Community policing: a business somebody should start (hint, hint)

I know many sites that need community policing — responding to alerts of bad posts, getting rid of the bozos who forgot to take their meds, cleaning the racist/sexist/xist graffiti from forums.

They are all dying to outsource this — not forum hosting but community policing. Somebody should start a company to do that. Has somebody?

When we started forums at, my last employer, we thought we needed moderators in each forum to spark conversation and slap the misbehavers. But that was the old-media way to think, the controlling way to think. We hired an expert who quickly taught us that we didn’t need moderators — people are perfectly capable of deciding what they want to talk about, thank you — but we did need people to arrest and try the bozos. He also taught us that if users saw results from sending in alerts to bad stuff — to snitching, in short — they would do it. And he was way right. Advance has 100 million page views a month of happy community campers’ chatter. At first, he hired people who were homebound to do the work (including one woman who was legally blind and used what sight she had to ferret out references to “poop,” which always struck me as, well, sad).

I tell this story to others who know the value of interactivity and they want to have that service without having to do it on staff. They want to hire it out. And there’s no reason that wouldn’t work. I’m not sure you could outsource it to Bangalore, given that cultural knowledge and sensitives are needed, but it’s possible to document and train that. (For a brief while, Advance’s community cops handled the forums for Conde Net’s and the background material explaining what was a no-no regarding fashion or Vogue or Paris Hilton was great reading; oh, if I’d only saved that memo!).

So does anybody know a company that does this? Anybody want to start one?

  • Can't say that I do. I do know of a class group of mods and admins, the crew over at the ENWorld Forums. You can find Morrus' contact information on the front page, and I'm sure he'd be glad to get you in touch with his mods and admins so you could interview them about their experience. The information so gained might be useful for anybody putting together a forum moderation business.

  • zgatt

    Possibly a very good idea. You could think of this as a form of spam filtering, i.e., tell the good messages from the bad messages. There are a lot of tools that could be applied to this filtering problem, enabling a lot of "policing" to be done by each watcher. Which just might make this something viable. Maybe not for-contract, but surely as a value-add by big community enablers.

    Here's my business model: get some good results, sell to microoglehoo.

    Any VC out there?

  • James

    Why not get the community to do it for you? I know of quite a few sites where early adopters are given the moderator access. Obviously you need to give them some guidelines and manage them, but it's a great way of getting the community to police itself.

  • Angelos

    On political threads here, and on blogs that are all politics, half the people think the other half are bozos.

    Who wins?

  • Alan: Thanks.

    ZGatt: Yes, filters help but people are smarter than filters and some of this is subtle (hate takes many forms…).

    James; Absolutely. The community is critical in raising alarms. But they don't bring the firehoses. I once tried to get super-community-members to do this because I had seen it work well at a German chat site. But it seems Germans are different from Americans…. There, they respected titles. Here, people got a little carried away with authority.

    In a sense, SlashDot is just what you're saying but it's also overcomplicated for some of the uses of interactivity I'm talking about: It's not a home, just a place to ask and answer questions. (I also worked with slashcode when I was on the board of Automatic Media, aka

  • dg

    I think relying only on users sending in complaints about posts could be problematic as actions taken could be seen as "taking sides". I also think a moderator or "official" presence is important to set the tone.

    It's a very touchy area. Discussion Boards are like a different universe. One day all can be peachy, and the next it's all about tracing IPs and figuring out who started the latest turmoil.

    Volunteer moderators are great, but they are also often possesive and passionate about the subject at hand and may need help with maintaining perspective.

    And then there are just the total freaky scary people…

  • Over at Winds of Change they have volunteer "citizen patrols." They set this up a few months ago, I don't have the post bookmarked, but they talked about it. Seems to be working.

  • zgatt

    > filters help but people are smarter than filters

    Yes, but look at them as tools to assist policing. A lot can be done "cue" (as I like to call it) attention of a real person (TM) to trouble spots, without having them read every bit of text. This is the approach in, say, financial fraud detection — perhaps some automated actions (akin to, in this application, profanity keywords), but a lot of putting "cases" on a queue for a person to review. It's a question of how "rich" the cases could be in real issues, compared to missing real issues. (false-positive and false-negative rates).

    And, BTW, just a good keyword filter (or something only a bit more complex) would be a good start — getting people to have to write something more complicated instead of "idiot", or any variant of "let the adults talk" may in itself cause a bit of reflection on whether they're being a puerile nincompoop.

