CNN maketh news… and taketh news away

How silly: CNN makes news with Robert Novak’s hissy fit and puts the video up online but then takes it down. Didn’t they learn from Jon Stewart on Crossfire? He got 150,000 viewers on big, old CNN and millions — millions — online off CNN. Here you have a news network making news and they don’t share the news. That, as Robert Novak would say, is bullshit.

  • Jim Dermitt

    I was just reading this.
    “Sad and funny. I saw two stories in the blogosphere today on MSN Spaces — one a video demo of how to post to it, which I yawned past, and this censorship story, which I’m, well, blogging myself.”

    RSS needs a new name and you need a video demo to see how to post.
    Maybe CNN had a technical problem that caused it to censor itself.

  • CNN should have used this to their greatest advantage and came out as the tough guy. They can get rid of Novak, a hated correspondent by most liberals, and get a lot of viewers. They could play the hell out of the clip!

  • Spaceman

    Not a very interesting topic. Maybe Commie New Network will boot him & purge any remaining token conservatives.

  • Jim

    Maybe Al Gore will take over CNN next and put all the dingycrats in charge of programming along with Google. They can turn it into the PBS of pay TV.

  • As of today, I will turn my channel from CNN and never watch it again. I have always been a fan of Cnn but ever since Ted Turner sold it, it has gone steadily down hill. Every announcer on their network now has to be pretty, sickenly cute. When it was bought out, the changes began. CNN had anchors form all walks of life and all nations. Now the anchors are all gentrified, no personality, cutesy blobs sitting there. Miles O’Brien is about as dry as a burnt piece of toast. Carol Costello is so cutesy and unaooealing, it is sickening. When she was in New Orleans interviewing, she appeared to be so frail that the wind wold blow her away and she appeared to be ruffled that her hair was getting mussed. She looked about as comfortable in the baseball cap she wore as a footbal player would in a tutu. I don’t know where you are getting all your info from that you are appealing to what the viewers want, but this is one viewer that you didn’t ask and you are not offering what she likes and she is walking. In discussions, with friends, I am not the only one who feels this way. Lets see how long it takes you to have another fruit basket turnover in trying to figure out what is right. My suggestion=—sell it back to Ted Turner!