

  • I’ll go and blog live from Justice Sunday II. As a Christian and a patriotic American, I would feel privileged if they would pay my way, so that I could write about God’s truth and Justice Sunday. And I solemnly promise to disclose it.

  • Jim

    I hope Jeff can help Deborah get this all expense paid trip to Nashville going on. We’ll see what happens. Maybe nothing, but hey you still blog it from anyplace. I can’t go, I’ll be busy blogging about how I’m going to regrout my shower next weekend.

  • Jeff,

    I got the same invite, though no offer of travel expenses as I already live in Nashville. They did promise free snacks and free wi-fi in the media room. There’s yer disclosure.

    I’m going to live-blog the event partly because, well, I’m a political conservative, but also as an excercise in instant online journalism. There is supposed to be a counter-protest with Barry Lynn, etc., and if it materializes outside the church, I plan to report on it as well, via photographs, audio interviews and of course text on the blog.

    You ought to come if for now other reason that Nashville is great fun, you skipped the BlogNashville conference, and I’d like to buy you a beer and discuss blogged journalism with you.

    And then you could live-blog about the bloggers who were blogging Justice Sunday II right alongside the mainstream media folks who will also be there to report on it.

  • Jeff,

    The one sure way you don’t get such invites in the future is to accept one, go to the event, and write about it honestly. Tell your readers what you think, and not what your hosts want you to tell them. People running future events of this type will read what you say and decide it would be safer to hire a flack.

    BTW, I’m available to cover events, and my rates are reasonable. I do have one condition, I don’t fly. (Airport (in)security and my anxiety disorder don’t get along.) I’ll travel by train or bus, or you can drive me out there, but no air travel. So if you need somebody to give you a hard time at your expense get in touch through my blog (link in sig).

  • Jeff —

    Let me join the chorus here: hop the dadgum plane and come to Nashville. Heck, the airport’s only about 10 minutes from the venue; you don’t even have to stay long.

    There’s a bunch of us down here who are fans of yours and would love to meet you. Just so you know, I had to spend a few excruciating days up in New Jersey earlier this year, so I tossed some money into your tax till. The least you could do is return the favor!

    Anyway, just so you know: I am your basic everyday mainline Protestant (a Methodist) and have a few fundamental disagreements with these folks. Still, I think you should give these guys some credit–they’re being quite open with their invites. Amd, anyone who wants a pass seems to be getting one. That shows a lot of good faith (in the secular sense of that word) on their part. Come on down and see what we’ve got to offer. Who knows? You might like it here. No income tax you know. No toll roads either. (Alas, no Stern on the radio either, but with satellite, who cares?)

    Roger Abramson

  • whodat

    Oh Linda, as if my being male has anything to do with abortion. C’mon–you’re better than that.

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