    >half the people think the other half are bozos.

    There actually is a distinguishable spectrum from disagreement, scorn, insults, to hatemongering (not sure where "cheerleading" would go). A quarter of the people aren't half as courteous as a two-thirds of them are.

    But you're right, maintaining a dispassionate police is a deep issue.

  • zgatt,

    The first thing to establish is, no profanity. People for some reason tend to behave better when cussing is denied them. It might be because most folks don't learn how to be rotten bastards without swearing.

    Second, no personal attacks. Assail the ideas, not the person. Related to this are spelling and grammar flames. We make miss steaks, it doesn't invalidate our reasoning.

    Third, apply the rules to everybody. No favoratism.

    When somebody does transgress use this progression: Warning, short suspension, long suspension, banning.

    Very important. When somebody reacts to a troll or provocateur in kind come down on him as you would the instigator. You may even want to enact a "do not feed the troll" policy, giving warnings etc. as appropriate to those who boost the beast's ego.

    Just some advice.

  • I personally like the approach of Slashdot: messages aren't deleted per se, but "modded" up and down using a point system that ranks good posts higher (good posts being defined as "informative," "interesting," "insightful" or "funny"). Users set their message thresholds higher so that when they're perusing the message headers, the higher-scoring messages are automatically expanded. They can still read lower-scoring messages by clicking the headers. This isn't as tough a system as you might want, but it seems to work for them.

  • The irony of this post is that when I was last in between jobs, I went around to a bunch of news/community sites trying to build just the business you outlined.

    I didn't have much luck getting it off the ground. Primarily because my experience was that the sites which needed the service the most (i.e. large tv and newspaper sites) were the least likely to be open to outsourcing anything on their site.

    But if anyone's interested in trying to get it off the ground, I'm game. I spend a fair amount of time in my "day" job doing it already.

  • I work for the BBC. Our 60ish message boards/forums are all moderated by a mix of internal but mostly external teams that we contract to do the work. A number of companies in the UK provide this as a service for broadcasters and forum providers both online and for TV text services.

    We adopt a mix of pre-moderation (for children), post moderation and reactive moderation. Reactive moderation (ie: users alert us to posts or posts that they find offensive or break the community rules so that "we" can deal with them )is increasingly our approach or perhaps we should redub it "community policing" ;)

    We also use such techniques as word filters, the ability to suspend user accounts, and the ability to swtich from reactive moderation to pre or post mod for either threads, posts or forums if circumstances dictate. (eg: libel concerns)
    has more detail.

  • Theresa Brewer

    Who hires the moderators for I have a degree in Public Relations/Communications and am interested in working from home.

  • Dennis Fung

    Jeff –

    Who is WolfDogNY, the moderator of the Browns forum at He is the most narcissist mod I’ve ever encountered. If you don’t laugh at his sophomoric jokes, he’ll ban you. I used to enjoy the banter in that forum – there were a lot of intelligent, professional posters. No longer – your mod chased them all away. Don’t tell your sponsors.


  • I am appalled at the behavior by some individuals on forums. Not surprising I suppose if you have ever watched what happens when controls are removed from people. (i.e. rioting, lynch mobs etc).

    I was essentially stalked by a couple of posters for almost two years till I finally just couldn’t take the hate any longer. Why did they stalk me so much? they felt I had been condescending in some of my posts. Wow, they felt this gave them license to go on a hate rampage. I would guess there were somewhere in the order of 3,000 to 5,000 hate filled posts directed my way (no exaggeration, about 10 a day from each of the posters for about a year-do the math). There were direct personal attacks unrelated to any subject.

    I reported all of this activity to the moderators of the site on many occassions (about 15 times) and they never took any action at all.

    Are controls needed? My goodness yes. Forums without controls become the private forums of the hate mongers if not stopped by the moderators. Why wouldn’t the moderators step in to stop the process on this forum? I can’t answer that, it was clearly shown to them what was happening.

    As far as Wolfdog by the way, he is a great guy and the comments by Dennis Fung are typical of the lying and hate that gis occurring in this site. The posters were chased away by this merry band of hatemongers, not by Wolfdog in any manner.

  • Fung

    Tom –

    I think you exaggerate a bit, AND, the stuff aimed at SCI was not hate-filled, only tongue-in-cheek stuff.

    You know WolfDog personally?


  • Tom Reed,

    Weren’t you the poster that poster profanity and called people nasty words when they disagreed with you? Then when they gave you a dose of your own medicine, you threatened to sue in an anonymous forum!! You instigated every episode and you exaggerate the amount of posts. People didn’t think about YOU that much at all. You’re laughable and a sad, strange little ma. Isn’t this YOUR work?::You posted THIS..(its mild)>>

    You just don’t get it. I don’t care-at all. Not at all. You are nothing at all to me. Nothing. You can hate me, you can think I am a jerk you can make internet insults on a forum (bwahahaha, that one just kills me) you can give me instructions that I completely ignore, you can do absolutely anything you want. I don’t care. You are absolutely nothing at all to me. Zero. You can’t even think-at all. I will now prove you cannot think at all. Try and follow. Read slowly, or out loud if you need to.
    dude, trying to imply that someone is an jerk for thinking he is right all the time is the absolute stupidist thing ever. Everyone thinks they are right all the time. Every single person on earth. You do. You think you are right every time you tell me what a jerk I am for thinking that I am right all the time. Zippy thinks he is right all time. Every poster on here and every post they made, they thought they were right when they made the post.
    See how stupid you look. Its 2nd grade level logic numbnuts. What you don’t get, and can never understand, is that I actually want to learn. And by having no ego (I know I am nothing you numbnut, your the one who thinks he is so important that he can give orders to others and they will be followed) I have been able to learn A LOT in life. You on the other hand apparently flunked the kindergarten of life.
    Go on with you exciting life’s dream of going on a sports forum on the internet and insulting one of the posters. Wow, what a contribution to society you are. Thank goodness we have people like you to make life so much better on the planet.
    And you tell me to get a life-bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Mr Reed,

    What did YOU do to make everyone attack you like you claim they did? Visit the mirror ASAMFGDCSP. That is all.

  • Spence


    I have been on the Cleveland Browns website for about 2 years now and recently have become a target of one of the moderators. He uses the handle “WolfDogNY”. I occasionally joke around like everybody else but nothing that is harmful to any of the other posters. I feel that my being ban
    constantly is a personal vendetta of his. I am also not the only one, I can think of at least 2 others that have been targeted.

    Something needs to be done on that forum. It should not be controlled so heavily by one person on a power trip. I hope this matter is looked into.

    Thank you for your time.

    • LimestoneKid

      WolfDogNY is a troll of the highest order and helped ruin a Forum that use to be a good place for political discussions, among other things.

  • Spence,
    I don’t work for that company anymore. Haven’t for a year. I have nothing whatsoever to do with forums in Cleveland.

  • Mr Jarvis

    Thanks for this sounding board. Can you tell me if Moderator WolfDawgNY at is bald, paunched, wears seersucker shorts, a “I love NY” t shirt that is 2 sizes too small, wears knee high black socks and beige mallwalkers?


  • Hey Jeff..long time no see. Hey remember when you posted this when you worked with us?

    You have been trolling our forums for years and you have obviously not gotten the message we have tried to send you. We do not want your participation and we will continue to delete any handles that we identify as belonging to you. We want serious, civil participation by people interested in the subject matter of our forums, not Internet gamers. If you really wonder why we delete your posts and handles, reflect on the following list. I would say that these names reflect a clear example of addictive, obsessive behavior. Please find something better to do. I am sure that your employer would share that sentiment. Please stop harrassing our staff and other users of our forums with your endless nonsense.
    Forums Management
    IsTRKalive ZipsterRocks SaruKilla CliffKlavin ForumLord CTownAddict DontDoubtme LetsStartOvr BigBadWolves HotH20 TheDraftGuy CTownPatsy BrownsTown01 TheeeeTruth dilIiondude WrathOfStang Yorric RootovEvil MatchGame AntiTRKROE MJNightmares LarryinKC KingZippyXVI JimmyJet TheFryCook TheeeMask BarbequeBoy OhioDawggg VANvanVANvan CheeseDip PapaFung DyeCutter BilboHobbit DailyReview MulletMask RedZoneKH DigDugRocks CMoneymaker SantaDawg KellysKleenx PercyisGay Dicklezip MaddenGeek CTownBrownfn ArtNevermore TheForumMVP DrPappySmear Ziptember11 NiggaBigLips BradyBlows CavsWillRoll MGolic JeremyJet LarryinTenn CouchBGone McNabbBlows BBQSauceBoy xAzrealx RedskinLarry ClevComMVP CBusChipotle CTownEagle CountZippy TheSizzler4 2TCouch2in04 WolfZipNY ForumLosers CTownGleam BiIIN44 ZipAintLying Sacked8Times Cornrolls SaruKiller JonnyJett EmerilLagass MrAFCNorth2 nicklez1p ZippyIsSorry PAScum SaruTheDunce Couchin2004 CTownTDPower xBobStangx LessThenZero MrPhony notmeguys FunnyCide DiIIDawg LOTRguy WolfvsZip 1900Zippy Nicklezip70 CarsonPalmer LOTRLover WoIfDogNY UncleWiggily TwistofFate FamilyFued 1800Zippy AlBDamd ZippyNewYear AceHighFlush krterry NiggaJokes TeamZippy MerryZipMas TiptoeZiptoe RebornZip ZippydaSaint drunkhoq jawstheshark ZipsterLivz MrUnbiased wo1fdog 7yardpunt defcon6 MizzingLink 33Nicklezip WolfModBlows MrForumMVP TreeinDeKalb DrZeeeeeeee suggsbugs lbannedZippy SantaDawgg TwistedZpi 2TimmyCouch2 TheSizzler3 CapnChaos ZipYourLip UDontNoZIP SGOTTAMANN Ge0rgeWBush SantaZippy yppiZ piZelkciN ZipsterLives UniPoster Z1PPY Zippy182 ZipTree MrAFCNorth88 WGreenLeaf Zippykickars ZippyRocks DoubleWOW MrVincenzo LarryinZona LarryDaIIas BoSoxZippy ArthurBModel ZIPZIPZIPZIP Sizzler101 Untrollable WolfDoqNY TimlsGreat MrLongcock DrNicklezip JDRogers TheNicklezip ILikeTits PalmerEraOvr PlayoffFeva zippysbiatch nicklezziipp ZipTheGreat BrownsKharma PackABowl GufyGoofnuts BeliCHOKE BrownsFan70 TheGambIer DrZpi ZipsaysHi SizzleButch BrownsFan08 VANvanVANvan StangPussed CTownZippy ImNotZippy RockNTroll JetmanJewboy 2GuessWho2 BigStein JohnnyCognac NelsnMandela WolfModNY CouchDawgg BadPostAlert zippypinhead 2Zippy2 2Drunk2Zip nicklezip22 zippy101 SuperZip arsesniffer nicklezip88 ZipJazeera SuperZippy zippy103 Mixleplix blowmehard ZipthaStewrt AsianAnna Chadisabum Lebr0nJames DrShocker MrCPA TheMod zippy104 ArizonaAl a11proboy zippy102 PercysGay SlimShadeee 25overated25 SteelerPower CouchPotatoe RommelMod Zippeeee TheBostonian DoyleBrunson BobStang4evr zippy6 tribeskipper WolfGeniusNY zippyispist LeBronsMama ZippySox1918 BigStein WoodyBlowme Moorese RayCharIes 2TCouch2 zippylives DieMod Stangnuts BostonZippy TheZodiac Kellybacker TreesRoot GenitlHerpes cpalmerman 2Nicklezip2 RomeClone XXSizzlerZZ kay9sdad JohnyJet zippy88 nicklezip2 ZippyDawg SkiddRow TRKwashere nicklezip Ciinman zippy3 KellieHolbum frk wolfdogbites noclueoncars BeatDaBurgh zippy33 UncleWiggly IAMZippy TimorKelly QuincyZipgan SaintYyes zippy105 nicklezip4 NicklepiZ nicklezip100 ciinmaan BrownieElf BilboHobit nicklezip11 BrngbackFoge VANforumMod TheZip nicklezip5 nicklezip28 Ickysboss SeeIToldYaSo nicklezip12 blw24to7lead ickeyboy OnEggShells TheZipster TheZippster Zippy2 homeruntrot BStangsGhost nicklezip8 KellyHolBUM nicklezip23 AsRichasSARU TreeRoot nicklezip6 Zippysays 0hiokid saddamsgoat nicklezip24 ScrewCanada nicklezip15 LeBron26 nicklezip7 PercyIsDead BasesJuiced brityank zippyistrk CapnFagit Ciniman mully26 10zippy10 LarryBowa CommonSents BigTimeNigga Sadaam26 2TimCouch2 AliBabaAbdul JackTripper1 KangarooDude LordZip ZipStikesBak Nicklezip02 MrAFCNORTH TimmyTime Isuckoncock cryzippycry MoodyMax KeepinItReal CryCapnCry bvds RazersEdge muletguy DarkerLord PreventDef Couch2rescue TheSizzler2 RedSoxZippy RaidrHatr VivaTheAints Notatroll pizlekciN 2AllPro2 PostShredder LeapofFaith JackOLanturn TheApocalyps Zipwaswrong GayLeDouche ModStilSucks AntonioBrynt10Zipster10 RedZoneKelly CurtsAnkIe DarkLordAnus NickTheZip 10RZK10 brennenl TheZiptsterr Truthmaster6 ZippyforGov IWantGrover Zippysaidso ZippyStays SlimandNone TheNatureBoy ReverendZip 1andonlyzip BrokenGlass OriginalZip bcowher TheMa5k ChipClass AnotherZippy ItsmeZippy TheZipp ArtBModell RootofTerror DrZippy ThunderGod2 befizzled Zippman CinsMom BrwnandOrnge KevinEubanks RootofCrap

    • LimestoneKid

      That’s quite the ironic post you just made there son…..LOL!

  • Spence

    Jeff, Regarding this: Jeff Jarvis Says:

    May 25th, 2006 at 10:24 am
    I don’t work for that company anymore. Haven’t for a year. I have nothing whatsoever to do with forums in Cleveland.

    Do you have any idea who I would contact?

    Thank you in advance

  • Bottom Line: WolfDogNY needs to strive to attain a higher station in life. He does more posting than moderating from the basement of his Mom’s house. Someone give the guy some tips on how to create an effective resume, how to perform a job search etc.


  • Zombie Burns

    What is the deal with the moderator on The Cleveland Browns forum? He thinks it is his own personal forum. He targets certain posters and uses profanity in HIS posts. He has really made that place a joke. Can’t somebody demote him down to the Apollo forum.

  • Gregory F. Fegel

    AOL outsourced its ”forum policing” to India more than three years ago.
    On the AOL forums, Indian monitors decide what Americans should talk about, and how they should talk about it. It is they who delete posts and ban posters in response to AOL’s own version of the “complaint button.” The great thing is, you can call them on the phone and talk to a real person. In Bangalore! That person, in broken English, will say to you: “You are deleted and banned because other poster complained. Therefore you must be guilty.”

  • Dave Burke

    Hey Folks,

    Interesting content. What strikes me about the fora is the fact that the Mods are anonymous – and they are able to strike at any moment to keep certain cliques shut out. No where has this been more evident than in the New Orleans ( forum. Following Katrina, I initially joined up to check on my parents and my friends’ neighborhoods, and yes, I got hooked. As time progressed, I grew to resent the game, because it is not the posters who are playing around – it is this small godlike group of Mods, afflicted with delusions of grandeur who pick and choose who and what will be allowed on the board.

    This ranged from innocuous comments from users being deleted, to scandalous and outrageous insults being allowed (if posted by a Mod). Even more insulting was when a user would get banned, the Mods in question would follow the act with a smarmy comment like ‘There, that’s better.’ It sounds like this ‘Wolfdog’ character is of a similar type, but I have not been on that forum so I don’t know – what I am certain of is that there are similar types on other Advance fora.

    Rule number one for ALL fora should be that MODS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST IN NORMAL CONVERSATION. This would eliminate a serious conflict of interests: in the heat of an argument, the Mod would not be drawn in and made to feel that deleting posters was neccessary to protect one’s personal honor. Second: WHEN A MOD POSTS, HE/SHE/IT MUST BE IDENTIFIABLE AS A MOD. Thus it is easy to know whether or not the person coommunicating is a fellow griper, or a source of ‘authority’. Otherwise, the power is easily abused, as I have seen happen. I know personally someone who claims to have worked for He told me that when the ‘hot button’ is pushed, alarms apparently go off in the office, and Mods examine the offending post. Well, I pushed the hot button a few times on posts I found offensive – no effect. I complained to about the situation once and received a reply from Jon Donley, who belittled me in his response – basically implying that I was merely being paranoid. Other members of the forum also apparently were able to contact him by phone, securing assurances that he would ‘look into it’, but that he was ‘very busy at the moment.’

    In my opinion, has become too big, too powerful, and is run with a fraternity-type mentality wherein the Mods must never be questioned, they must never be made to identify themselves, they must never be forced to respond to complaints… I think that Mods actively enjoy their curtailment of the freedom of expression over the Internet, and online harassment.

    There are, however, other fora out there that are not run by Advance. Some of these are ‘Mom and Pop’ types of sites – the Mods and Administrators are identifiable, and will talk to you if you wish. Such sites are more democratic than, which I would lable as autocratic or even facist.

    If even pretended to care about its users, it would pay attention to what is going on rather than merely cash its advertising revenue checks and assume that all is well. Perhaps is we could get non-affiliated news media interested in revealing this harassment to the rest of society, those advertising revenues might DROP, and then they’d pay attention to how folks keep getting jerked around.


    • LimestoneKid

      I was forwarded this article on the day after shut down their Forums that are associated with their newspapers in Syracuse, Cleveland and Portland.

      I couldn’t agree more with you on some of your points concerning Mods being able to post. On the Forums where I use to post Advance allowed the Mods to run roughshod with their power, even going so far as to turning a blind eye to the cyberbullying and cyberstalking that they use to do.

  • Theresa Brewer

    I’ve had the same experiences as Dave Burke with the forums.
    There must be some recourse that you can suggest for dealing with such issues with Advance Net.
    Even though you no longer work for them perhaps you know who should be contacted at AdvanceNet about these very serious issues….please give us contact info for complaints.

  • Sgt. Kellen Winslow

    Yeah, I don’t give a hell. It’s about this forum, man. I don’t give a flyin’ you-know-what about WolfDogNY. I don’t give a damn!!! He would do the same thing to me. It’s war. They don’t give a freakin’ you-know-what about you. They will KILL you. They’re out there to kill you. So I’ma kill ’em.

    You write that in the paper. You write that. You make money off that. No, man, I’m pissed. All y’all take this down. I’m pissed, man. We don’t care about nobody except We don’t. If I didn’t Alert him, he’d Alert me. They were gunnin’ for my troll handles. I’m ‘a come right back at ’em. I’m a ****in’ soldier!

  • To answer questions posted above; yeah, so what if I am more intelligent that the others posters on the forum. I have a trained eye and watch film over and over! Can the others do that> Until they have attained my status, they should be respectful of my expertise! Otherwise, they should try to attain my status! Me. condescending? BWWWHAAAAHAAA!

    You just don’t get it!

  • Hey Snaggle Tooth – Theresa Brewer asked you an effing question!

  • Uknowwho

    Hey, long time no see. Well, I guess you can see why it is impossible to have any kind of rational public discussion of this stuff. Policing a large forum system is like any kind of policing. For one thing, enforcement is, of necessity, uneven. Even the most careful combination of user report and targeted patrol is not going to catch every violation, though I personally believe that the “native gunbearer” model is just a legacy of the whole silly notion of “virtual community” from the 80’s and an invitation to disaster. It assumes a level of honest engagement with rational dialogue that just does not exist in the video game atmosphere of current Interactivity. And if you do not believe that, just take a look at the comments you got on this subject. Trolls, particularly wacky ones, develop various tinfoil hat theories to explain the inherent inconsistencies of community policing and justify their own behavior–particularly the latter. So it goes. I have, by the way, considered the kind of proposition you are talking about, but I just do not have the time. Get in touch if you would like to have a real discussion of all this–in private.

  • Uknowwho

    Okay, now you are blocking comments from the legally blind woman who responded to your blog saying that she resents your minimizing her abilities to work online. I can attest to the fact that she is extremely good at what she does and can fully understand her feeling that you are minimizing her abilities.

  • IllegallyBlind

    I see that you have deleted my response. Why?

  • Uknowwho

    Okay, I guess that must mean that you are prejudiced against all people with disabilities. (See how this works?)

  • Big Jer


    Fix Stall #3 ASAHMFGDCSP. If you want me to spell it out I will.

  • LimestoneKid

    Jeff, you should return to this article and apologize for what you originally posted.

    While the idea behind the concept may have some merit when it’s put into place it falls apart due to the fact that people are people. gave moderator powers to lonely people with no power in their respective lives and, as could be expected by any reasonable person, those individuals ran with their power to delete posts and ban users. There’s a reason why the saying “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a truism.

    Moderators that were installed on the and forums were allowed to blatantly and flagrantly violate the TOS, up to and including, lame cyberbullying and cyberstalking. Thankfully no harm has yet to come from their distasteful and disgusting behavior but if it ever does we now know the source of the problem.